14 Strategies To Help Your Real Estate Business Website Convert More Sales

14 Strategies To Help Your Real Estate Business Website Convert More Sales

You know all of those sellers, buyers, and tenants who land on your real estate website but never fill out a form or give you call? This infographic dives into how you can use Facebook Remarketing to fetch them back…

Most of your visitors will bail from your site to never return. What if you could “fetch back” a healthy percentage of them and turn them into a lead and deal after they leave?  Well you can (and we have been) do it with retargeting… especially Facebook Retargeting.

This retargeting for real estate investors infographic explains why retargeting is important to include in your internet marketing plan and the value fetching back those lost visitors can add to your ROI.

Real Estate Investing Leads With Retargeting

Facebook Retargeting Infographic for Real Estate Investors

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14 Strategies To Help Your Real Estate Business Website Convert More Sales

What Are The Best And Cheapest Real Estate Leads And Conversion Systems?

What Are The Best And Cheapest Real Estate Leads And Conversion Systems?

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There are a ton of options when it comes to launching a website for your real estate investing business. All the way from the cheap and low cost mass template builders like Wix, Squarespace, Weebly, Godaddy, LeadPages, others… to high end custom websites that may run $6,000 or more. So what are the real differences between the different website types and what we offer here at InvestorCarrot? We’ll I shot a video for ya diving into that very question!

Before you dive into the video, I want to introduce the 2 main things you should be looking at when launching a website for your real estate investing (house flipping, wholesaling, rent to own, note buying… anything). They’re right under the video.

Check out those 2 crazy important things to consider before you launch your website… then I’ll expand on that a bit and show examples in the video below.

Low Cost Generic Real Estate Website Builders vs. Specialized Website Solutions Like InvestorCarrot Real Estate Lead And Conversion System

The 3 Most Important Things You Need To Look At With Your Real Estate Website

The first is… your website’s #1 priority should be performance.

Not how fancy it looks. Not whether you think it looks pretty. Not how fancy the CRM is. And not whether you think it looks different from others in your market. It’s…

“If I send 100 qualified people to this website with SEO, PPC, Craigslist, or direct mail… is it going to convert as many of those into qualified leads so my website isn’t a leaky bucket?”

Because every lost lead is a lost potential at a deal.

And as we always like to say…

If you lose 1 deal that would have netted you $10,000 because you were trying to reinvent the wheel or save a few bucks a month and your website isn’t performing like it should… that $10,000 is real money lost out of your pocket.

Before you go out to build a real estate investing website on Wix, Weebly, or Godaddy… focus on making sure what you build your website with is focused on performance (conversion rate optimization) as its main priority because a high performing website means more visitors converted into qualified leads (and in turn, more deals closed).

The second is… look for the highest return on investment (ROI) not the cheapest monthly rate. 

It’s often times easy to go with the website solution that looks the lowest cost on a monthly basis.

After all, a $10/mo website with one of those low cost generic website builders is only $120/yr versus what our average investors pay of $99/mo (for 3 websites, our weekly mastermind call, our content marketing system, and high performance built in).

But when you start to look at the return you get for those dollars and your time… the story changes drastically.

1 extra (or 1 lost) deal because of website performance is a big deal when you’re dealing with real estate.

1 extra deal pays for an InvestorCarrot membership for 10+ years.

So focus on performance and the return on investment your real estate investing website system can provide you over the long-run.

The third is… ongoing expert guidance and help from those who have done what you want to do. 

An often forgotten about thing that is critical to your success in generating consistent leads online today and next year (over the long-term) is the support team behind you.

If you go with one of those low cost website builders you can better believe that their pricing model doesn’t allow for them to invest a whole heck of a lot into building out the team and support structure to make your life easier and more successful over the years.

If you’re paying $6/mo for hosting… you may be able to reach out to them for help with basic technical things… but most of the time the questions that you need answered most are the strategy related questions that can take you from no or mediocre results… to crushing it.

With InvestorCarrot we have amazing support (just ask around)… industry leading training to show you exactly what our most successful members are doing to drive leads… and our full-time staff are among the industry’s most experienced online lead generation experts (specific to real estate investors). So if you have questions about your strategy… or your PPC marketing isn’t getting the results you need… or you’re ranked at the top of page 2 for your #1 keyword… who are you going to turn to at those cheap and low cost website builders for the strategy help to get you over that hump?

Weekly Live Mastermind Calls, 1 on 1 Strategy Sessions, Industry Leading Training, We’re Here For You

With InvestorCarrot our weekly LIVE Carrot Mastermind Calls, our complimentary 1-on-1 Strategy Sessions with us, and our fast strategy help are all included as a Content Pro member.

It’s like having the most experienced lead generation expert on call… and it’s included in your Carrot membership at only $99/mo.

The difference between amazing results and no results often times is the strategy help and expert guidance.

If you want to try to save a few bucks and go it alone… how much extra time and money will you invest? For only $99/mo it’s a no brainer for the high level investors who recognize the value of their time and recognize the value of expert guidance.

Getting The Right Tools In Place To Grow Your Real Estate Investing Business (and have less hassle with tech issues)

These days your website is one of those tools that is a really important part of your credibility, your lead generation efforts, and the future of your marketing.

More and more people are going online to find solutions to their problems (especially on cell phones)… so getting your web presence right is a pretty darn important thing these days.

Just like you get the right direct mail pieces before you spend that money to send out those letters… take the time to make sure your website is dialed in and will convert a high percentage of your visitors you’re working so hard to get… into qualified leads.

We can help you here with InvestorCarrot and we’d love to do a review of your website and give you honest candid feedback on what you can improve with your current site if it’s at one of those low cost generic website builders.

Just leave your website URL in the comments section below and we’ll shoot quick videos walking through changes you can make to your current site to make them more effective.

And as always, we’re here if you feel InvestorCarrot is a great fit for you. Just take a demo or check out our pricing and plans.

What Are The Best And Cheapest Real Estate Leads And Conversion Systems?

Real Estate Agents & Investors – How To Generate Enough Online Traffic To Meet Your Sales & Lead Generation Needs Without Paying For It

Real Estate Agents & Investors – How To Generate Enough Online Traffic To Meet Your Sales & Lead Generation Needs Without Paying For It

Trevor Mauch

I think it’s safe to say… everybody wants more traffic.

