Real Estate Agents & Investors – Learn SEO Basics To Get More Leads

SEO Basics for Real Estate: Introduction to Search Engine Optimization

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seo for real estate: basics

In this post, we’re going to dive into just the basics of search engine optimization for real estate. If you’re newer to online marketing, if you’re newer to getting web pages ranked well in Google, this is going to be a quick, kind of how it works training session.



We’re going to dive into the SEO basics for real estate. What it is, why it matters as a real estate investor, as a real estate agent, as a real estate professional.

Whether you’re doing apartments, whether you’re looking for motivated sellers, cash buyers, private lenders, note sellers, the whole thing, why does search engine optimization matter?

SEO Basics for Real Estate: What is SEO?

First of all, what is SEO (search engine optimization)? To break it down in simple terms, by giving Google and other search engines what they want, Google will reward you with higher rankings. Google gives you the tools to find out exactly what you need to do to get the traffic that’ll turn into customers for you.

What we’re talking about with search engine optimization, it’s not what’s often called black hat strategies. What a black hat strategy versus a white hat strategy is, black hat is gaming the system. It’s trying to go against what Google wants and trying to game the system. White hat means you’re following what Google wants, you’re giving Google what they want, and Google rewards you with higher rankings.

White Hat SEO Strategy – Maintaining Your Integrity.

That’s the way that we work. That’s the way we’re going to train you, is on white hat strategies. Only things that Google likes, that helps you get your website ranked higher, and helps you get more leads.

As an example, if you go to Google and type up phrases like “Sell my house fast Pittsburgh,” or “Sell my house fast Baltimore,” or “Sell my house fast Birmingham,” or “We buy houses Bakersfield,” or hundreds of other phrases. On the cash buyer side of things, “Investment properties in Baltimore, Baltimore wholesale properties.” All kinds of different phrases like that you’ll see InvestorCarrot members popping up very high on the search rankings, leveraging their training, leveraging our search engine optimization tools, and they’re getting more leads.

For SEO, search engine optimization, we’re focusing on the section in the Google search results and the Bing search results and the Yahoo search results. But mainly Google. We’re focusing on the area that’s in the orange box. Up above the orange box, you can see the parts where it says, “Ad.” Those are ads that people paid to be there.

seo ranking factors for real estate page one rankings

The part in the orange box is called the organic search listings. That’s where, with search engine optimization, with tweaking some things and following Carrot training, you’re going to be able to get there in your market when you follow our training and our system.

Inbound Marketing for Real Estate – Draw Clients to You.

One of the reasons that we really love search engine optimization is inbound marketing. Inbound marketing is essentially when people go online, people go to Google, they type up questions or they type up problems. They’re typing up something that they want to be solved and then they land on your website.

They land on a website that is ranked high in Google in the search engine optimization side of things. There wasa study done by HubSpot who found that 28% of searches for something nearby (local SEO) resulted in a purchase. Also, 78% of local-mobile searches result in offline purchases. So, local SEO is very important.

Direct traffic is basically people who already knew about your website. They already knew your website name. Maybe they got it through your business card, maybe they got it off of a billboard, or something like that. Direct traffic also performs very well because they’re already familiar with you. They already know about you. Then on down the line you’ve got paid search, Google AdWords, which we have other modules here on the 3 Lead Per Day training, they go through PPC, and it’s all still insanely effective.

Social media, then outbound marketing. The reason we love search engine optimization so much is that of this higher lead to customer close ratio, you have a higher quality lead. You tend to close more leads per the leads that you’re getting than versus outbound marketing or things like that.

Why SEO Matters as a Real Estate Investor or Agent

If you’re closing one out of every 40 leads into a deal, or into a listing, from your radio ads, with SEO you might close one out of every 10, one out of every 15. You don’t have to get as many leads to close the same amount of deals, which is why we love SEO. Every day people are raising their hands for help by going to Google and other search engines and they’re searching for solutions to their problems.

What search engine optimization and inbound online marketing do, is the equivalent of a seller or a buyer or a private lender or a note seller going and knocking on your door and they’re asking you for help. Rather than the other way around, rather than you going to their door and knocking on it and saying, “Hey, do you need to sell your house,” or, “Hey, are you looking for properties?”, interrupting their thought process.

Inbound marketing joins them in their thought process. They’re coming to you. They’re reaching out and asking you for help and it really puts you in a position of power. Inbound marketing, specifically with search engine optimization, is the most remarkable form of marketing ever created because the people are coming to you, and it really puts the prospect in a whole different mindset when they are the ones who reached out to you rather than the other way around.

