Buying And Renting Your First Rental Property

Buying And Renting Your First Rental Property

Buying And Renting Your First Rental Property

Areas to consider when you start out with your first rental property, and your role as a landlord.

Once you have decided that the finances can be put together to allow you to buy a rental property, and you embark upon your project to build a rental portfolio, you have to realise that your role as a landlord gives you an inordinate number of plates to keep spinning together!

Don’t get me wrong, being a landlord is exciting and fulfilling, and with the right advice, it can be very profitable!

With your first rental property (as part of your future rental portfolio!), you will be able to lease it out for financial gain. However, you will now be responsible for a number of legal and safety requirements.

Your responsibilities:

Quite naturally, you realise that the building you have bought must be maintained by you.

In addition to the above, you are now responsible for anyone who rents your rental property.

Unfortunately, you may find that occasionally you may have to deal with tenants who are troublesome and tenants who cause damage in the property.

Legal and Safety Issues

If you are a landlord, then not only do you need to keep your property in good condition, but there are a number of legal safety and maintenance issues that you must adhere to. If you don’t fulfil these duties, you will be potentially liable for any accidents that occur to your tenants whilst they are in the property.

It is obvious that a well maintained rental property will be better equipped to attract tenants and keep your property rental income returns at a healthy level.

In order to help you keep your tenants happy and safe in your rental property, and also keeping you safe from any legal problems I have noted below regulatory requirements you really must attend to:

Repair : Under the” Landlord and Tenant Act 1985″ it is your responsibility to ensure the property being rented is looked after, and kept well maintained inside and outside

Furnishings: The regulation titled “The Furniture and Furnishings (Fire Safety Amendment) Regulations 1993” is important to understand.

Faulty or unsafe furniture and fittings could result in a tenant being seriously injured or even killed. It is imperative that you check your furnishings are both fire resistant and comply with the latest regulations.

Gas safety : Under the latest regulations ” The Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998 ” it is your responsibility to ensure all gas appliances in the property are fully maintained and are covered by an annual Gas Safety Certificate which is implemented by a fully qualified Gas Engineer.

Electrical safety: the regulation “The Electrical Equipment (Safety) Regulations 1994 “insists that all wiring, fuses and electrical equipment are working properly and not a danger to your tenants. An annual Electrical Safety Certificate, carried out by a suitably qualified Electrical Engineer will help ensure your electrical equipment is up to the standards required.

Smoke Alarms: Under “The Building Regulations 1991 – Smoke Alarms” you will find an important piece of legislation. If your property was built after 1992, smoke detectors and alarms that are mains operated must be fitted in the property. This does not mean that you should not fit smoke alarms in older properties. To ensure your tenants safety and your peace of mind, it is a requirement that, at the very least, smoke alarms (battery operated) are fitted in the “danger “areas throughout your rental property.

Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) : it is now a legal requirement to have an EPC carried out by a qualified person (normally a surveyor) and have the EPC displayed in your property.

Now you have carried out all the above required works, you definately can say that your rental property is ready to be rented out.!


If you do nothing else.. read below for your own sake!

It is quite obvious that should you not adhere to the legal requirements outlined above, you will be deemed to be an irresponsible landlord, and, heaven forbid, should an incident occur as a result of your negligence, the words ” not have a leg to stand on” will have real meaning when you find yourself in Court facing the prospect of heavy fines and possible time in HM’s rental property!

The costs to comply are not as expensive as you would think, and the resulting “peace of mind” factor makes the costs involved in making your rental property safe and legal … a case of money well spent!

If you feel that you will not have sufficient time to properly look after your rental property and your tenants, it is quite in order to find a rental agent who has experience in all aspects of property rental.

Although a rental agent will charge a fee, if the rental agent is good, you will end up with a safe and secure property, coupled with tenants in your rental property, providing you with the rental income that you seek.

Give yourself a head start when looking for information and advice when it comes to creating an increasing rental property income when you start to build a rental portfolio. Visit this website for free in depth rental property information and outstanding real estate tips and ideas for expanding your rental property portfolio.

Buying And Renting Your First Rental Property

Real Estate Unloading Strategy

Real Estate Unloading Strategy

Real Estate Unloading Strategy


At this moment, many people who are planning to sell their property rely on a real estate agent. They are aware that they are the ones who are good when it comes to getting the attention and the interest of the people who are planning a property that they can use. In fact, majority of the property owners were able to receive great amount of money because of the agents.

Due to various properties that are for sale in different places around the world, it is no longer easy for the property owner to locate a buyer. This is because the owners of the property are staring to compete. If you have difficulty in selling your property, it would be better if you will be asking the assistance and help of some of the best agents who are knowledgeable and expert.