In fact, every time you hear about a new real estate agency crushing it online, I know exactly how you feel: envious, resentful … discouraged.


Because over the last decade, the internet has become a universal part of the home buying process.

As of 2015, a full 92% of all home buyers — across every geographic region and age range — use the internet during their search.

What’s more, for 42% of those buyers, the internet is actually their very first step.

As of 2015, a full 92% of all home buyers use the internet during their search. Click to TweetOf course, you already know all that.

Here’s the problem …

Most real estate agents and investors simply don’t know how to generate enough online traffic to meet their lead generation needs.

As a result, we often turn to paid traffic as an answer.

But with the average cost of a single click for a location-specific phrase like “purchasing a home” sitting at $24 … paying for that life-sustaining traffic doesn’t come cheap.

The good news is paid traffic — whether from Google AdWords or social media — doesn’t have to be the cornerstone of your online marketing strategy.

In fact, it shouldn’t be.

Last year, of the 200,000+ leads our clients pulled in online, pay-per-click accounted for less than 20%.

Eighty percent of our clients’ leads — roughly 160,000 from all over the nation — came from free and organic search.


Through an approach we call conversation marketing.

However, before we jump into our three-phase approach to generating more traffic and leads, let’s start with a few foundational principles.

Why You Shouldn’t Pay for Traffic If You Don’t Have To

With a subtitle like that, you might think I’m advising against using paid advertising in total.

I’m not.

There’s definitely a place for PPC and social media advertising to boost your website traffic fast, particularly when you avoid the common mistakes.

But to generate traffic, leads, and revenue over the long term, you need to create content based on your target audience’s real needs and concerns.

The difference between the two approaches comes down to separating your traffic-driving goals into two clear groups: (1) search-engine optimization (SEO) tactics to increase organic visitors — what we’ve termed conversation marketing — and (2) PPC tactics to increase paid visitors.

Knowing the differences is vital.

Why You Should Use Both SEO and PPC In Your Marketing
Efforts For Best Short And Long-Term ROI And Consistency

seo vs ppc time to results

Why you should use both SEO and PPC in your marketing efforts
Image Credit: Investor Carrot

While it may sound technical, SEO really just comes down to creating search friendly content that your target audience will find helpful. We’ll get into the details of how to do this in just a minute. For now, it’s important to be aware that SEO takes a larger upfront investment of time and resources and its results don’t materialize overnight.

seo vs ppc roi

The difference between the ROI for SEO and PPC
Image Credit: Investor Carrot

However, the benefits of your investment in SEO — i.e., conversation marketing as opposed to paid sources — are profound:

  • Leads come to you. You don’t have to chase them down.
  • You position yourself as a helper versus a “bottom feeder.”
  • Higher search ranking doesn’t just mean more traffic, it also means more trust.
  • In turn, that trust turns a higher ratio of traffic into leads into deals.
  • You’re not forced into competing for the same lead everyone else is after.
  • Over time, lead cost dramatically decreases. Best of all, the more search-friendly, organic content you create, the easier generating traffic and leads becomes in the future.

Content Marketing Versus Conversation Marketing

All of the benefits listed above come directly from an approach to online marketing known as content marketing.

Since 2012, the phrase “content marketing” has exploded. Google Trends officially dubs it a “breakout,” meaning the number of global searches for the term has increased by over 5,000%.

content marketing analytics

And it’s no accident that 77% of B2C marketers and 76% of B2B marketers to say that they’ll increase their content marketing efforts this year.

b2c content creation

The explosion of all things “content” is rooted in a simple principle: add value … and add it for free.

Whether it’s in the form of blog posts, buyer’s guides, checklists, podcasts, ebooks, webinars, or email campaigns, content marketing is the leading way to provide valuable information to your target audience and increase your traffic.

However, at InvestorCarrot we’ve learned to take a slightly different approach. Instead of content marketing, our goal is to create “Conversation Marketing.”


Because ultimately, all business — online or off — revolves around human connections.

This is exactly why conversation marketing works so well. It educates and builds trust with your prospect. It gives them what they need to enter the real estate buying or selling process and complete their due diligence efforts before biting the bait.

And best of all, it connects them directly to you as their go-to source for guidance.

What Conversation Marketing Isn’t

A full 81% of buyers say that most offline salespeople talk too much. And online, the same thing is true. In fact, most online marketing doesn’t just talk too much … they virtually shout. It’s easy to see why most consumers don’t want to engage.

That means the key to starting a conversation is to listen.

Bigger Pockets hits the nail on the head by explaining the core of conversation marketing and why it works in real estate specifically:

This sector [real estate] revolves around people and relationships, you can benefit by working with integrity.

Trust and relationships are the most valuable assets in real estate whether you’re an investor or an agent.

Couldn’t have said it better.

At InvestorCarrot, we use the term “Conversation Marketing” to define our approach to talking with both visitors and customers. Our primary aim is to talk “with” instead of taking “at”; meaning, the content we create avoids the more traditional marketing missteps of creating a one-sided conversation. This is especially important at the beginning.

What Real-Estate Conversation Marketing Is

conversation marketing clutter

You’re in a busy restaurant. You overhear a conversation about someone trying to sell their house they just inherited and they weren’t sure if there were other ways to sell it besides working with an agent… they wanted it to get done quickly.

Scenario one, you go over and say,

“Hi Mike. We buy houses. Lemme buy your house!”

Uh. Say what? Why are you butting into my conversation?

Scenario two, you approach it as,

“Hi Mike, it’s nice to meet you. Couldn’t help but overhear you’re thinking about selling a house you inherited. Tough process sometimes. I’ve been through that too. When did you inherit the house?

Mike: Ah, it was my dads. He passed away last year but ownership was just passed to me this month and now I’m figuring out what to do next. Was thinking about renting it but I think I’d rather have less hassle and just sell.
You:  Yep I feel you. In the right situations, I actually buy houses like that and have bought several that people inherited. I’d be happy as heck to show you some of the pros and cons and just help you make sure you pick the route that’s best for you. I’ll send you a short article I wrote on selling a house you inherited actually… it’ll clear things up for you I think”

Scenario one is called interruption marketing. It doesn’t provide any human connection. It “butts in” rudely. While this would never be acceptable human behavior in the real world, sadly, it’s exactly how the vast majority of real estate website present themselves.