Carrot Case Study – Does SEO Really Work for Real Estate?

A common question is “Does SEO work, can it actually close deals, what’s the ROI of search engine optimization?” We have a ton of case studies like this but I’m just going to point out this one. Jack Morris. You’ve heard people say you can’t generate consistent deals with SEO?

Watch Jack’s Full Case Study Here. Find Out How He Closes 3-5 SEO Deals Per Month.

Tell that to Jack of Jack Buys Houses in Orlando, FL… he closes 3-5 deals a month in Florida almost exclusively through his search engine optimization efforts. He made a mental commitment to make SEO work in his market.

“My biggest surprise is that I didn’t think that I could build my business and do the deals we’ve done just through Carrot and not do anything else. But that’s been the biggest surprise. The amount of results our sites get. Our selling site gets hundreds of visitors a month and we sell a lot properties.” Jack Morris

SEO, in the right markets, when there’s enough search volume can really turn into great profits. Whether you’re looking for buyers, sellers, lenders, the whole thing.

“The decision to use InvestorCarrot is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, to be honest with you.. and I’m not just saying this because you’re a good guy. It’s the truth. It’s the best thing that I’ve done. you have to use Carrot. There’s nothing else like it.”Jack Morris

As of right now, InvestorCarrot members are pulling in a little over 37,000 leads per month. That doesn’t include phone call leads, people who are landing on your websites and calling on their phones. The system’s really effective and it’s really exciting seeing you jumping into SEO and learning what you can do to increase your own rankings in any city that you’re in.

In Baltimore, DC, Birmingham, Bakersfield, Houston, Oahu, Salt Lake, even smaller cities. In smaller cities it’s easier to rank well with SEO. But bigger cities we have customers all across the country ranking very well, very high for SEO, with their InvestorCarrot websites, using our SEO training.

If you find another member in your market who is already ranking on page one, don’t panic. We have markets where there are four or five InvestorCarrot members on page one, all getting better results than they would be getting without InvestorCarrot, and they’re sitting there battling it out, but they would never have even gotten those results without SEO training and our system. This works in any market, no matter how large or small.

sell my house in houston search results
Carrot members ranking 1, 2, 3, and 6 for Sell My House in Houston

Like we mentioned, Carrot members currently hold more page one rankings and top five rankings on search phrases that matter than any other website platform for real estate. That’s an empowering thing for you reading the post or watching the SEO training video because it shows you that you have a powerful tool at your fingertips and we’re here to help you get there and get the same results as other people in those markets if you implement the system and work it. Let’s get you there, too.

We’ll break it down and make it really simple and achievable in the rest of the SEO training series (over the coming weeks) here, whether you’re someone who’s really diving into SEO for the first time, or even whether you’re advanced. We’re going to give you the strategies that are making it work really well for us also. We’re going to give you very specific action steps, so you don’t need to be an SEO expert or a techie to get great results with search engine optimization. You just need to follow the steps, stick with the plan, and leverage our process and reach out to us when you need help.

SEO Basics for Real Estate

What’s coming next in the rest of this SEO training, is we’re going to dive into the different factors that Googlelooks for to help your website rank higher. All the way from starting the foundation of the website to the advanced stuff and we’re going to keep it as simple as we possibly can for those of you who are newer and so you can follow along and implement the most important things. And for those of you who are advanced, we’re going to give you some advanced things to implement.

No matter what your skill set, you can make this happen. You can make it work in your market and get the same results.




Real Estate Agents & Investors – Learn SEO Basics To Get More Leads


About the Author – Brendan Holmes

Brendan Holmes is a PPC and SEO junkie who loves experimenting with various Internet marketing techniques. He is a Google Partners & Bing Ads certified professional with experience in internet lead generation, advertising sales, and revenue growth.

Real Estate Agents & Investors – Why Is Your Website Not Ranking in Google

Does Google Hate Me? Why Is My Website Not Ranking in Google Yet?

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You might have launched your website, and you looked the next day, the next week, maybe even a little bit after that, and you’re like, “You know what? My website’s not anywhere on Google. It’s not ranking anywhere.” We tend to get that question a decent amount.

We get that question probably a time or two a week where a newer member launches their website and says, “Hey, why is my website not ranking on Google?” Our first question is, when did you launch your website? Is it something that’s a brand new website you just launched in the last month, or is it something that you launched a year ago?

Now, if you just launched your website within the last week or two or even the last month, part of the issue is that it’s so darn new. Depending on how competitive your market is, just like we mentioned in the previous training, depending on how competitive the market is, it can take longer to get up there in the rankings.