Being the property owner, you are not just the one who will be receiving great benefits but the agent or investor as well. However, there are some important qualifications that an agent must have to be able to get the attention of the buyers and to close a deal. As a matter of fact, all the factors are very simple and basic. It will just depend on the agent on how he or she can make use of it effectively.

Real Estate Unloading Strategy

The real estate agent or investor should have good interaction and communication with the people whom he or she will be negotiating. Keep in mind getting the interest of the buyer will depend on the agent or investor speaking and communicating with the buyer. Another factor is patience.

It is true that the agent or investor will be meeting a lot of buyers but there is only one who will close a deal with them. It will really take some time before the agent will be able to close a deal. Another factor is that the agent should be able to create a good working relationship with every buyer who will come and go. Even if the buyer decided not to buy the property, then the agent should accept the fact and respect the decision that was made by the buyer.

After the real estate agent or investor was able to close a deal, it is essential that the owner of the property will be giving the agent or investor a certain amount of money. Of course, they have to be paid accordingly because of the time and effort that they spent just to get you a buyer.

Majority of the agents or investors were able to earn a living because of this. As a matter of fact, they already have a stable life and they have enough money to buy all the things that they need every day. In fact, many of people who are planning to sell their property trust a real estate agent. This is because of their skills when it comes to getting the attention and interest of the buyers. It does not matter to them even if there are so many agents as long as they are doing their job well.


Real Estate Unloading Strategy

200 Things A Real Estate Agent Or Investor Should Do To Sell Houses Faster!

The Future Of Real Estate Content Marketing

Video – The Future Of Real Estate Content Marketing
Put Your Engagement On Steroids And Win More Listings In Your Local Market. Grab 750+ Real Estate Videos & Animations You Can Customize And Mix And Match To Your Heart’s Content!

11 Modules

200 Things A Real Estate Agent Or Investor Should Do To Sell Houses Faster! Mix & Match Videos

This is the video collection local marketers and real estate agents have been lusting for! Eleven modules – each contains two animations for each real estate task – mp4 video and SWF animations.

You can mix and match these animations to create videos in most popular video editors, including ExplaindioVideoMakerFX,Camtasia, Screenflow, and PowerPoint.

Module 1

Pre-Listing Activities

1. Make appointment with seller for listing presentation.
2. Send a written or e-mail confirmation of appointment and call to confirm.
3. Review appointment questions.
4. Research all comparable currently listed properties.
5. Research sales activity for past 18 months from MLS and public databases.
6. Research “average days on market” for properties similar in type, price and location.
7. Download and review property tax roll information.
8. Prepare “comparable market analysis” (CMA) to establish market value.
9. Obtain copy of subdivision plat/complex layout.
10. Research property’s ownership and deed type.
11. Research property’s public record information for lot size and dimensions.
12. Verify legal description.
13. Research property’s land use coding and deed restrictions.
14. Research property’s current use and zoning.
15. Verify legal names of owner(s) in county’s public property records.
16. Prepare listing presentation package with above materials.
17. Perform exterior “curb appeal assessment” of subject property.
18. Compile and assemble formal file on property.
19. Confirm current public schools and explain their impact on market value.
20. Review listing appointment checklist to ensure completion of all tasks.

Module 2

Listing Appointment 

21. Give seller an overview of current market conditions and projections.
22. Review agent and company credentials and accomplishments.
23. Present company’s profile and position or “niche” in the marketplace.
24. Present CMA results, including comparables, solds, current listings and expireds.
25. Offer professional pricing strategy based and interpretation of current market conditions.
26. Discuss goals to market effectively.
27. Explain market power and benefits of multiple listing service.
28. Explain market power of Web marketing, IDX and
29. Explain the work the broker and agent do “behind the scenes” and agent’s availability on weekends.
30. Explain agent’s role in screening qualified buyers to protect against curiosity seekers.
31. Present and discuss strategic master marketing plan.
32. Explain different agency relationships and determine seller’s preference.
33. Review all clauses in listing contract and obtain seller’s signature.

