Can I Make Money With Internet Marketing


Can I Make Money With Internet Marketing

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Can I Make Money With Internet Marketing

How To Get More Buyers In Real Estate-Real Estate SEO Tips: What Investors Need To Know

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Real Estate SEO Tips: Everything Investors Need to Know in Under 3 Minutes

real estate seo tips in under 3 minutes key Real Estate SEO Tips: Everything Investors Need to Know in Under 3 Minutes


Looking for quality Real Estate SEO Tips to help you generate leads? Congrats, you’ve found the best Real Estate SEO Tips out there… at least we think so. icon smile Real Estate SEO Tips: Everything Investors Need to Know in Under 3 Minutes

Search Engine Optimization can be

This video will help you break it down in less than 3 minutes.

Real Estate SEO Tips (VIDEO):




Real Estate SEO Tip #1:

real estate seo tips in under 3 minutes.002 1024x576 Real Estate SEO Tips: Everything Investors Need to Know in Under 3 Minutes





Don’t rush! business. So be patient… and make plans to get leads from other sources (we can show you how, no worries).






Real Estate SEO Tip #2:


real estate seo tips in under 3 minutes.003 Real Estate SEO Tips: Everything Investors Need to Know in Under 3 Minutes





Our biggest Real Estate SEO Tip is to Do Your Homework… you have got to know what keywords are being searched in your market and understand what it will take to beat your competition – otherwise you won’t get the results you want. Get your Free SEO Bible here.

Real Estate SEO Tip #3:

real estate seo tips in under 3 minutes.004 Real Estate SEO Tips: Everything Investors Need to Know in Under 3 Minutes





Keep on truckin… doing a little bit of help you learn exactly what you need to know).

Real Estate SEO Tip #4:

real estate seo tips in under 3 minutes.005 Real Estate SEO Tips: Everything Investors Need to Know in Under 3 Minutes





Google has, like, the smartest people ever working on this stuff. If you wanna try and beat ‘em, go for it… be prepared to suffer the consequences. We’d recommend sticking to a solid, proven content marketing strategy – not cheap tricks. Get a free real estate marketing plan template <– click that link.



Real Estate SEO Tip #5:

real estate seo tips in under 3 minutes.006 Real Estate SEO Tips: Everything Investors Need to Know in Under 3 Minutes





Credibility matters more than almost anything else. Once you prove that you (and your website) have Authority with Google, you’ll find it way easier to get high rankings on additional terms (and generate more leads). A focus on building Credibility for your business will improve your conversions on your site – add testimonials for social proof, improve your bio, and share your site in as many places as possible!

Real Estate SEO Tip #6:

real estate seo tips in under 3 minutes.007 Real Estate SEO Tips: Everything Investors Need to Know in Under 3 Minutes





Don’t buy those crummy spammy “instant result” automated money on cleaning up the messes that were left behind. Focus on high quality and you’ll get high quality results. Our trusted vendors can help – click now to get started.

Real Estate SEO Tip #7:

real estate seo tips in under 3 minutes.008 Real Estate SEO Tips: Everything Investors Need to Know in Under 3 Minutes





Make sure you’re driving traffic to your website with at least a few different methods. Think of it as diversifying your marketing portfolio – so if one method crashes (when Google changes their algorithm some sites drop their rankings like a bad stock when the market is tanking), you won’t be left high and dry.

Real Estate SEO Tip #8:

real estate seo tips in under 3 minutes.009 Real Estate SEO Tips: Everything Investors Need to Know in Under 3 Minutes





If you’re an expert in SEO, congrats! You’ll find our platform will save you a ton of time. If you’re just starting out on your internet marketing journey, you will want to stick with a proven, tested platform that helps you generate leads… oh hey, that’s what we built! icon wink Real Estate SEO Tips: Everything Investors Need to Know in Under 3 Minutes Launching a website on our platform takes less time than you spent to read this blog post – click here to see how fast it is to get started.

Want to get started?

carrot surprise s 300x216 Real Estate SEO Tips: Everything Investors Need to Know in Under 3 Minutes





Get access to a free demo of the InvestorCarrot technology platform!