Scenario two is conversation marketing. It’s engaging, focuses on listening, and builds itself on questions. Helps them solve a problem by delivering value and content.

Three Phases to Get More Traffic through Conversation Marketing


Over the years we’ve created and perfected a 3 part process to not just get a ranking or two… but really control the conversation around your marketplace in a big way. That’s how you dominate in SEO and content marketing.

It’s basically 3 simple steps… and in this order.

  1. Your Brand – Control the convo so people see what you want them to see when they search for you
  2. Discovery – Join and control the convo around questions or problems your market is hitting the web to “ask” (type into Google)
  3. Create Evangelists – Helping your clients do your selling and content for you.

Let’s dive in!

Phase 1: Your Brand – What Are People Seeing?




The first thing most people do when they make a big financial decision is hit the web to research the company they’re about to work with.

Real estate is no different.

So when you’re sending out your direct mail pieces, or doing PPC or SEO, or even your bandit signs… people are hitting the web searching for your business name or phone number to do some research on you.

What do they see when they search your business name?

Here Are A Few Examples Of Brands Or Companies When I Google Their Name…


Notice the suggested searches Google is giving me… people are actively typing those phrases in consistently, so you should create content that ranks well and controls the conversation around those keywords.

Test it yourself…

Go ahead… Google your company name + your city and see what comes up. That’s what your prospects are seeing before they decide to work with you.

Here’s what it looks like when you’re controlling the conversation around your brand vs. letting your competitors control it for you or the internet decide who you are to your prospects when they search you.

This Company Purposefully Controls The Top 5 Spots When You Google Their Name With Very Credible And Positive Content

conversation marketing real estate

Here’s a company that my consulting business works with that sells $600mm/yr in flooring and we helped them control the conversation around their brand in a big way.

Notice The Videos We Created And 2 Articles That Are Ranked 1-3 For This Brand Related Search?


Before, when you searched that phrase it was nothing but a few sites where those few negative nancy’s posted a bad review on their personal blog bashing the product. When in actuality on Home Depot.com the product rating was stellar and reviewed by tens of thousands of happy customers. Those couple bad apples raise to the top in Google.

So we wrote down all of the keyword phrases that came up in Googles suggested search box around our company and created videos and articles optimized to rank well for each on.

We teach you how to optimize your posts and videos to rank well in Google in our 3 Lead Per Day Training for Carrot members. 

Google your company name, that’s what your prospects see whether you like it or not.  Click to Tweet

Action Items:

  1. Google your own company name + the name of your primary city. i.e. – “ABC House Buyers Charlotte”. Then write down all of the Google suggested searches that come up as you’re typing in your search that are related to your brand. If you’re brand new or not a big investor, you likely won’t have any suggested searches pop up quite yet that are related to your business.But common ones house sellers type in when they’re researching a house buying company are…
    [your main city]Type those into Google and see what comes up. Are you ranking well for any of the top 5 results? If not, you need to create content on your site that optimizes for that keyword. At Carrot, we automatically optimize your “About” page for your company name and location, so that’s done for you. But to really control the conversation you may want to create more content.
  2. Create content and a video or two to rank for that content.  Then launch it on your website and put it up on YouTube. Basically title the YouTube video the exact keyword phrase you’re going after. If you’re going after the keyword phrase “ABC House Buyers reviews” you should upload a testimonial video from a client of yours and name the video title that in YouTube.

Easy eh? Then every month search the phrases around your company name and see where you stand.

Even 1 lost deal because your client sees something online about you that makes them at all uneasy (including not finding anything about you at all) could cost you tens of thousands of dollars.


Phase 2: Discovery – What Are People Searching To Solve Their Real Estate Problems?

conversation marketing discovery

The best way to increase your traffic — without being forced to pay for it — is through content creation and getting that content ranked well in Google.

That content will be the backbone of your conversations.

This phase is joining the conversations and hopefully eventually controlling those online conversations as people are going online to “discover” the solutions to their problems and the answers to their questions.

The need for content is universal online is because search engines like Google will only consider your website to be an authority if the content you create (1) revolves around the keywords your ideal customers are already using and (2) that content itself is valuable enough to be shared and linked to by sites and businesses other than your own.

However, never forget the aim of conversation marketing: getting more visitors to your website by actually helping them.

This means understanding your prospect’s buying cycle in addition to your valuable keywords so that you know what type of content to create. Here’s an overview from InMan of what the typical real-estate buying cycle looks like:


Image Credit: InMan

The first three phases are where you need to educate and start conversations for maximum impact and traffic:

  1. Dreaming:
    This is the earliest stage of the “buying” process when the prospect has an initial thought to buy or sell a property (or note, or land, etc.).
  2. Initiating:
    The initial thought has dug in a little deeper and the prospect tentatively starts exploring online. This is where your real estate investing business can address a need, by providing content using search terms the prospect uses to search for information. Like “How to sell a house I inherited in Dallas”.  They’re starting that conversation online… will you engage with them or let your competitors?
  3. Shopping:
    If you’ve already “nabbed” your prospect with value-add content in the first two phases and have their email address on your list, this is where you start reaping your rewards. Only when your company has helped educate and build trust with a prospect they are likely to turn to you when they’re ready to officially engage.

Small and large businesses alike often make the fatal marketing mistake of trying to be all things to all people.

Kind of like trying to cram everything on one site for house buyers, house sellers, renters… etc.  And you shouldn’t use the same site for motivated house sellers and cash buyers for your content either (like we teach here in this article).

Instead, it’s vital to get focused on the handful of brand-defining specialties that make you stand out.

Take Business Insider’s graphic These 10 Corporations Control Almost Everything You Buy as an example. Notice that in the middle of the image are the 10 corporations that own most of the goods we buy.

However, when it comes to what you actually purchase, their subsidiaries are responsible for doing the work:

corporation - brand marketing

The point is obvious: while there are only about 10 corporations in the driver’s seat, each has created distinct brands to actually sell their various goods and services.


Because if they didn’t separate their brands into specific niches, they’d struggle to market themselves effectively.

