Internet Marketing

#1 Factor That Will Determine Your Success With Internet Marketing

Post by Jeff Logue of Retechulous, LLC

If I had only one tip to give you for your real estate internet marketing it would be this: always be taking some form of action! You see, with thousands of people competing on a regular basis for search rankings, social shares, traffic, leads, etc., the individuals who end up being the top players in any market are those who are constantly building their online presence.

Although this seems like a very simple concept, so many agents and brokers fail to implement the ideas and strategies that they learn quickly enough..if ever at all. Instead, what we find is that many professionals will do all they can to learn the latest and greatest, but never utilize each concept to its full potential.
Why You Must Take Massive Action With Your Real Estate Internet Marketing:

First of all, the interwebs are a wild and crazy place. If you are not staying on top of current marketing trends and taking action, then you will very quickly forgot valuable knowledge. It doesn’t pay just to be the biggest fan that never actually participates. Therefore, make a point to get out there and mess up as much as possible so that you can begin to learn from your mistakes. Read More…