London Is Top City For Real Estate Investing; Us Safest Country

 London Is Top City For Real Estate Investing; Us Safest Country
Jan 6 (Reuters) –London ranks as the top city for foreign real estate investment opportunity, beating out last year’s winner, New York, according to a survey released on Monday by the Association of Foreign Investors in Real Estate.The survey found that San Francisco was the third favorite city for foreign investors, with Houston and Los Angeles coming in at four and five, respectively.The U.S. remains the most “stable and secure” country for investment by a wide margin of more than 50 percentage points over second-place country Germany. This is the widest margin since 2006.

The U.S. remains the country providing the best opportunity for capital appreciation. It also leads the ranking for planned real estate acquisitions in 2014, with nearly 50 percent of respondents projecting a modest increase in their U.S. portfolio size and 20 percent projecting a “major” increase.

“Foreign investors’ continued and growing interest in the U.S. real estate markets reflects fully functioning capital markets for both debt and equity that provide access to a broad range of investment opportunities,” said the association’s Chairman, Steven Hason, who is also the Managing Director and Co-Head of Americas Real Estate for APG Asset Management U.S. Inc.

London Is Top City For Real Estate Investing; Us Safest Country

4 Income Streams Used To Build Up Wealth In Real Estate


4 Income Streams Used To Build Up Wealth In Real Estate

In this episode we talk about the four income streams used to build up true wealth investing in real estate. When applying these four income streams you can become extremely rich and wealthy. The good thing is that these income streams work in any economy.

Doesn’t matter if we’re in a upwards strong economy or in a down economy. The first income stream is where most people start off to build up quick cash. But the other three income streams mentioned can truly make you financial free.

4 Income Streams Used To Build Up Wealth In Real Estate

Multiple Ways To Flip Vacant Commercial Buildings | How to Flip Commercial Real Estate

Multiple Ways To Flip Vacant Commercial Buildings | How to Flip Commercial Real Estate | Flipping Vacant Commercial Buildings | How to Flip Commercial Real Estate | Real Estate Mentor

This video explains what you will learn from my course on Flipping Vacant Commercial Buildings via NNN Leases. You will have a unique opportunity to take advantage of this commercial real estate niche that has virtually has no competition. We all want to play the Big Boys but most of us don’t know how and are afraid to deal in this sea money and wealth. Commercial Real Estate is where the Big Boys play and so can also if you know how to get started with little restrictions and regardless of your current situation.

Many commercial property developers are now using crowdfunding platforms to raise capital for their projects. That means people who want to invest in billion dollar properties now have access to once unapproachable real estate projects — albeit for very small shares of the business.
Simon Baron Development Group, a New York based real estate developer recently announced that it is using the services of CityFunders to crowdfund $1 million in equity for the development of a Long Island City rental tower.
Earlier this year, Fundrise, a Washington based crowdfunding company, offered investors the opportunity to buy bonds backing the 3 World Trade Center development in Manhattan. The cost: $5,000.
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“Investing in commercial property is generally very capital intensive,” said Heather Schwarz Lopes, chief strategy officer of Early Shares, a crowdfunding platform that focuses on real estate development. “Now investors can start at a lower price level.”
Shares in commercial real estate normally start with minimum investment of $5,000 to $25,000.
Crowdfunding for properties and other equities had only been available to accredited investors with a net worth of more than one million dollars or an annual income of over $200,000.
But following the passing of Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act in 2012, the SEC is set to release new rules that allow anyone to take part in crowdfunding equities. Those rules are scheduled to take effect next Friday.
“[Small time] investors can now invest with the professionals,” said Steve Drew, CrowdStreet’s products chief.
But people without real estate investing experience should exercise extreme caution.
Some of the properties are estimating sky-high returns upwards of 13% to 17% after an investor sells his or her stake. A typical investment holding period for each investment ranges from five to 10 years.
It sounds too good to be true. And it might be. There is significant risk associated with crowdfunding properties.
For one thing, risk valuations on investment projects are evaluated by construction developers or crowdfunding platforms themselves. Unlike traditional stocks and bonds, external credit rating agencies do not offer opinions on the risk associated with investing in crowdfunded properties.
Furthermore, like all real estate, these projects are relatively difficult to sell in secondary markets.
Dr. Richard Swart, UC Berkeley’s crowdfunding research director, acknowledges that property crowdfunding is riskier than traditional investments.
However, Swart said he feels that the increasing demand for these kind of crowdfunded projects will drive developers and platforms to be more transparent with the risk involved in each project . He, also noted that crowdfunding in real estate markets can be safer than other kinds of crowdfunding investments, since there is an underlying physical asset associated to each stake.
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Investors in crowdfunded properties can pick between retail outlets, office buildings or multi-family residential developments.
Most of these projects are a cross breed between a bond and a stock. Like a stock, you hold a share in the company that runs the project but you also potentially receive a yearly income. Building developers project an annual income of over 8% return on your capital from rent payments and profits generated from building management.