Regardless of your size, the same principle is true for you as a real estate investor or agent.

Who is someone going to pick if they’re trying to sell a house they inherited?

The company where the website says they “specialize in buying inherited properties for top dollar” and where they have content that talks about selling an inherited property…

… or the company that just says “We buy any house”?

I know I’d probably pick the company that seems like it has a specialty in the situation I’m in.

That’s why the this phase of conversational marketing doesn’t involve asking yourself, “Who do I want to be?”

Instead, it focuses on the far more conversational question: “Who do I want to reach?”

In other words … your audience.

Thankfully, deciding who you want to reach and digging into what they like, love, and hate, doesn’t take divination, a crystal ball, or even brainstorming.

There are a host of online tools that can help you get to know the people you want to reach.

Where should you look?

Go after the low-hanging fruit first:

  • Social media sites
  • Question and answer sites like Quora
  • Forums your target audience belong to
  • Popular blogs in your niche

In addition to the usual suspects, Placester provides a detailed list of online resourcesto try out.

The benefits of identifying a single-target market — e.g., “first time home buyers with less-than-perfect credit in the Portland area” — versus trying to be all things to all people — e.g., plain vanilla “home buyers” — are enormous.

And this is true not only from a marketing point of view, but also from a service perspective.

For instance, more and more people are turning to social media channels to share their home-buying experience and provide feedback, whether good or bad.

By paying attention to what real-life people are saying within your chosen niche you can discover things like:

  • What are their struggles, fears, and anxieties?
  • What reasons motivated them to want to sell a property or buy one?
  • What are their dreams and expectations?
  • What is it that they’re really looking for in a house buying / selling service?
  • What do people who’ve completed their first purchase or sold their house wish they’d known at the start?

Again, the important thing with conversation marketing in the real estate investment and agent business is not to think long and hard about you and the words you want use, but rather, to pay attention to your ideal customers and the words they themselves are already using.

That point about “the words they’re already using” is massive.

Conversation marketing aims at generating organic traffic not paid traffic.

This means you have to organize your approach around specific keywords that are optimized to improve your search engine rankings for phrases your prospects are actually searching online. Conversations they’re starting.

The search phrases that drive more traffic to your website — and are easiest to rank for (i.e. less competition) — are the ones that are more specific. These are called “long-tail keywords” because they contain more than one or two words.

long tail keyword search traffic

This graph shows that the most effective keywords for search engine purposes are long-tail

For example, rather than casting your keyword-net wide with a phrase like “selling a house,” use long-term keyword phrases that your audience is actively talking about:

“selling an inherited house”

“selling a house after a divorce”

“selling rundown house without making improvements”

Our own SEO Keyword Bible for Real Estate Investors can guide you step by step through this entire process.

InvestorCarrot seo bible

Ubersuggest is another fantastic tool you can also try to spark off ideas for long-tail keyword phrases.

Example Of Using Ubersuggest To Find Topics To Write About

ubersuggest keyword platform

This was a search I did on Ubersuggest for the term “express home buyers”

Now that you’re armed with the best keyword phrases that your target audience are already using to find solutions to their real estate needs, you’re ready for the next step: creating amazing content around the keyword phrase of your choice.

However, simply having amazing content isn’t enough.

You also have to ensure that content works on a technical front. This is even more important today because search engines now judge the value of a site based on its design as well as its speed.

My suggestion is that you look for a designer or a proven website system like Carrot who is familiar with websites that perform well in the real-estate industry specifically.

This option may be slightly more expensive than the “get a website for $90” deals, but will save you from going to the trouble of setting up a website — content and all — only to discover months later that technical issues are holding you back from bringing in traffic.

Once you’ve created a base of content to address the first three stages of the buying cycle do not simply let it sit there.

Instead, repurpose it.

Repurposing your existing content is hands down the best way to create new content … without having to create new content.

As soon as a particular piece of content (like an article) show signs of performing well — i.e., generating traffic or even things as simple as comments or social shares — turn that article into a video or a SlideShare presentation. Make it the topic of a video. Pick one specific point in the article to expand on it in an entirely new post. Or even bundle together your best articles into an ebook on a landing page.

The truth is you can create untold variations of a single idea. Content Marketing Institute’s How to Turn 1 Idea Into 2 Months of Content Marketing (and More) and Buffer’s The Ultimate Guide to Repurposing Content: 12 Ways to Extend the Life of Every Article You Write offer exceptionally practical and creative way to do this.

After you’ve created and repurposed your content, don’t make the mistake of thinking your conversations will take care of themselves.

Our third and final phase is the real key.

Phase 3: Evangelism – Helping Customers Do Your Selling For You

core-conversation marketing-evangelism

Evangelism is the last phase of the conversation marketing model you’ll need to lock down.

Simply put: creating evangelists means turning your best clients into your best salespeople.

This involves being intentional not just about sharing your content directly with your best customers — in the hopes that they’ll go forth and do likewise — but including them in that content itself.

For instance, if you spend any time at all on our website, you’ll notice there’s hardly a single page that doesn’t include a customer testimonial or case study.

On our homepage, we include three glowing recommendations front and center, right under our hero image:

hero image customer stories

On our Features page, we add one immediately before the call to action:carrot testimonials

See how this top investor uses one of his client stories to squash the “too good to be true” thoughts going through some sellers minds. It empowers your clients to be evangelists for your brand and your company.

testimonial real estate investing

Here’s what happens when you help your clients spread the word about your company and service. They do the selling for you!

This happy house seller has already referred 3 people to this Carrot client


You could even make a nice “Stories” page like we have on our site and have built into Carrot websites:

Our Client Stories Page In Action

investorcarrot stories page

And… One Of Many Client Testimonials On This Investors Site


Why all this focus on our customers?

Because we know the cold, hard truth: selling yourself is hard. Letting the people who’re already wildly delighted with your service sell you … is easy.

Ironically, selling yourself means engaging in the very marketing behaviors that inhibit genuine conversations.
Letting the people who’re already on your side sell you, that’s how you start a genuine conversation.

Video is the most powerful form of evangelistic content, so make a real effort to get your content — especially repurposed content — into video format.

If creating video content sounds daunting, it shouldn’t.