Sign up now!
Pssst… Carrot Members, don’t forget to register for this week’s Live Mastermind Call <— click to sign up now


Want to learn more about content marketing, lead generation and SEO?


page rank why seo matters sm 300x142 Real Estate SEO Tips: Everything Investors Need to Know in Under 3 Minutes





The majority of search traffic comes from page 1 – these terms are highly competitive, so it’s super valuable to invest in good SEO in your local market. We can help you.

carrot review case study brittany 300x182 Real Estate SEO Tips: Everything Investors Need to Know in Under 3 Minutes





Click to see Brittany’s story of going from zero online leads to multiple leads per day – and how she was able to quit her wage job to become a full-time investor working for herself.



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How to Generate Leads in Real Estate

high conversion rates sm How to Generate Leads in Real Estate

Our sites get insanely high conversion rates… you just have to customize them to your traffic to them! (Don’t worry, we’ll show you how – it’s easier than you think. icon smile How to Generate Leads in Real Estate

Wondering how to generate leads in real estate – or maybe you want more leads into your business?

Fear not… you have come to the right place.

Check out this video (it’s <7 minutes) to see how to generate articles about leads here”>leads from real estate sources.

How to Generate Leads In Real Estate


Over the past few weeks in this blog I’ve shared the not-so-secret formula for lead generation: Traffic + Conversions, and I’ve told you about a bunch of great strategies for building traffic. If you haven’t read those posts, click those links to check ‘em out… I’ll try not to duplicate much here.

In the video above, I deliver a short overview on how investors generate articles about leads here”>leads, including inbound and outbound sources. In case you’re not familiar, inbound can save you 62% versus outbound marketing. Both are valid ways to generate leads.


Let me make it more simple.

“Outbound” marketing is the kind that you pay for – like pay-per-click or television ads.

“Inbound” marketing is the kind that you earn – with good content.

Inbound marketing is all about credibility. People have to trust you in order to do business with you, so you have to create stuff (like a website) that shows that you’re credible. Our websites are written (and designed) to help you start off with way higher credibility right away. Once you customize them with your information, you’re ready to start building traffic to the site.

There are lots of great sources for traffic: Google, YouTube, Facebook, Craigslist, direct mail, signs… anywhere you can get in front of your target audience is a potential traffic source.

Each platform is different – that’s why we create extensive training programs to show you exactly what you have to do, step-by-step, to build traffic to your sites.

Sometimes you get lucky and people find your site, all by themselves – but usually, it takes some work to get a site to rank on Page 1 for a highly competitive term.


page rank why seo matters sm 300x142 How to Generate Leads in Real Estate

The majority of search traffic comes from page 1 – these terms are highly competitive, so it’s super valuable to invest in good SEO in your local market. We can help you.

One easy way to build your rankings is to add quality content on an ongoing basis, written to help build your credibility and around critical search terms that people are using across the US. Our Content Pro members can click and schedule high-quality content to publish to their site without having to write at all.

But blogging alone is rarely enough to solve the problem of how to generate leads for real estate professionals. You’ve gotta get people links to your stuff.

You’ve gotta reach ‘em somewhere.

Cool thing about search marketing is that when someone types in a phrase like “how do I sell my house fast”, you know that they’ve got some urgency, some motivation – that’s what makes inbound marketing so great at getting super awesome leads.

We compiled a great resource with the top keywords that investors are using to generate leads – you can claim your free copy here. You’ll also get access to a training video that will show you how to optimize your site around some of those terms and get started right away.

Listen, search marketing is only one way to get traffic to your site. There are a lot of great strategies for building traffic to your site.

Once you’ve signed up for your Carrot Membership, you have access to our Weekly Live Mastermind calls – those are the best place to learn how to generate leads in real estate. You’ll join dozens of members around the country – along with some of the best minds in real estate investment – as they dive deep into the strategies and pieces of a powerful funnel for real estate leads.

You’ll learn how to build that powerful lead generation engine to take your real estate career to the next level – and it’s gonna do more than that.

Once you get into the mindset of inbound marketing, you’ll start to see how to attract even more business your way – in ways that you never thought possible.

That’s where the magic starts to happen.