1. Be clear in your mind that you are an investor and not a senseless accumulator of commercial properties. The idea of making commercial real estate investments is to produce handsome profits. So, if you mindlessly buy a commercial property that produces no profit on resale, you really just acquired a property instead of making an investment.

2. Determine whether you and the commercial properties are fully protected before buying. All your commercial real estate investments have to be totally separate from one another so that one lawsuit does not in any way affect the other investments. Talk to a lawyer to ensure that you are personally protected if you’re sued for any reason.

Multiple Ways To Flip Vacant Commercial Buildings | How to Flip Commercial Real Estate


Why 87% of All Agents Fail in Real Estate?


Why 87% of All Agents Fail in Real Estate?

87% of all real estate agents fail in the first 5 years. That won’t be me, I will be the 13% that succeeds!

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So a few weeks back I was flying back home and had 75 minutes to spare so I did a Facebook Q&A. Maybe a hundred people or so jumped on and started to ask me questions. About a third of them surprisingly were brand new agents. And I thought I’d do a video just for you brand new agent, veterans starting over and anyone in a slump. I’m going to give you a little more extreme of an answer with the intention that I get you very quickly out of the slump and into success.

Something to note: NAR reports 87% of all new agents fail after five years in the industry and only 13% make it. Agents don’t leave the industry because they made too much money, no, they leave the industry because they didn’t make any.

Before we dive deep, you’ve got to know your internal motive to act. What are your expectations. What do you need to produce vs. your goals. Oftentimes the gap between what we need and our goals creates a lot of unhealthy tension for people. So I say, what do you absolutely need, cover that, then set some goals.

For example, what is your monthly cost to run your household? Rent, mortgage payment, kids, dogs, food, dry cleaning, everything you spend money on – get that number. Let’s say it’s $24,000 a year. Then what about your work–let’s say it’s $8,000 a year, a total of $32,000 a year you need to survive. Then how much outside monthly income do you have (spouse income, rental unit income, etc.)?–subtract this number to your total but for now let’s say this is $0. Also, let’s say your average commission check is $8,000. Well you might be saying “Gosh, I only need to sell one house every four months to survive and sustain my business.” Feel good about it. So know exactly what your costs are and then set your goals on top of that. Now let’s get started!

Morning Routine:
1.) Affirmations. Every day write this affirmation 30 times, “I earn X amount of dollars or more.” Your reticular activating system will locate and focus in on whatever you think about the most and you will begin to see it everywhere.

2.) Create a daily action checklist. These are things that you know you have to do that day that would make you money. Prospect for leads, set appointments, take listings, get offers, close deals!

3.) Listen to something motivational or something that makes you feel good. It’s not Howard Stern, not Constant Negative News and not Fox Fair and Balance. None of that stuff. Get your mindset right. Watch some videos that will get you fired up!

Lead Generation:
1.) Role-play. Practice your scripts 15 to 20 minutes a day, so when you speak with real clients, you know what to say, how to say it and ultimately get you more business.

2.) Call every new expired, FSBO and Make Me Move. Don’t be afraid to screw up. Make every mistake. You’re brand new, who cares? You’ll learn that the mistakes that agents make when they list these properties when they’re not really clear to the seller what it takes to get it sold. Or find out if are sellers are motivated at all.

3.) Call/contact five people that you know and say “Would you like a free home valuation?” Who do you know that’s thinking about buying or selling? All the important questions.

4.) Lead follow-up. Follow up on all your leads, no leads slipping through the cracks.

Be the Knowledge Broker:
1.) Read Keeping Current Matters everyday. Be up-to-date with latest real estate analytics and trends of the market so you can speak powerfully to customers about why now is the best time to buy and sell.

2) Study the daily hot sheets. There’s nothing more important than knowing everyday what’s listed, what’s sold, what’s cancelled, what’s expired and what’s closed. What were the numbers? What were the prices? Know the market inside and out.