Here at InvestorCarrot we’ve produced a host of “Customer Stories,” all of which boil down to little more than webcam-recorded conversations with some of our greatest success stories:

Example Of A Simple, Low Production Video We Shot To Help Tell A Customer Story (in their words)

And you know why they work?

Because the format of those stories grows directly out of our overall approach itself:conversations not selling.

You can do the exact same thing as a real estate investor or agent.

It’s all about the conversations…

Most entrepreneurs and small business leaders are overwhelmed by online marketing tactics meant to increase traffic.


Because there are so many opinions, so many tools, and so many methods.

On top of that, your prospects are equally overwhelmed. They’ve been exposed to scammers and self-centered agents alike, both of which make it clear that they’re only interested in one thing: making a quick buck.

Conversation marketing won’t make you an overnight internet celebrity.

It takes investment, insight, patentice, and a bit of creativity.

But by following our proven three-phase method … you can dramatically increase your traffic without having to pay for it. Remember, of the over 200,000 leads our clients generated last year, less than 20% came from paid traffic… the majority of them came from Conversation Marketing.

Best of all, you’ll position yourself as a genuinely helpful resource and the expert in your area which makes it so you’re not a commodity anymore. After all, people are people and every great relationship — business or otherwise — always starts with a conversation.

Not a Carrot member yet? Take a Look At Our Real Estate Lead And Conversion System Plans, Our Plans Are Very Affordable And Simple To Set-Up Or Take a Demo For A Spin. If You Decide To Use Any Of Our Systems They All Come With A 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, Also, We Have System Plans To Fit Any Budget No Matter How Big Or Small.  Also, We Customize Mastermind Groups That Can Help You Master And Convert In Multiple Real Estate Niches.   But Above All, Get Some Content Marketing Going On Your Real Estate Websites This Week! 


Real Estate Agents & Investors – How To Generate Enough Online Traffic To Meet Your Sales & Lead Generation Needs Without Paying For It



Are You Ready To Master Getting Real Estate Leads And Converting Them To Sales?


Are You Ready To Master Getting Real Estate Leads And Converting Them To Sales?

For real estate investors and real estate agents alike, we all seem to have the same major problem, and that is,  how do I get more leads and more importantly, how do you I convert those leads into sales?

We all can get so frustrated when it comes to trying to aquire leads and convert them into sales,  in most cases on a very limited budget, we just don’t know where to turn sometimes, right?

Download Your 90 Day Real Estate Lead Generation And Conversions Action Plan
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So, the question is,  what do we need to get pass this barrier in our business, what would really help us move forward and achieve our goals? Well, the answer to this question is a good mentor, all of the greatest achievers in the world have a mentor, someone that they can go to when they get stuck and are in need of answers.


Well, look no futher we have put together a 100% Free 90 Day Step by Step Real Estate Lead Generation And Conversions Action Plan, Once you have the action plan use the guide as a checklist and methodically work your way through the guide. By the end of the checklist these online marketing tips for real estate investors/agents will help you drive more traffic and convert more leads into sales.

Download Your 90 Day Real Estate Lead Generation And Conversions Action Plan
Click Here To Your Download Action Plan


Are You Ready To Master Getting Real Estate Leads And Converting Them To Sales?


Want Us To Do IT For You? Complete Real Estate Lead Generation And Conversions System

Complete Real Estate Lead Generation And Conversions System

We can build you a completely hands off Real Estate Lead Generation And Conversions System for a very affordable price check just a few of our plans below:

Find The Perfect Plan For Your Real Estate Business

All plans include our industry leading support, secure hosting service, and conversion tools.





For real estate investors looking for an online presences and ready to implement marketing strategies

1 Website

Choose between motivated seller, cash buyer, rent to own, note buyer, main company website designs.

Stellar Support

Complete website content, lead generation tools, and built in integrations.



For the real estate investor who has a strategy and is looking to attract cash buyers and motivated sellers.

Up To 3 Websites

Choose between motivated seller, cash buyer, rent to own, note buyer, main company website designs.

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For the real estate investor who wants our full package. Get access all of our content, training, tools, and resources.
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Up To 3 Websites

Choose between motivated seller, cash buyer, rent to own, note buyer, main company website designs.

Mastermind Calls &
Content Marketing Automation

Access industry leading Mastermind Calls, plus fresh SEO optimized content localized for your area each month to broaden your reach in local search results.

Want to be more hands off?

Carrot can offer a lot more than just a webiste. Our marketplace has services like having us set up your website for you, ongoing marketing implementation (SEO & PPC) and 100% custom written content. View our marketplace to see these and more add-on services

I wish I would have done it a long time ago. My conversion as compared to before is unbelievable.

Steve Buys Houses Fast

I was laid off from my job and June and decided to go full-time into wholesaling and purchase InvestorCarrot even though my wholesaling business was in debt. I just closed two deals in the last two weeks and am closing on one this week.

GoldenOpp Real Estate Solutions

I started leveraging InvestorCarrot websites and not only was I able to claim the number one ranking but I get leads consistently. Carrot has become one of the biggest assets of my business.

Oahu Home Buyers
Complete Real Estate Lead Generation And Conversions System

Free 90 Day Step by Step Real Estate Lead Generation And Conversions Action Plan

Free 90 Day Step by Step Lead Generation And Conversions Action Plan

Get a step by step breakdown of how to leverage InvestorCarrot’s online inbound marketing platform to attract sellers, buyers, and tenants.

Download 90 Day Action Plan
Download Action Plan


It only takes a few clicks and you have a real estate investor website up and running. But what do you do after that?

How do you generate inbound marketing leads for your real estate investing business? Should you focus on PPC and Craigslist to get your first seller leads or to build your cash buyers list?

What about a time table? When should you have these marketing strategies in place for your real estate investing websites?

InvestorCarrot’s 90 Day Inbound Marketing Action Plan will help you break down exactly what to do to get your first 100 cash buyer leads and your first 30 seller leads.

Download the Action Plan ›

Once you have the action plan use the guide as a checklist and methodically work your way through the guide. By the end of the checklist these online marketing tips for real estate investors will help you drive more traffic and convert more leads.

If you don’t have an InvestorCarrot account implementing these marketing strategies on your website could be more difficult, take more time, and be less effective. If you want to learn how real estate investors are generating 15,000+ leads every month and ranking for more 1st page Google keywords check out a demo at oncarrot.com/demo.