If you’re in a competitive market and you just launched the website, odds are you’re probably not going to be anywhere in the first three pages within that first month potentially if it’s a very competitive keyword phrase. Now, if it’s a less competitive keyword phrase, something that’s a long-tail keyword phrase like we mentioned before, of four or more words in the search, then you can definitely rank a lot more quickly.

We’ve literally seen websites launched and on page one within eight to 10 days of launching it. Being very intentional and going after keywords that weren’t very competitive in a smaller city.

Why Is My Website Not Ranking in Google Yet? What You Need to Do

If your website is not showing up on Google yet, what do you do? Here is a little bit of homework.

Number one, see if it’s just that your website’s not in anywhere, or if it’s going after a competitive keyword phrase you need to do some more work on. The first thing I would do. If you’ve launched your website within the last two to three weeks, don’t worry about it. It takes a little bit of time sometimes for Google to recognize your website.

If you haven’t done this yet, what you should do is go to Google and search your company name and then your city. What should come up if Google has indexed, is your website.

If you type in Quick Sell Buyers El Paso, you can see here their Carrot websites are popping up, and the reason it’s popping up is that it’s their exact company name, Quick Sell Buyers, then I put in their city in there. You want to make sure that the exact city that you’re in is in there. We can try to really narrow it down to see if Google has our website anywhere in their index file.

Why Is My Website Not Ranking in Google: quick sell buyers el paso

That’s all we’re trying to do here, is we’re trying to make it locate. Is our website in the index at all of Google. All that we mean by in the index is has Google looked at it and had Google saved it and said, “Okay, we found this website.”

If it’s not, what you need to do is go and open up yourGoogle Business account. What I would do is hop in there and I would write a quick post saying, “Hey, guys and gals, check out my new website.” Then, I would put your website in there, with its full URL. Whatever your site is dot com. Then share it. Make sure it’s public.

Now, the reason we’re doing this is that, if your website has not been picked up by Google and you just recently launched it, we want to make sure Google recognizes it and this website is online.

We already built some things into InvestorCarrot that goes out there automatically and pings Google and pings some other things that will let them know when new content is created, but we can help it along.

We can help the process along oftentimes just by going to the social media places like Google Plus and posting our link to our website or our new blog post and getting Google to recognize that this page or this website or even this blog post is new and that they should go check it out.

Don’t Panic If Your Website Isn’t Showing Up Yet

Don’t fret if you’re asking yourself “why is my website not ranking in Google” or you’ve set up your website within the last few weeks and it’s not anywhere that you can find. Do the first thing and go to Google and type up the exact name of your company that you put on the website and then the city and/or state that you invest in. If your website pops up, awesome. Google has crawled and indexed it.

If it has not popped up yet, I would go to Google Plus or some other websites out there and post the link to that new website so Google recognizes that it’s there, and they can get it in their index.

Next, number two is to be patient. If your a Carrot member, go through the rest of our 3LeadPerDay modules and start to implement things. Go through and tweak your content. Go through the build some backlinks according to the way that we teach, and get those rankings to come up over time.

Do not fret if you just launched your website and it’s not showing up in the search rankings anytime soon. That’s a part of the process.

Real Estate Agents & Investors – Why Is Your Website Not Ranking in Google

Real Estate Agents & Investors – Can You Really Make Money With Inbound Marketing?

$125,000/Month in Deals with Inbound Marketing and the InvestorCarrot System – Brian Rockwell Case Study

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real estate investor inbound marketingBrian started his journey as a coach and a middle-school teacher. Today, he’s a top real estate investor in Dallas, Texas who’s been making well above $100,000 per month from inbound marketing and the InvestorCarrot system.

brian rockwell texas case studyBrian Rockwell with Sell Your House DFW, a Carrot member for about 14 months as of the time he hopped on a call with us, has been crushing the Dallas/Fort Worth market online with his real estate investing/wholesaling business.


Here is a recent text message he sent directly to Carrot’s CEO, Trevor Mauch

“6 wholesale deals this month if all goes through. $124k… 4 ppc, 1 organic, 1 Facebook retargeting. 1 has closed the other 5 are under contract with a buyer and the last one waiting on a buyer. Carrot system is still rockin’” – Brian Rockwell

Listen in or read his story as an investor, where hisleads come from, and what his inbound marketing strategy is that has led to $100k of consistent deals per month.

In high-school, a friend of Brian’s introduced him to his dad. Brian’s father owned a roofing company and a few other businesses that he had founded in a grass-roots sort of way. In a word, he was an entrepreneur.

It was the first time Brian remembers being introduced to an entrepreneur of that caliber. Someone who really knew what they were doing, understood how to manage money and grow a business.