Last thing is two open houses every weekend. You do all of this for nine months as a brand new agent, a rebounding agent or a fading winner and you will become a rising star. What do we know will happen? You will talk to a lot of people. You’re going to have some upsets. You’re going to have some tremendous wins. You’re going to create a lot of momentum and you’re going to be that 13% that succeeds in real estate!
Tom Ferry,, is a real estate coach and trainer. In a recent Facebook Q&A Tom did, he noticed a lot of questions coming from new agent, veteran agents coming back into real estate and agents just in a slump. Tom decided to do a video dedicated to this topic and gives you a killer plan to succeed in Real Estate!
Tom Ferry is a real estate coach and trainer

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Why 87% of All Agents Fail in Real Estate?

What Is Mobile Search Marketing-Real Estate Success In The Future


What Is Mobile Search Marketing

We can all agree that our customers begin their search experience online. The challenge is coming up with a plan to engage consumers while they browse, long before they need a person to help them.

“If you don’t know where you are going you’ll end up someplace else.”Yogi Berra CLICK TO TWEET

Like many entrepreneurs, agents and brokers wear multiple hats and are responsible for everything from direct sales and nurturing customer relationships to lead generation, online marketing and day-to-day administration. It’s no wonder that creating an online marketing plan is low on the to-do list. Only 52 percent of business-to-consumer (B2C) businesses even have a marketing strategy and, based upon the thousands of agents and brokers we’ve worked with at Placester, I imagine that number is much lower for real estate professionals.

“Always, always have a plan” –Rick Riordan CLICK TO TWEET

But, it’s never too late to start planning. In fact, it’s highly unlikely that your business dreams will become a reality without some serious thought as to what you would like to accomplish and how you’re going to get there. That’s why we created this helpful guide.

From creating the right website experience to developing a content marketingstrategy that your customers will love, this infographic is a shortcut to help you plan your online marketing……read more

What Is Mobile Search Marketing via (

Social Media Marketing Strategy | Tying It All Together!

Social Media Marketing Strategy –


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A practical social media marketing strategy is a must for most business these days. With the emergence of social media over the last decade or so it has allowed businesses to further engage their customer base on a deeper level using different the different platforms to do it. The truth is people in general have different tastes and preferences as to how they best like to communicate.

Social Media Marketing Strategy

There are some that like to read and write in order to communicate and then there are people who are more visual and prefer to watch a video and see images in order to either share or receive a message. The big question is what is your preference and is it worth using all the social media platforms to reach as many folks as possible about your business.

Social Media Marketing Strategy

A strategy that has worked for myself as well as many other individuals who take to social media to grow their business has been to use Facebook as a centralized place for promotion besides their website or blog simply because most people are on Facebook and typically like to hangout there. This the perfect time to get some social proof from your followers.

Social Media Marketing Strategy

Want to learn some simple YouTube Ranking Factors:

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Social Media Marketing Strategy | Tips From The Facebook Queen
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5 Quick and easy way to improve the use of your site

In this article I will show you how to find your site’s interface is the most famous problems in five simple tips. Remember: it is better to know the problem is only half the job, you still need to interpret the results, improvements and re-test.

User testing

Can not wait for the user tests, as long as you have finished creating your site, you should already do this wireframe stage (non-graphical layout) of their design. That is exactly the reason why I have this advice, as the number one on the list.

First of all, do not panic user testing period. Usually it is very time consuming and it can take quite a lot of preparation, but this post is about a simple way.

Take 5 to 10 people family, friends or neighbors, and divide them into three groups: low, medium and large experienced Internet user. The reason is that these groups have different expectations of website, its features and appearance, and may find more problems.

You will need to perform the test in two phases. The first step is to listen to what your customers have to say, while looking for your site, ask to speak to the load, instead of trying them in any way. Give people time to understand what your site is all about. Ask simple questions, let them explain why they push the button and if the result is in line with the idea they had in mind. You will need to find out how and why they use the application.

The second step you need to give your users some easy tasks. Let them sign up for your RSS feed if you have one, go to a page and post a comment … Should look like the user is trying to solve your task. Does he or she continued to find what was requested? Does he or she has achieved the results, how do you find it? Do not forget to take notes!

Keep in mind that it does not matter how you see your site. You know how it works for you, but for the first time, users do not have a clue what this is all about. You need to recognize that the user is not like you, and have different expectations of website. In a few simple tests you can find consumer usability issues.

Jeff Sauro Measuring User wrote a very interesting article as to why five users should be sufficient to find the best interface problems. But remember: the one the user is better than nothing!