Over there you will see just how easy, feature packed, and awesome an InvestorCarrot website is, and how powerful it can be for your online real estate investing business. If you are marketing for motivated sellers, cash buyers, rent to own, or note buyers you need to take a demo and see InvestorCarrot can offer.

Inbound marketing for real estate investing is a great use of your time, but you have to make it work by doing putting the right processes in motion.

Not every investor will want to use search engine marketing for their website, and that is okay, use this guide and action plan as a way of understanding what is right for your business.

We will be updating this page with a webinar to help you get the most out of the action plan so you can implement it in your real estate investor marketing strategies.

Carrot Sites Are Built To Perform & Attract Leads

Our built in SEO Tools, Carrot conversion methodology, and commitment to providing great training and support all combine to provide high achieving investors the right mix of technology and strategy to get the results you need to grow your business.


Free 90 Day Step by Step Real Estate Lead Generation And Conversions Action Plan


Real Estate Lead Generation Tip – How To Convert Leads Into Customers And Cash?

Need A Good Real Estate Lead And Conversion System To Help Take Your Business To The Next Level. Well, We Have 42 Reasons Why You Should Consider Joining InvestorCarrot, For Your Real Estate Business Needs?

Today’s post will show you 42 good reasons to sign up today for InvestorCarrot.

timex-smFirst good reason to join: we’ll always want to make sure you’re satisfied with what you get from us.

For us, customer satisfaction is about how happy we make our customers. We always wanna add a ton of value to everything we provide, and so we focus a lot on delivering insane value.

We know that a huge amount of value is baked into what we offer, but what we really love is hearing how Carrot impacts the lives of our customers.

Over the past few months, we’ve been collecting testimonials that come in about our business… we pop them into a special spot in our internal chat tool called Awesomeness.

I’ve just read thru all the ones that came thru (lots!), and there were 5 top reasons that shone thru:

  1. Service and Support

    Lots of customers mentioned how much they loved getting fast response from the Live Chat, special advice to help them solve a difficult problem, or times when our team members went the extra mile to help them out — our customer service was the #1 thing most frequently mentioned in our Awesomeness collection.

  2. Leads

    We love hearing how well our customers are doing by using our products… since that’s why we make them! So it’s really cool that the second most common thing mentioned in our Awesomeness collection was leads, deals or profits! We just did the math, and our system sends a new lead to an investor every 3.6 seconds, on average… we know it works, but it’s great to hear it from our customers.

  3. Training

    Every week our live Mastermind Calls get great feedback from our members. It’s funny, when I first started I assumed that only the newbie investors would want to hang out… I quickly found out that there are some rockstars who show up every week to participate and learn with us. It’s a collaboration. We teach a few things, but we learn a whole lot more from our customers. It’s part of the collaborative community that we’re building here at Carrot, where investors from around the country are learning together. Oh yeah, and we’ve gotten some great comments from our paid trainings, too. 🙂

  4. Websites

    People love our websites, and they’re the 4th most common reason people give for their testimonial. We test them a ton, so we know they perform well… but it’s nice to hear people say that they love our sites, since we work hard to make them awesome. 🙂

  5. People

    The other thing we hear a lot is about us… We work hard to create solid relationships with our customers, so we get a lot of enthusiastic compliments. It makes us blush a little bit, but really – it makes me thrilled to know that I work with a great group of people who love doing a good job for our members.


    Here’s 36 more reasons, directly in the words of our customers:


  6. “I am very happy about working with a group that shows the integrity that Investor Carrot shows. You guys are awesome. I’m thrilled to be a part of it.” – Cody Cox, President of NW REIA
  7. “Just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the webinar Friday! Have to say your product is one of the best I’ve seen.” – Lynn Garrison,  Urban Light Homes
  8. “We put up 3 or 4 Craigslist ads right after we got the first part of the P2P program, and we’ve been slammed! We’ve gotten so many leads this week – 15 rent-to-own, 36 new buyers, and a bunch of motivated  sellers too!” – Michael Mackay
  9. “just a few lines to let you know that I got a number of cash investors leads on your site with no SEO. Your site is exactly what I need to grow my business. Keep the great work going !!!” – Gowkarran Singh
  10. “You guys are great! I feel like we’ve got a team on our side that really gets lead generation. I’m really happy to have such a great people helping us build our business!”- Aaron Lazar
  11. “Simply the best!! Carrot is a first class company with superior customer service!” – Jamie Lazar
  12. “I want to thank the whole team at investor carrot for your excellent customer support. I really appreciate you all.” Shatuan Collins
  13. “Great job [on today’s mastermind call]. I learn something every time.” – Sharon Vornholt
  15. “Hi Trevor, Thanks for inventing the Investor Carrot System…. Its Brilliant!” – Ian Mvula
  16. “3 leads a day is some awesome info and well worth the 99 bucks!!!” – dan pressler
  17. “Great job as always Guys!  Great thing you guys do!” – roy dynesius
  18. “You guys customer support is bar none.” Ryan Johnson
  19. “I just want to say that I’m very impressed by your websites. They look really really good.” – Todd Maiden
  20. “Laura and I just closed our first deal too after a year of making offers…it came from Craigslist calling FSBO ads, Plus he did go to our Carrot site to check us out to see if we were real…lol.   Profit Should be around 22K. We are dong a complete fix ‘n flip on it…97K purchase, 40K renovations, ARV 160K…” – DP on July 2nd mastermind call
  21. “Man, I’ve got to tell you guys how much I’m impressed with Carrot. Every time I log in there I see the attention to detail and how every change you guys are making is specifically geared to help make things more effective and easier for us. Man, I’ve been talking to some big time investors and have been telling them all to sign up for Carrot. Really impressed and I want to help you guys blow this thing up.” – Joe McCall

  22. “Great webinar, very impressive service you provide. I am excited to begin the quest to top rankings. ” Andrew Labaron via July 9th mastermind call.
  23. “Thank You, Jake, for your timely, knowledgeable, and people-friendly client care.” – Wayne Vangorder