You might have heard about the Law of Attraction before, and maybe seen a movie called The Secret. If you’re like me you’re more than a little skeptical. A lot of that stuff sounds like hocus-pocus, not the stuff to base a business on.

I am not trying to tell you that if you wish for leads you’ll get ‘em.

If I ask you “what’s your marketing plan” and you say “wishing”, I am not going to want to help you grow your business… I’ll want to get away as quick as possible. Don’t get me wrong, I love talking to people and helping them grow their marketing… but I want to help people who are helping themselves.

As the saying goes, if you’re wishing when you should be fishing, you ain’t gonna eat no fish.

Honestly, it’s one of our biggest challenges we face as a company: the mindset shift.

See, once people truly “get it”… once they understand that they can put in the time, the energy, and the dedication to take on the core skills of internet marketing – not necessarily the details of how to generate leads in real estate, but the strategies — once they really lock in on the power of inbound marketing, they behave differently.

Because they know how to get the business to come to them.

That’s the mindset shift.

Think about it like fishing again – do you want the fish to come to you and catch ‘em in a huge net, or do you wanna go out with a pole to catch ‘em one at a time?

Of course, you want the net.

You want something great bait that attracts all the fish in that river right to your boat, and then you wanna scoop ‘em up with the biggest net around.

When a lot of people start out to generate leads, they are approaching it from a “transactional” perspective – they want to buy something that sends the leads to them.

That’s outbound marketing: just pay for an ad to make the phone ring.

With inbound marketing, you create awesome content that introduces your audience to the business. They find you by searching for a solution – maybe on Craigslist, on Facebook, on YouTube, on Google… there are a lot of places where people are looking, right now, today.

Those leads are gonna go to someone. They’re great leads.

If you set yourself up right, those leads will come to you.

At the core of it, you’ve gotta have an awesome website that converts – or else you’ll get the traffic, but it won’t become a lead. That’s no good.

1. Join up with InvestorCarrot.

2. Once you’re a member, launch your site in just a few minutes.

3. Then start building traffic – post a Craigslist ad, share the link on Facebook and Twitter.

4. Build a marketing plan and start learning the skills you need. Make sure to join the Weekly Mastermind Call each week.

If you build a solid lead generation engine for your business, you’ll have leads for life.

It’s a big goal, but don’t be intimated.

We’ll help you get there.

Just sign up and get started today.


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Got A Coach-Find A Business Coach

Find A Business Coach


A lot things have changed in the world of modern



Nowadays, you don’t need to go out and knock on doors in order to find sellers, buyers and lenders – every facet of the deal-making process can already practically be done virtually over the net.


You can close multiple deals simultaneously even without having to meet with either the seller or the buyer in person.


Heck, you don’t even have to go see the house you’re trying to sell! icon smile Got A Coach Find A Business Coach


But if there’s one aspect of entrepreneurship that hasn’t changed, it’s the need for an effective coach. The following is just a short list of essential concepts a coach or mentor will be able to help you immensely with:


Goal-setting – a coach can help you set goals that are SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-based). It’s not enough that your goal is “to be successful” or “to be rich”. A coach is able to help you get clear on what being successful or being rich specifically means to you and thus formulate goals you can actually set out for and accomplish.


Formulating an Action Plan – it is not enough that you set goals – it is equally, if not more, important to devise a clear plan of attack on how the goal will be realized. A coach can help you create and layout the steps you need to take in order for you to achieve your goals.


Accountability – a system of checks and balances also needs to be put in place if one is to be truly successful. This is something a coach is most effective in. A coach will be able to hold you accountable for meeting deadlines, taking necessary steps, learning new things and practically every single thing you have set out in your action plan. After all, if no one’s there to kick your butt when you’re starting to slack off, chances are, your goals will remain the same – just goals.


Positive Reinforcement – we also need someone to tell us we’re doing a good job. One can never underestimate the power of positive reinforcement. A pat on the back, an encouraging word, or anything that “celebrates” a job well done does wonders for one’s motivation and determination to see to it that goals are transformed into reality.


Leveling Up – a coach will also be responsible for your constant growth. A coach will help you set new and higher goals everytime your old ones have already been achieved. This way, you can be sure you are always growing and your professional development is at a constant upward trend.