Needless to say, Brian was fascinated.

And from that day forward, Brian wanted to be an entrepreneur.

As time went on, he became increasingly interested in the real estate investor niché, dreaming of the day that he’d make it big.

But, what he didn’t know at the time was that he’d have to wait 12 years until that happened.

As Brian graduated from school and joined the sect we all refer to as family life, the importance of supporting his wife and kids rose to the top of his priorities.

In an effort to do so, he became a track, football, and baseball coach and taught classes as well. In other words, he became a phenomenal generalist, something he wasn’t particularly passionate about.

I mean, of course, that he wasn’t passionate about being a generalist. The coaching and teaching, he loved. He was able to inspire students and co-workers daily and encourage them to be the best version of themselves that he could possibly imagine.

Brian’s evenings, lunch breaks, and weekends, though, were filled with his dream of becoming a real estate investor and being financially free — something he wanted to do but was unsure of how to do. He would scour real estate investor resources.

Particularly, he fell in love with

For 5 years, this was his life. He dreamt of being a real estate investor and studied what that could look like in his free time. But the bulk of his time was taken up by teaching, coaching, and family.

Eventually, Brian’s wife got a job that was capable of supporting the family and he was free to pursue his passion.

Through a Bigger Pockets forum discussion, he found out about Carrot and went to work creating his website.

Listening to the 3LPD training that we offer here at Carrot, Brian learned about the importance of building credibility and personality with your website.

So he took some extra time to add a picture of his family on the “about” page.

He even added a core values section to his website after researching other businesses core values and determining what he felt should define his business.

Other than these small changes to his Carrot website, he did very little. He customized some of the copy to fit his voice and added compelling testimonials.

Once his website was finished, he started marketing his new passion.

His original intention was to market his wholesaling business with traditional methods — direct mailing and what he calls “driving for dollars.” Basically, driving the streets looking for run-down houses and sending mail to those places.

He even got his first deal through the traditional marketing methods and he got a taste for success when he made $7,300.

But, as Brian mentions, “driving for dollars” wasn’t going to be a sustainable marketing strategy.

As Brian grew more tired of driving around every evening looking for possible clients, he knew something needed to change.

He discovered Carrot’s 3LPD training and devoted 5 hours a day for 3 weeks to the content, ingesting every soluble of potential value from the modules.

Brian quickly learned that organic traffic strategies can take a long time to generate leads if you’re in a competitive market.

“I’m in Dallas, Texas,” he thought to himself, which is highly competitive.

Because of this, he turned his attention to PPC and learned what he knew nothing about.

His starting budget was a mere $1,200.

But after just one month of investing money into PPC, deals of value ranging between $10,000 and $20,000 started rolling in.

In his excitement, he invested more and more money into his PPC marketing.

Some might think he was too forward. But he wasn’t.

When discussing the topic, he said,

“Would you pay $3,000 to make $30,000? I don’t know about you, but I’d take that deal all day long.”

Brian’s perspective was that the more money he dumped into PPC, the more money he would make and the higher is ROI.

Brian started his journey as a coach and a middle-school teacher. Today, he’s a top real estate investor in Dallas, Texas who’s making around $80,000 every month from his business.

He only does online lead generation — no more direct mail or “driving for dollars.”

Brian’s website is currently at the bottom of page one for his target keywords. And that’s starting to become a focus for him, but only now that he has the time and money to invest.

As he discusses his success, no one is more surprised than him as he says,

“It’s awesome because once you know the formula of how to do this, it’s just do it again and keep going and going and see how you can grow it.”

But what’s the formula?

How does someone go from a dreamer to a doer? How does a middle-school teacher because financially free through real estate investing?

Lucky for you, the answer isn’t as complicated as some people make it.

Brian boils his success down to one single solitary thing: trusting Carrot’s advice and implementing everything that they suggest.

That might sound a little sales pitchy coming from a content marketer at Carrot, but for Brian, that was exactly why he was successful.

He learned everything he could, took the risks we recommended, and optimized his website with our suggestions.

The results speak for themselves.

So why not you?

Why not your business? Why not your website? Why not your family?

If Brian rose to real estate investing success from being a middle-school teacher, you can too. There’s nothing that makes Brian different than you except that he chose to implement everything he learned.

And often times, implementation makes the difference between someone who dreams of being an entrepreneur and someone who builds a successful business.

Brian is currently working to place his business in every city in Texas, and from there, who knows.

When you experience the kind of unexpected success that Brian enjoys, the sky’s the limit.