  24. “the 3 Lead per day training is one of the BEST trainings I have ever done. great value – info that really works.” Bob Conroy – via July 9th MM Call
  25. “i closed my first 1  last week, it came from the seller site on Carrot I almost gave up on the lead but stayed with it and closed it for 12k” – RC

  26. “I LOVE the Carrot!!!!! What a super clever name too. Thanks for all you contribute to so many.” – Melodee Lucido
  27. “Dang..that’s service! I’m greatly impressed…Thank you!!”- Steve Silvestre
  28. “I just want to let you know that I am so happy and grateful that your company has made available such a wonderful product!” -Victoria Winters
  29. “You have made this so easy for me. I wish you were my tech guy at our company.” -Nelson
  30. “You have been AWESOME in this early process and we haven’t even done anything yet. The knowledge and info you given me so far on what Carrot’s going to do for my business is priceless.” — Ervin Baldwin

  31. “Hi. I just want to give a thank you for the webinars you guys do… really great stuff. Best in the business! Thanks again!” – Greg Robinson
  32. “Listen.  Thank you and your team.  As a business owner, there’s so many moving parts.  You guys are prompt and extremely helpful.  A sincere thank you.” -Percy Ellsworth

  33. “I second that comment that 3 lead per day training great and it works!” Brenda Lovejoy – via July 9th MM Call
  34. “Aaron that was amazing insight! I hope you don’t mind that I contact you but with you having experience as an agent it helps me to read emails just like this. After reading the email and thinking I haven’t landed 1 client that has come from the IDX that my broker provides. Several have told me that it looked nice but nothing more. I think the approach you laid out is exactly what I need, needed to hear and looking forward to. Thanks for over delivering man!” – DeAndre L. Thomas

  35. “btw, I just closed on my first wholesale last week!  Got the deal based on what I learned! My deal came from craigslist but he looked at my site and submitted his info.”  Brenda Lovejoy via July 9th MM Call
  36. “Gosh Aaron, You brought tears to my eyes reading this email…because it came through to me that you care.  That means so much for me to feel about you because, you know, these days is all about what most people can get before they give…and yes, I am dealing with a lot these days, that were unexpected. ” – Yolanda

  37. “Now that I’m running the Craigslist program..Starting to get leads. just took a Craiglist lead call…Appointment is set…GREAT  WORK Investor Carrot!” – Cortez Robbs on July 2nd mastermind call
  38. I love the fact that I can make the website look pretty much any way that I want rather than having those fill in the blank websites. It is really nice. I am still working on it slowly but surely. ” – Shane Lehman

  39. “I’ve been with you since the beginning, and the training, customer service and support has always been awesome. I really haven’t seen any other companies doing anything like it. A lot of companies try to do a little bit of everything and not hone in on one thing. I really like that you guys are focused on getting leads just for real estate investors. You know our business because that’s your speciality. Everyone’s getting into real estate right now so it’s a struggle, investors always seem to slack on getting deals into the pipeline. Some of my colleagues are doing it very old-school, and we love working with you so we can stay on the cutting edge.” – Ellie Verdura
  40. “I am very graceful Trevor developed such a, functional, user friendly, distinctive and result fulfilling business website too that works better than anything out there…  I have every reason to believe your productive web sight and services surpasses it’s weight in gold, it is definitely value at platinum grade. ” Wilbert Dorn

  41. “Jake. You’re a GENIOUS! Works like a champ. You can’t imagine how much time and agony I’ve gone through wrestling with this. Tell ya what,… Go tell Trevor that KEVIN says you deserve a raise:grinning: Thanks a TON man!” – Kevin Enos

    Here’s the last reason you should join now:

  42. Last Chance to Get This Pricing

  43. Not a Carrot member yet? Take a Look At Our Real Estate Lead And Conversion System Plans, Our Plans Are Very Affordable And Simple To Set-Up Or Take a Demo For A Spin.  But Above All, Get Some Content Marketing Going On Your Real Estate Websites This Week!

Real Estate Lead Generation Ninja Tricks: How Investors/Agents Can Stand Out from the Crowd

Real Estate Lead Generation Ninja Tricks: How Investors/Agents Can Stand Out from the Crowd

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to generate leads in highly competitive markets.

Time to become a ninja.

Want to learn amazing online real estate marketing ninja tricks? Sign up for this FREE webinar: How Investors Can Attract Local Sellers, Buyers, and Tenants Leveraging The Internet Through Inbound Marketing in 2014
Want to learn amazing online real estate marketing ninja tricks? Sign up for this FREE webinar: How Investors Can Attract Local Sellers, Buyers, and Tenants Leveraging The Internet Through Inbound Marketing in 2014

Inventory is low.

Real estate investment firms are spending huge amounts of money on pay-per-click campaigns these days, but they’re spending too much.

We were just snooping today on PPC spending by some of those national companies infiltrating markets around the country.

We’ve got a sneaky tool that we’re using to do some competitive research – and we found one company that is spending over $100K per month on just PPC to generate leads.


It’s tempting for me to call that company up and say, hey – betcha we can get you a lot more leads with just a fraction of that money, but I’m not gonna do that.

Here at InvestorCarrot, we’d rather help the little guys to succeed.

The hedge fund dudes have enough help, so let ’em overpay Google. I love that we teach our members how to use Google’s free tools to grow their business.

We’d rather tell our members (and the folks who should be our members, but aren’t yet – ya you, I’m talking to you…) how to beat out the competition in your market, even when they’re outspending you.

It’s at the heart of the Inbound Marketing Strategy… the core strategy that makes our sites so successful.

I’ve told you about this strategy in earlier posts before, but now we’re making it even better.

Trevor has built an insanely great new presentation that is gonna knock your socks off… it explains a ton of the “hidden value” that is baked right into the Carrot sites.

He delivered this in person in Portland to a real estate investor association meeting, and 75% of the room signed up for the sites right away because of what he said in this presentation.

It’s not what you normally hear from a marketing company… but it’s 100% true.

If you’re struggling at all with bringing leads into your business, you have gotta sign up now. Go click that link now, sign up, and come back to this blog post.

Okay, are you signed up? Good. 🙂

Can I differentiate myself from the other folks who are using InvestorCarrot?

You bet!

Differentiating yourself is important, but it’s not going to happenbecause of the tool that you use… it’s gonna happen with how you use the tool.