No matter what business you’re in, you will be able to do more and achieve more if you have a coach or mentor by your side to guide you.


So, who’s your coach?
NOTE: To find out more about my best-selling coaching program, click here.
Find A Business Coach

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10 Ways I Get Deals In Any Market

If there’s one thing I’m sure about with my articles about real estate investing here”>real estate investing articles about business here”>business – it’s that I will never run out of deals to sell to my buyers regardless of the shape of the economy.

That’s a pretty bold statement – I know – but nevertheless, I can say it with confidence because I got a bag full of deal-finding secrets all the other investor/gurus out there would just die to sink their teeth in. icon smile 10 Ways I Get Deals In Any Market

But since you took the time to get to this humble site of mine, I’m gonna give you an exclusive peek into my bag ‘o tricks and show you 10 of my most common deal-finding tricks.

Read on:

1. Internet – Post ads on,,; Respond to For Sale By Owner ads on,,

2. Dialing & Emailing For Dollars – For sale by owner ads (online and offline)

3. Driving For Dollars – Vacant houses, For sale by owners, For rent by owners

4. Networking – Social media networking on,,,,, REIA cubs, investors, wholesalers, landlords, rehabbers, bird-dogs, Attorneys who handle foreclosure, bankruptcy, probate and divorce

5. MLS – Foreclosures – bank-owned REOs, HUDs and VAs, Fixer uppers and handyman specials

6. Direct Mail – Absentee owners (non-owner occupied), Probate, Pre-foreclosure, Post-bankruptcy, Divorce, Fire damage, Code violation / Condemned, Delinquent taxes, Section 8 & eviction landlords, Expired listing

7. Door-To-Door – Flyers and Hangers, Post-it Notes, Door knocking on preforeclosures, Bandit Signs, Magnetic Signs on cars, Business cards everywhere

8. Cheap Marketing – “I Buy Houses” shirts

9. Mass Media TV, Radio, Billboard, Yellow Pages and Newspaper ads in daily major, weekly papers

10. Auctions

Now, if you’re going to look closely, I actually gave several ways of finding deals under each main heading. So go out and try these for yourself and see how many deals you’ll end up lining your pipeline today. icon smile 10 Ways I Get Deals In Any Market

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How To Find Private Money For Your Deals

Something I get asked a lot by newbie investors (and even some seasoned ones) is how to get funding for deals when traditional funding sources fail.

You see, getting loan approval from banks nowadays for your deals is a nightmare. Hard articles about money here”>money lenders’ terms are getting steeper. All other traditional funding sources are getting trickier by the minute I’m half expecting “dress up like an astronaut and get photographed jumping off an airplane without a parachute” to show up as one of the required terms anytime soon.

For this reason, I have always answered this question quite simply – “Use Private Money”.
Here’s an interesting articles about article here”>article I recently found that talks ab out this exact thing.

Read on. icon smile How To Find Private Money For Your Deals

10 Ways To Find Private Money For Real Estate Investing by M. Wills

Money talks when you are buying real estate. The last thing you need when moving on a deal is trouble with a bank loan or lack of cash. Take it from experienced investors who never fret over the limits of conventional financing. They know how to make more deals happen with private money.

For every banker who turns down your loan application, there is a private lender looking to fund your next home investment. Make it your job to find private funding from the right investor—and both you and your investor can be laughing all the way to the bank.

A private lender is anyone with money to loan, from your friend’s father to an angel investor. Asking for private money becomes easy once you realize how much benefit you bring your lender.

Whether you are wholesaling or fixing properties, other people’s money allows you to structure win-win deals. While you enjoy the freedom to close deals quickly, your private lender reaps a high return on investment with very little risk.

Build Relationships Before You Do Anything Else

Instead of hounding investors for private funding, get to know them. Find ways in which your next property purchase can benefit both of you. Just by letting people know what you do you will be surprised at the relationships you build with potential lenders.

Spend time developing a strong elevator pitch—a short recital of what you do and how your proposed investment matters to your potential lender. With practice, any lender you approach will want to take a closer look at your business plan.