As a final piece of advice from the man who’s living your dream,

“Trust the system. That’s what I did. I put full trust in everything Carrot had to offer. Do your research. Be good at what you do. If you don’t have the skills, go learn new skills. Always push yourself. Always learn. At the end of the day, if you find something that you want to do, go all in 100%. Just kill it.



Real Estate Agents & Investors – Can You Really Make Money With Inbound Marketing?

Real Estate Agents & Investors Lead Generation: Making Money on Facebook Leads

Super-Charge Your Real Estate Agents & Investors Lead Generation with Facebook Ads

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real estate investor lead generation using facebookFor those of you that know me, you know I’ve been a huge advocate of using Facebook ads to turbocharge your real estate investing business, especially as of late.

There are only a few things that work really well to get deeply discounted properties (mailing, cold calling, and online ads).

Because EVERYONE is mailing the cost per acquisition for mailers has gone through the roof.

Cold calling works great, but it is something that most investors won’t do.

This is where Facebook ads fit in: they are just as easy to scale as mailers and don’t require you to pound the phone all day. Unlike other forms of marketing, Facebook ads are extremely predictable.

When you mail or cold call, there is a lot of variability on a month to month basis in terms of cost per lead. When it comes to Facebook, you know within a very narrow window what your cost per lead is.

Another major benefit of Facebook ads is that they can also be turned up at a moment’s notice.

So when you need more leads you can ramp up your campaigns, and vice versa.


Real Estate Agents & Investors Lead Generation: Making Money on Facebook Leads

Now that we know the benefits of Facebook Ads, let’s talk about the execution.

The Targeting:

For real estate investor lead generation it is crucial that if you are paying to show your ads, that you are showing the right people.  One of the main reasons why Facebook is such an incredible tool and why Facebook is worth so much money as a company is that Facebook knows everything about you.

Facebook ads targeting options
Source: Facebook Business

They know your age, whether you are a homeowner, what you like(and don’t like), and much more. And with this information, you can put your ads in front of only the people who are most likely to want to sell to an investor.

There are two ways to achieve this:

    1. Upload a list to Facebook. You now have the ability to upload addresses to Facebook and Facebook will only put the ads in front of the homeowners that you want to reach. So, for example, if you wanted to targeted a probate or high equity list, you could just upload the addresses and serve the ads up to only the people you want.
Creating your Custom Audience
Source: Facebook Business
    2. You can use Facebook’s targeting tool and select all of the parameters that Facebook allows you to pick from. Things like age of the homeowner, length of time in the residence, whether the homeowner is likely to move, etc are all possible selections.

Already a Carrot Member? Check Out Carrot’s Facebook Leads Masterclass

Learn how to drive leads to your site and build an audience with Facebook marketing.

The Ad Itself:

One important thing to understand about Facebook ads is that you are interrupting what someone is currently doing.

They didn’t come on Facebook to see an ad.  They came to see what their friends were up to.

So from a high level, it is critical that your ad stands out, or else it won’t even get noticed.

There are a few important things to make sure your ad stands out.

  1. The image – this is the most important part of your ad, believe it or not. The picture is what “stops” the person from scrolling. If you can’t stop them from scrolling, they won’t read the ad and you are dead in the water.
  2. The wording – once the person “stopped” because of the image that you used, the next thing you need to master is the “copy” or the wording of your ad. Where most people make a mistake is that they write extremely “professional” ads. By professional I mean boring. Again, users aren’t going on Facebook to see ads and they will skip over them if it isn’t interesting. You need to tell a “story” more than list out the benefits of working with you. One thing to start doing immediately is to start reading the Facebook ads in your current news feed and look at how the good ones are written. Then copy the same style.
  3. Lead capture: how you capture your leads also makes a big difference. It is great for you to have a great image and great copy but if they are dropped to a website that doesn’t convert, it will all be for nothing. I’ve tried various sites and bar none carrot is the best performer. If you are spending significant money on Facebook ads, you NEED a Carrot site. The price is a drop in the bucket compared to what the ads cost and you will get more leads per dollar spent. One thing to note is that I used to have a non-carrot site that looked really pretty that did not convert. I see many people making this same mistake. Don’t repeat this mistake.

You are probably thinking “I know that I need a great image and great copy” but how do I know what to do on Day 1?

Can’t you just give me what is working?

I have good news and bad news on this question.

The good news is that anyone can figure it out fairly easily. The bad news is that it takes a little bit of work.

The reason that I can’t just give you what is working for me is that what is working on Facebook changes over time. One of the drawbacks of Facebook ads is that you have to manage them. An ad that was working a month ago, might now work anymore.