Most basic examples are Twitter and Microsoft Word. Lots of competing business use those tools, and we’re not any different – we provide a technology that works, but the results gained from the tool depend on the user.

It’s just like a basketball. In the hands of Kobe Bryant, a basketball is worth hundreds of millions of dollars a year. In my hands, a basketball is pretty much worthless.

But hey, at least I understand real estate marketing. 😉

Being a real estate investor is tough, but  at least getting started in real estate isn’t as hard as getting into the NBA. It’s tough out there these days for a house flipper in some areas of the US.

In many markets, we’ve got clients who are competing for traffic from the same search terms, and they’re each using our sites.

Some of our newer customers are getting a little bit worried, though… they’re feeling kinda behind the times.

But don’t worry – it’s great that you’re getting started! If you’re in a market where one of our investors is using our tool, reach out to them and say hi. There are probably many ways for you to “divide and conquer” that market together.

97% of our Carrot Customers are very collaborative people who share our core values and want to learn together (and the 3% who “don’t get it” won’t be our customers for long… if anyone is a jerk to you, just don’t worry about ’em and move on to someone who appreciates the value you bring to the table… that’s why we make it such a low-hassle process to cancel, cause we don’t want to take money from someone who doesn’t appreciate the huge value baked into our membership).

There are so many opportunities within a busy market to make money, and a lot more value to be gained from working as a team than working alone.

Never be shy to say hello (to any investor or real estate professional) and see if there might be a great opportunity for you to partner up and make money together.

Building great relationships is a really key component of any engagement strategy – like the kind that are built into Carrot websites.

Our sites come fully loaded with content that’s proven to convert so that you can get started right away… then later, when you’ve got your online marketing humming, you can evolve your brand and focus more on differentiation.

A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that they need to differentiate themselves right away, and they actually don’t… they’re focusing too much on their competition, and not enough on their customers.

Why should investors focus on their customers instead of their competition?

It’s very rare (in our experience) for a Motivated Seller to cross-shop for investors. The folks who would do that typically either sell their house as a FSBO or list it with an agent. Most often the folks who sell their houses to an investor find the first person/business they can trust and ask for an offer.

That’s why the most important thing you can do at the beginning is just to *drive traffic* to the site… *not* focus on trying to beat your competition in search rankings right away (that takes a lot of time), but finding other ways to reach people — stuff like direct mail, signs, flyers, craigslist ads, etc – anything that has your website on it that you can get in front of someone who might want to sell their property is a potential way to drive traffic… and quite frankly, lots of folks are neglecting the old-school ways of growing their business to focus only on the internet. In my opinion, that’s a mistake.

Building quality traffic to your site *should* happen from many sources… you don’t want your business to depend upon one source of traffic (like a search engine, since rankings can change overnight).

Our focus as a company is helping investors to build insanely good marketing engines for their businesses… that happens from Traffic & Conversions, which we study intensely and teach in our blog posts, webinars,  training programs, etc…. you’ll get the most value from us by diving in deep into the materials that you’ll be able to access as a member… and then you’ll get the real value from our systems by putting those marketing lessons to use!

So if you’ve been hanging on the fence and deciding if you’re ready to get started with some serious online lead generation, just sign up for this upcoming webinar right now.

If you’re already a member and you’re looking to differentiate yourself in your market, check out the recording of last week’s webinar where I gave our Members an exclusive special sneak peek at our upcoming Market Domination Plan.

Wanna know the secret behind Market Domination?

You probably won’t believe me…

It’s all about great storytelling.

Why is storytelling so important for real estate investors?

Every transaction is like a story… it has a beginning, a middle and an end.

Your local market is waiting to hear your story.

Motivated sellers are waiting near you to hear all about how you can help them get a great price for their house, close in just a few weeks, and eliminate the hassles of a burdensome property from their lives.

Cash buyers are ready to hear that you can help them secure great investment properties at an awesome discount.

Others near you are waiting to hear that you can help them get a rental property today that they can own later.

Each one of those folks wants to believe that you’ll help them provide the solution to their problems.

Not a Carrot member yet? Take a Look At Our Real Estate Lead And Conversion System Plans, Our Plans Are Very Affordable And Simple To Set-Up Or Take a Demo For A Spin.  But Above All, Get Some Content Marketing Going On Your Real Estate Websites This Week!


Real Estate Lead Generation Ninja Tricks: How Investors/Agents Can Stand Out from the Crowd


Real Estate Investors And Agents – How To Use Content Marketing For Lead Generation

Real Estate Investors And Agents – How To Use Content Marketing For Lead Generation

http://oncarrot.com – Investor Carrot customer David Brown walks you through his story and why he, as an experienced internet marketer and web developer now uses InvestorCarrot to get more leads as a real estate investor online. David leverages the InvestorCarrot real estate investor websites and our SEO grader tool for real estate investors to get more leads and traffic to his website… and really loves how the system helps him more easily do really effective content marketing to attract more traffic and leads to his real estate investing business.

Not a Carrot member yet? Take a Look At Our Real Estate Lead And Conversion System Plans, Our Plans Are Very Affordable And Simple To Set-Up Or Take a Demo For A Spin.  But Above All, Get Some Content Marketing Going On Your Real Estate Websites This Week!

Real Estate Investors And Agents – How To Use Content Marketing For Lead Generation

Photo by socialautomotive


Real Estate Lead Generation Tip – How To Turn Cash Buyers Into Private Money Lenders

Real Estate Lead Generation Tip
How To Turn Cash Buyers Into Private Money Lenders

https://oncarrot.com/demo – If you’re generating cash buyer leads for your real estate investing / wholesaling / house flipping business and you’re also wanting private money lenders… we dive into a simple but powerful tweak you can make to your websites to turn about 10% of your cash buyers into private money lenders.

This is already built into InvestorCarrot real estate investor websites by default. If you’re not a Carrot member take a demo and see our pricing and plans and see why more of the top wholesalers and house flippers in the country use Carrot than any other website platform.

Not a Carrot member yet? Take a Look At Our And Conversion System Plans, Our Plans Are Very Affordable And Simple To Set-Up Or Take a Demo For A Spin.


Real Estate Lead Generation Tip – How To Turn Cash Buyers Into Private Money Lenders