1. Network Close to Home
Start networking in your own back yard—with friends, family and everyone you know. Remember your real estate investment will yield them a high return.

Find private money and become educated by networking at local Real Estate Investment Association (REIA) meetings. Attend local Meetup groups of investors, entrepreneurs and real estate professionals.

2. Reach Out to Real Estate Mentors and Coaches
While you are learning from a real estate mentor or coach, ask for a private loan. Many of them provide private money for mutually beneficial real estate deals. Mentors and coaches can be found in your local area or online.

3. Contact Mortgage Brokers for Referrals
Get to know local mortgage brokers who are connected with private lenders. With increasing numbers of investors in private mortgage lending, you can often gain referrals from brokers.

4. Contact Real Estate Financing Companies
Get referrals from managers at real estate financing companies who oversee private lending pools.

5. Market and Advertise
Advertise directly to private lenders looking for their next real estate investment. Post ads on Craigslist, in money lending publications or on the website of the American Association of Private Lending (

Try posting flyers or sending postcards.

6. Look Up Investor Programs
Private investors join groups to more easily connect with entrepreneurs. You can find angel investors through investor search programs both locally and online.

Angel investors, who seek a high return on their investment, lend private money for real estate and other ventures. At the same time, an investment angel who is right for you will provide knowledge, experience and networking opportunities to help you grow your business. You might even find a partner.

7. Capitalize on Social Networking
Find private money from all over the world through online social media. Build a profile on Linked In—the largest professional social media site in the world—and join some of its investing groups. Create a page on Facebook or google-plus/” title=”View all articles about Google Plus here”>Google Plus. You can also join online investment forums to interact with potential lenders.

8. Research Public Records
Research county public records for title deeds backed by private investors who you can contact. Or search for real estate investors you can contact who have purchased through self directed IRAs—an ideal vehicle for real estate.

9. Develop a Database of Private Money Lenders
As you build relationships with potential private lenders, collect names into a database. If you want to grow your real estate investments, you need to more than one good private money source.

Email your pool of private money lenders with a link to your website or an update on your latest deal.

10. Turn a Seller into a Private Lender
Your seller can profit by becoming a private mortgage lender—securing a mortgage with a low-risk, high interest rate loan against the property.

Potential private lenders are everywhere. Be persistent and realize you are not just using other people’s money. You are providing them a low risk opportunity to make high returns.

Whether you plan to invest in wholesale or fix-n-flip property, think like successful real estate investors and look for private lenders.

  • A private lender is anyone with money to loan.
  • Asking for private money is easier than asking for money from the bank, once you realize the benefits to both parties.
  • You will generate more private money by focusing first on good relationships with potential investors.
  • Network at local Real Estate Investment Association (REIA) meetings.
  • Real estate mentors and coaches lend private money because it benefits both them and you.
  • Find private money through angel investors in online or local investor programs.
  • Find private funding by circulating on Linked In—the largest professional social media site in the world.
  • Develop a database of private lenders for all your real estate investments.
  • Potential private investors are everywhere—make it your job to find them.

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Hey All,

I want you to get inspired on this FINE MONDAY!……Do you know MOST people HATE Mondays (possibly you)?

Well, Mondays is one of my articles about best here”>best days of the week.  Imagine not getting up on a Monday or any day of the week and going to a stinky J.O.B that you don’t want to go to.  I want you to be the articles about best here”>best you can be and love your life, including what is MAKING YOU MONEY AKA YOUR PASSION!!!!!!!!!

Check out this video below that I had to post.  T.G.I.M (THANK GOD IT’S MONDAY)

P.S- If you still haven’t got my wholesaling real estate course yet, you need to get it NOW —> GO HERE

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Its All in Your Mind to make money in Real Estate Investing

Hey All,

Check out this video below. In the video I explain how the mind is the KEY to your articles about success here”>success in articles about real estate investing here”>real estate investing. If you want to make money in real estate, or accomplish anything, you MUST believe first.

Without the mind, your physical body cannot take action!!!

P.S- If you want to learn how to make a FORTUNE in real estate       ===========>>>>>>>>  CLICK HERE

Enjoy the video

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Sell Your Home Fast-Social Media Marketing Strategies-Real Estate Marketing Tools