Apartment Investing for Beginners

Apartment Investing for Beginners

http://www.commercialpropertyadvisors.com/apartment-investing-for-beginners/ Discover insider tips of apartment investing for beginners and why apartments are ideal for get started in commercial real estate investing.

To get started, grab a free copy of Peter Harris’ newest book Commercial Real Estate for Beginners. In this #1 Amazon best seller, you’ll discover what every beginner needs to know about investing in commercial property, why you should be a commercial investor, where the biggest pitfalls are, which types of properties are best for those just getting started.

How to analyze any commercial deal quickly, how to speak the language of commercial real estate, the 4 guiding principles of commercial investment and much, much more. Also, you can gain a much deeper understanding of this entire subject from our Free Trainings. And if you are ready to start doing your first deal right now, apply to our Protege Program to get your very own commercial real estate investing mentor today!

Apartment Investing for Beginners

14 thoughts on “Apartment Investing for Beginners

  1. Greetings and thank you for the video. I would like to seek more advise from Commercial Property Advisors.
    What are current contact/website information/mediums? I am extremely interested in real estate investing especially apartment, but my age may be an issue… Thanks for your time

  2. The best thing about investing in apartments is when you lose all your money you can jump from the top floor of your very own apartment building.

  3. Love the video! You said you analyzed 70 deals before you bought your first, Where did you find the 70 deals?

  4. If we find a hot commercial property but can not come up with the money ..can we maybe get credit and turn you on a hot property? maybe like bit coin structure. I fwe make credit then maybe we can go in further into our partnership

  5. Mr. Harris, thank you very much for your excellent video.
    Would you happen to have any advice on buying apartment units in Japan?
    Thank you for your time.

  6. Mr. Harris. Excellent video. I've owned small apartment buildings in California, so am aware of most of the pitfalls. I've been looking in N. Florida for the past year. This is late 2015, and really, there doesn't seem to be anything of value, and I've looked at probably 50 complexes. Do you think, with the demand from the hedge funds and other large buyers, the market has become over valued (overpriced in relation to net cash flow)? Thank you.

  7. There is a private seller who has a 31 unit but it needs repairing not much. She has a asking price. Is it smart for me to invest or no?? Also I would need a loan and would it be smart to take out a mortgage for the down payment??

  8. One of the best books that provide information without being required to get sucked in a guru program that costs thousand of dollars. 

    Commercial Real Estate Investing for Dummies by Peter Conti and Peter Harris.

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