Five second test

If you can not find 5 to 10 people (or even one), you should consider fivesecondtest site. This allows you to create two different user load tests your web page screenshot. The first test is a memory test: users get 5 seconds of your screen should look, and then describe what they remembered. In a second experiment, the user can click on the screen 5 seconds, and can give each point a descriptive text.

The results show very Heatmap as an overview, which can be downloaded for further analysis. It is free and you can share with your friends on Twitter these tests.

Heatmap system installation

Heatmap system allows you to record the behavior of visitors to click. This is a very useful and powerful tool for understanding how people use your site. Although the introduction of Color Chart can be done within a few seconds, gathering information and making changes will take a little longer.

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Periscope 101: How To Get Started Live Broadcast Streaming

File:MOHAI Periscope.jpg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaPeriscope 101: How Get Started
With Live Streaming Video Today!

Build Your Brand, Increase Your Authority, And Engage With Prospects And Customers – Leading To Real Business Opportunities Using Periscope

July 2015

What is Periscope?
Periscope is a live video streaming app for iOS and Android

The basic idea? You can broadcast to your online audience using your mobile device

Periscope is a live video streaming app for iOS and Android

The startup behind the app was purchased by Twitter

Twitter relaunched Periscope on March 26, 2015 on iOS, May 26 on Android

Broadcasting is extremely simple with the audience growing daily

“Periscopers” broadcast live to anyone on Periscope (or it can be a private session if needed)

To build the audience, each broadcast is shared on launch to Twitter followers
What is Periscope?
There is no limit to the number of Periscope viewers for each broadcast – but there is a limit to the number of viewers able to comment

Each Periscope Account has Followers – similar to other social media

Viewers can invite their Periscope followers as well as their Twitter followers to the broadcast

Viewers can tap the screen for hearts – which show up on the Periscoper’s profile

It is possible to watch Periscope broadcasts on the web as well

Periscope broadcasts are available for viewing for 24 hours on the app
The video is available for download for use on other social media platforms
No fast-forwarding is available for replay viewers
The replay audience is typically 20-25% of the live audience

How Many People Use Periscope?
7 million users – early July
1 to 5 million reported Android downloads
Growing in popularity
Not many big brands/media companies on Periscope

Why Periscope – New Platform
New, untapped audience
Excellent demographics
Early-adopter of an emerging technology
Beat the competition
Build a targeted audience for future broadcasts
Entirely new promotions not available before
Fills an upcoming need that people will be asking for in the future

Why Periscope – Engagement
Build engagement with users and followers
Real-time user engagement
Live and on-line engagement opportunities
Feeds directly into other social media platforms
Form of engagement is unique
Create “user-generated audiences”

Why Periscope – Enhancement
Maximizes the value of the investment in social media
Take advantage of existing events
Take audience to other social media platforms

7 Steps To Your First Periscope:
Set up your Periscope Account – linked to Twitter
Perfect your profile – different from Twitter
Write your headline and prepare your content
Hit “Broadcast”
Introduce yourself and start talking
Engage with viewers
End broadcast and save video

Engagement Tips
Welcome viewers
Ask for sharing – Twitter and Periscope
Answer all questions and comments
Ask questions
Mention (don’t beg for) hearts
Thank people for participating

Why You Should Watch a Lot of Periscopes
Learn what others are doing successfully
Tips and tricks
Latest Periscope news and features
See what you can start doing yourself to improve

Who To Follow on Periscope
Me – @tomleonard
Industry leaders such as
Grant Cardone – @grantcardone
Todd Falcone – @todd_falcone
Ray Higdon – @rayhigdon
Kim Garst – @kimgarst
Ryan Steinolfson @ryansteinolfson
Brian Fanzo – @iSocialFanz
TV Steve Harris – @tvsteveharris

Difference from YouTube Video
Immediate feedback
Ability to ask questions
Interact with real industry leaders
Less time consuming – you can’t perfect the video by editing

But live streaming has most of the benefits of video:
People get to know you
Can have a call-to-action

Business Opportunity Potential
You can’t sell many things directly on Periscope…BUT
You can:
Establish a real relationship that will extend off Periscope
Direct traffic to other social media, webinars, & add to your email list
Build a targeted list of followers on Periscope
Learn from your audience to improve your offers (sort of like a mini-focus group)
Enhance your online authority and brand

Periscope vs. Meerkat
Meerkat is an online broadcasting app similar to Periscope
Advantages and disadvantages of each
Constantly changing in this new media channel
We recommend Periscope primarily because:
Twitter ownership
Ability to view replay broadcasts immediately on the Periscope app
Seemingly larger installed base

For more information contact me on

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