The reason for this is what Facebook calls the “relevance score” The relevancy score is determined by how people respond to your ad. If you are serving up content that Facebook users find annoying, they will hide it.

facebook ad relevance score
Facebook Relevance Score. Source: Facebook Business

Because Facebook makes its money by users being on Facebook all day every day, they don’t want to serve ads that are annoying to the users. So, what happens is that if everyone is hiding your ad, Facebook will show it less and you will pay a lot more per lead and eventually the ad won’t work at all.

The good news is that it is really easy to figure out what is working with just a small amount of money using a concept called “split testing”

Split testing is the process of comparing two ads with one different variable. For example two ads with the same wording but with different pictures. Or, leaving out a call-to-action:

Split Test Facebook Ads

You would run these ads together and see which one performs better and then spend more on the winner.

The more that you split test Facebook ads, the better your cost per lead will be. This may sound like a lot of work, but if you are going to run Facebook ads, you need to do this or someone else needs to do this for you.

When someone tells me that Facebook ads don’t work, I know it is either because they have not gone through the process of split testing OR they don’t know how to properly monetize the leads(which is going to be my last point related to facebook ads).

Monetizing Leads

If you are going to spend the time and money to run Facebook ads, you need to maximize the return on your investment. MOST people aren’t doing this. There are three components to making money on Facebook Leads: converting leads into appointments, converting appointments into deals and maximizing your ROI on Leads

  1. Converting leads into appointments: you need to follow up with these leads as soon as possible and multiple times (I recommend calling/texting and emailing every day for the first 10 days). You also need a good CRM (I use Follow Up Boss) and a really good email sequence (mine was copywritten by a good copywriter). It is also very important to know what to say when making these calls. My team has a free weekly training on how to turn these exact leads into appointments. To get free access go and sign up for the Wednesday at 11 am free class. All of these follow up systems are used just to get the appointment (which is half the battle)
  2. Converting appointments into deals: Once you have the appointment, you need to convert it. Motivated sellers are NOT MOTIVATED BY MONEY so what you say and do on the appointments matters, big time. You need to say and do the right things when you get sellers face to face. To learn more about how to do that check out my free Tuesday at 10 am training
  3. Maximizing ROI on Leads

You Have To Be Able To Maximize Every Lead That Comes In

Where most people go wrong here is that they only make money 1 way on their leads and because of that they have a hard time getting a great ROI on their money. You NEED to be able to make money in multiple ways or else you will constantly battle for profitability. For comparison purposes, I get over 12x return on my money spent on Facebook.

Examples of how to maximize every lead include:

  1. Retail leads – when the seller wants too much money for the house, you list the property or find an agent that can list it
  2. Wholesaling – for the deals that you don’t want or can’t fund
  3. Fix and flipping – for your high-profit deals
  4. Buy and hold great rental properties for long-term wealth

If you aren’t utilizing the above 4 strategies it is going to be hard to compete with someone (like me) who can.

Implementing all 4 of these strategies is not difficult, you just have to know how to do it.

To learn all of my strategies on how to maximize leads go to for a full training session on this exact topic.


Already a Carrot Member? Check Out Carrot’s Facebook Leads Masterclass

Learn how to drive leads to your site and build an audience with Facebook marketing.

Real Estate Agents & Investors – Turn Your Videos Into SEO Content In Minutes

NEW: Announcing VideoPost – Turn Your Videos Into SEO Content In Minutes…

video post transcription

This blog post took us 80% LESS time to create than a normal blog post… because we did it with the assistance of Carrot’s new VideoPost tool. See what VideoPost is, and how it can be a game changer for your content marketing in 2017.

We’re insanely excited to announce a brand new feature. We’ve actually been using this process to cut our content marketing time down by 80%, increase our traffic, and help our clients do the same.

I’m going to walk you through this new feature that we call VideoPost, what it helps you do, and how we came up with this content marketing method to automate and make your life simpler.




CONTEST ALERT! – Win My Top 5 Favorite Books Of 2017 FREE
(details at bottom of page)

Introducing Carrot’s VideoPost

VideoPost helps you turn simple videos into powerful written content that Google loves in just minutes vs. hours. 3/4 of this blog post was created with our VideoPost feature, saving us over 60 minutes vs. writing manually. Let’s dive in to see how you can start using VideoPost today.

(click to play video, OR read the article below) 

VideoPost came about by us trying to solve our own problem a year and a half ago.

As you know, it takes time to sit down and craft content or it takes money to hire it out to have someone else do it. Content and SEO are our number one source of leads here at Carrot, but it’s also the number one source of leads for our Carrot clients.

