Real Estate Professionals – You Need A Website That Will Set You Apart

Grow Your Real Estate Investing Traffic, Leads and Results With The InvestorCarrot Online Software

The Most Complete Real Estate Inbound Lead Generation System Is?

Simply stated Investor Carrot is the answer. Investor Carrot is a complete real estate inbound lead generation solution for real estate investors. This system is not just some series of websites that you set up,place your company logo on, and title “We Buy And Sell Houses” and hope buyers and sellers will just show up. It is a total lead generating system that pull in cash buyers and motivated sellers, it’s specializes in a form of Inbound Lead Generation…The leads find you instead of you going out and finding them (i.e. direct mail).

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Main System Features

Customizable, Pre-Written content. You will love this because it meant to help you avoid spending a countless amount of time writing content just to make your included websites and
system materials look legit. Now they don’t write the content just for you, they have a growing list of templates that they use (The Pluses and Minuses of this later).

There are two ways this content is customizable, (1st) it automatically uses your target area, business address and phone number through it’s content. Think similar to how mail merge works in Microsoft Word. (2nd) You can change the pre-written content however you wish. You should
probably chose to reword much of the content to make it more unique.

The content is also very well optimized for search results. If you know anything about SEO let me tell you you will learn a lot more by seeing how the investor carrot system does things.


The Lead Pages System Is Extraordinary

Lead pages differ from regular posts and content because they are strictly used to get people to sign up for something. Investor Carrot supplies you with 4 highly optimized lead page templates. They are used for your downloaded guides as well as property information forms for motivated seller who want to get a “quick offer”. You aren’t limited to just those lead pages, you can create as many as you like
and they are very customizable as well.

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Investor Carrot How To Videos and Tutorials

For certain when you get your investor carrot system up and running you’ll want to make some modifications, add Google Analytics, edit your contact us page, edit navigation menus or any other random item.

I just did a quick count and there are 57 Tutorials and Mastermind call replays. They also add new material quite often.

To be honest I didn’t know they had such an extensive help section until I started writing this part of the review. That speaks volumes for how user friendly the system is to begin with. With that being said I’m going to take the time to go through each of them because for sure there are some useful tips to be found.

Here is the COMPLETE list of Tutorial and Mastermind replays as of this posting…

Install Google Analytics
Editing Contact Us Page
Brand Your Site
Dashboard Overview
Updating Your Account Password
Using a Custom Domain Name
Changing Your Site Style
Custom CSS
Website Layout Options
Navigation Menus
How to add multiple cities to a Carrot Site
Add Video to sidebar
Lead Pages
Listing Properties
Add or Remove Social Media Links
Password Protecting Pages and Posts
Blog posts
Embed Videos in Pages, Posts and Properties
Editing Your Footer Disclaimer
Your Free Reports
Updating Your Company Information
Sidebar Content and Widgets
Hero Section for Pages
301 Redirect
How to create Facebook tabs
Add Podio Integration to Forms
Realflow Integration
Google Approved Sitemaps
Setting up Email Addresses
Adding Scripts to your site or Pages
Editing and Re-sizing Images
Aweber or Mailchimp Form Integration
Carrot University

Citation sources
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Search Engine Optimization Training
Mastermind Calls

The 4 Seasons of Successful Entrepreneurs
Lessons From the Billionaire’s Mind (and how you can use them to get to your ideal life)
Profit First and Carrot Randomness
Affiliate Marketing Primer (making your first $5000)
Marketing Domination Strategy (& why great storytelling matters)
Getting Leads from Press, PR, Reports, Data & Stories
The Power of full Engagement
Building Credibility Online
Craigslist Tips + Pre-Release of Craigslist Course
Diagnosing Traffic and Lead Issues LIVE
Becoming a Master Marketer (Books + 3 Critical tips)
How to Shift Your Thinking About Lead Generation
Craigslist Training Overview
Whiteboard, Getting Organized
How to Get More Private Lenders with your Carrot Websites

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The Most Complete Real Estate Inbound Lead Generation System Is?

Real Estate Professionals- You Need A Website That Will Set You Apart