We know that content marketing is effective in the real estate market, but can we put out great content with less time and energy?

So we asked the question…

How do we make it so it’s so simple and easy that you want to do content every single week?”

Especially when you’re in competitive markets, one of the best ways to crack through that clutter and to gain an advantage is to build credibility and your expertise.

And the best way to do that is through content, except most people don’t have the time to do written content.

VideoPost Simplifies All Of That For You – An Example: G. Stiles Realty

real estate agent content marketing ideas
G. Stiles is the largest independant broker in Douglas County, Oregon… and an AgentCarrot client. See how they used VideoPost to streamline their content marketing…

Let’s say you’re in a small town like Roseburg, Oregon. This is actually one of our AgentCarrot client’s G. Stiles, and they were having a tough time with their content marketing strategy as well.

We went to them and we said…

“Hey, go out on site and film a short 3-8 minute videowalking people through some information that’s going to help them and be useful for them in that scenario.”

One of their specialties is in farmland and in some other agricultural-type properties, so they went there, filmed the video, and then uploaded it to YouTube.

We then had the video transcribed word for word and made a blog post for them (this was before our VideoPost feature, so it took a bit longer).

Here’s Denny’s Three And A Half Minute “On The Job Content” Video

He recorded it of him on the farmland giving tips and talking about buying farmland in Roseburg, Oregon.

We Then Turned The Video Into A Content Rich Article That Google Loves

This particular example was long before we created VideoPost to automate the process.

We then manually submitted it to a transcription service, brought it back, copied and pasted it into their blog, bolded a couple things for readability, separated some of the paragraphs, put a link in there, and then we put a clean call to action at the end of it.

Less than five minutes of editing in total. About 30-45 minutes to submit the video for transcription, pay for it, get it back in a Word document, bring it to their Carrot site, and manually remove the weird formatting that can come from copying and pasting content from Word documents. (again, today, VideoPost automates most of this and brings the process down to less than 5 minutes). 

Then we used our SEO tools here in Carrot to make sure it was optimized for a search engines for the phrase“buying farmland in Roseburg, Oregon” and all related phrases in the area.

Carrot's VideoPost gives both SEO benefits and credibility benefits.

The Results?

Within weeks, this blog post started to climb in the rankings.


As of the time I recorded this video, their blog post from this process is ranking over big websites like LandWatch, and Land and Farm, and Zillow, and LoopNet, and, all from a little piece of short video content.

Now, is this particular search getting tons and tons of searches per month? The answer is of course no, but as a part of a cohesive strategy to really go in there and swarm and dominate your market, you want to be going after the most competitive search phrases of course, but also you want to cast a wider net with these more niched down search phrases.

If you do just one video post per week, over the course of a year that’s going to be 52 new pages on your website to potentially rank in front of your best prospects.

You will cast a wider net out there to grab more searches, build more expertise in your market, become the leading expert in that market to where everyone knows, likes, and trusts because they see your information everywhere they go.

How Do We Automate This And Make It Simpler With VideoPost?

It takes under 3 minutes to create a VideoPost in your Carrot account, then edit it as much or as little as you want (we suggest basic edits to make it visually more easy to read with sub heads, that’s it!). If you’re a Carrot member already simply…

1. Log in to your Carrot website and click “New Post”, then VideoPost…

2. Confirm the transcription purchase and click Start Transcription!

By automating your transcriptions into our VideoPost format, it saves you 15-45 minutes vs. having to manually use transcription services. If you value your time at just $100/hr… that time savings along is worth $25 – $50 to you. If you value your time higher, your savings is even larger.

The average VideoPost should be 3 – 8 minutes long, meaning a cost of only $3.75 – $10 per content piece. Compare that to $30 – $75 to outsource to a writer, VideoPosts are a huge time savings and direct money savings every time you use it.

3. Within 24 hours (usually within several hours) your VideoPost is complete and ready to publish

Once your VideoPost is complete, with your transcription added, your post created in our VideoPost format (title, intro paragraph, video, transcription, and call to action)… we’ll email you your new post for review and you can then make any edits to the post you want. No more logging into transcription services and copying & pasting transcriptions… that’s a waste of time. VideoPost does it all for you.

investor carrot features video post

How To Get Extra SEO Juice From Your VideoPost

How well Google ranks your VideoPost depends greatly on the content in the video and the small quick tweaks you can make inside of each VideoPost.

To make sure to squeeze all the on-page SEO juice out of this VideoPost here are a few things you can do…

  • Make sure when you’re recording your video, you know which types of searches you want to go after in Google… then use those words in the video. If you’re going after “portland oregon river homes”… you’ll want to make sure to say those words. You have to remember to say the things that you’re showing in your video.
  • Go through and format the post so it’s nice and easy for a user to read (this will help with bounce rate). No one wants to read a wall of text.
  • Find some key areas to add <h2> and <h3> tags.
  • Can you link to other content you have done on your site?
  • Make sure to include a call to action at the end (how do they contact you if they have questions or want an offer?)

And last… make sure to use our Carrot SEO Tool to dial in the content for a specific search phrase.

video seo real estate
Dial in the SEO on your VideoPosts with the Carrot SEO Tool whether you’re an SEO expert or not.

VideoPost vs. Manually Using Transcription Services

When we were doing this process the manual way… we submitted it to a service called, then we had to manually do every other step to get the content from into our blog editor. This still took us 30-45 minutes to do. Yes, better than 1-2 hours to write an article, but still too long for most people to fit in on a weekly basis.

Now, with the VideoPost feature this is only going to take you as much time as it does to film your video, log into your Carrot account, paste in a URL, and click a button –we do the rest.

We go out and get the transcription and then notify you when the transcription’s inside of your account ready and formatted in our special “VideoPost” format.

VideoPost Automatically Structures Your Content Flow Properly

Once our system gets the transcription of your video back, we automatically build it into our VideoPost format for you. First your SEO optimized blog post title, then a short summary of the video, next your video, the transcription, then a simple call to action. All automatic.

This step alone will save you 10-15 minutes. What will you do with that extra time? Get a workout in? Call a prospect and land a deal? Meditate on the day and get clarity? You can do whatever the heck you want while VideoPost does that part of your content creation for you.

video blog post structure


How Much Will You Save With VideoPost? And What Can You ADD To Your Marketing Efforts?

VideoPost will enable you to do more content, do more robust content, get your brand, your face, your content in front of your prospects so you build up that expertise with your market.

It’s going to save you hundreds of dollars per month when you just do one blog post per week.

I’m predicting for this next year that those people who are out front building their expertise and building their credibility with content are the ones that are going to win the game in a competitive market.

If you do one video post per week, that’s 52 new pages on your website over this next year.

That’s 52 new chances to cast a wider net to get in front of your prospects. Every single time your prospects search different things in your real estate market… like “buying farmland in Roseburg, Oregon”, they’re going to see you over and over again. It’s going to add up in their mind that…

“Man, this person, this company is a really reputable company, they’re an expert.”

Not Sure What To Make Videos About?

That’s the easy part. You’re already creating hours of content every single day… you’re just not documenting it so others can get value from it. But here are some ideas…

  • On The Job Content – next time you’re out in the field, whip out your cell phone and document the situations you’re in and answer your prospects questions
  • Here is a list of 101 blog post ideas that you can make a video around
  • Testimonials – ask a recent seller or buyer to allow you to film them and ask them about the process
  • Case Study – this is similar to a testimonial but maybe you just talk through the process
  • Market Trends & Updates – find a report online and share your expertise or opinion about it on video
  • About Us – make a video about how your company was started and who you want to work with

At the end of the day, just be useful and valuable for the people that you can best help. Answer their common questions in videos, educate them on things they’re searching for, and have fun with it!

Now it’s time for you to dig in and launch your first VideoPost… and to encourage you to take action we’re doing a giveaway.

Contest: Win My Top 5 Books Of 2017 FREE…

Every year some of my greatest growth comes from what I read. This year I read some amazing books… and I want to give 3 people my top 5 favorite books of the year FREE.  These books all changed my life in measurable ways and I know they’ll impact you as well.

Here’s how to enter (Carrot customers only)…

  • Record a NEW 3-8 minute video (like Denny’s above) on a topic your prospects are searching for.
  • Upload it to YouTube
  • Use our VideoPost tool to create your first VideoPost! (must use the VideoPost tool to qualify)
  • Make a comment in this blog post (below) with a link to your VideoPost on your Carrot website and your biggest goal for 2018 that you want to achieve
  • On January 1st 2018 we’ll randomly select from the comments below the 3 winners and mail out the 5 books plus a little surprise from the Carrot team 🙂

Not a Carrot client yet?Head over to our Plans pageand pick the Carrot plan that best fits your goals.

Already a Carrot client? Sweet! The VideoPost feature is ready to use… just hop into your Carrot account and put it to use!

As you dive in and use VideoPost, please send us feedback on ways we can make it even better. There are things on our roadmap already for adding more power and simplicity to VideoPost, so we’re excited to make this one of the most useful tools in your content marketing arsenal in this next year.