Module 3

After Listing Is Signed

34. Review current title information.
35. Measure overall and heated square footage.
36.Measure interior room sizes.
37. Confirm lot size via owner’s copy of certified survey, if available.
38. Note any and all unrecorded property lines, agreements, easements.
39. Obtain house plans, if applicable and available.
40. Review house plans, make copy.
41. Order plat map for retention in property’s listing file.
42. Prepare showing instructions for buyers’ agents and agree on showing time with seller.
43. Obtain current mortgage loan(s) information: companies and account numbers.
44. Verify current loan information with lender(s).
45. Check assumability of loan(s) and any special requirements.
46. Discuss possible buyer financing alternatives and options with seller.
47. Review current appraisal if available.
48. Identify Home Owner Association manager if applicable.
49. Verify Home Owner Association fees with manager–mandatory or optional and current annual fee.
50. Order copy of Home Owner Association bylaws, if applicable.
51. Research electricity availability and supplier’s name and phone number.
52. Calculate average utility usage from last 12 months of bills.
53. Research and verify city sewer/septic tank system.
54. Calculate average water system fees or rates from last 12 months of bills.
55. Or confirm well status, depth and output from Well Report.
56. Research/verify natural gas availability, supplier’s name and phone number.
57. Verify security system, term of service and whether owned or leased.
58. Verify if seller has transferable Termite Bond.
59. Ascertain need for lead-based paint disclosure.
60. Prepare detailed list of property amenities and assess market impact.
61. Prepare detailed list of property’s “Inclusions & Conveyances with Sale.”
62. Complete list of completed repairs and maintenance items.
63. Send “Vacancy Checklist” to seller if property is vacant.
64. Explain benefits of Home Owner Warranty to seller.
65. Assist sellers with completion and submission of Home Owner Warranty application.
66. When received, place Home Owner Warranty in property file for conveyance at time of sale.
67. Have extra key made for lockbox.
68. Verify if property has rental units involved. And if so:
69. Make copies of all leases for retention in listing file.
70. Verify all rents and deposits.
71. Inform tenants of listing and discuss how showings will be handled.
72. Arrange for yard sign installation.
73. Assist seller with completion of Seller’s Disclosure form.
74. Complete “new listing checklist.”
75. Review results of Curb Appeal Assessment with seller and suggest improvements for saleability.
76. Review results of Interior Decor Assessment and suggest changes to shorten time on market.
77. Load listing time into transaction management software.

Module 4

Enter Listing Into MLS

78. Prepare MLS Profile Sheet–agent is responsible for “quality control” and accuracy of listing data.
79. Enter property data from Profile Sheet into MLS listing database.
80. Proofread MLS database listing for accuracy, including property placement in mapping function.
81. Add property to company’s Active Listings.
82. Provide seller with signed copies of Listing Agreement and MLS Profile Data Form within 48 hours.
83. Take more photos for upload into MLS and use in flyers. Discuss efficacy of panoramic photography.

Module 5

Marketing The Property

84. Create print and Internet ads with seller’s input.
85. Coordinate showings with owners, tenants and other agents. Return all calls–weekends included.
86. Install electronic lockbox. Program with agreed-upon showing time windows.
87. Prepare mailing and contact list.
88. Generate mail-merge letters to contact list.
89. Order “Just Listed” labels and reports.
90. Prepare flyers and feedback forms.
91. Review comparable MLS listings regularly to ensure property remains competitive in price, terms, conditions and availability.
92. Prepare property marketing brochure for seller’s review.
93. Arrange for printing or copying of supply of marketing brochures or flyers.
94. Place marketing brochures in all company agent mailboxes.
95. Upload listing to company and agent Internet sites, if applicable.
96. Mail “Just Listed” notice to all neighborhood residents.
97. Advise Network Referral Program of listing.
98. Provide marketing data to buyers from international relocation networks.
99. Provide marketing data to buyers coming from referral network.
100. Provide “Special Feature” cards for marketing, if applicable/
101. Submit ads to company’s participating Internet real estate sites.
102. Convey price changes promptly to all Internet groups.
103. Reprint/supply brochures promptly as needed.
104. Review and update loan information in MLS as required.
105. Send feedback e-mails/faxes to buyers’ agents after showings.
106. Review weekly Market Study.
107. Discuss feedback from showing agents with seller to determine if changes will accelerate the sale.
108. Place regular weekly update calls to seller to discuss marketing and pricing.
109. Promptly enter price changes in MLS listings database.

The following tasks and videos were added in 2016 to reflect real estate marketing advances since the original list was created in 2006.

185. Hire professional photographer and schedule photo shoot.
186. Create virtual tour of property.
187. Purchase property address domain and create single-property website.
188. Create professional video of property.
189. Create neighborhood video.
190. Syndicate property listing to real estate portals for maximum exposure.
191. Create Bound Home Book for placement at listing; create copies/buyer handouts.
192. Create video CD/DVD, place several in house as buyer handouts.
193. Create Open House Action Plan.
194. Conduct Open House.
195. Conduct Broker Open House.
196. Target home buyer audience.
197. Create Facebook ad.
198. Create Facebook remarketing campaign.
199. Create banner ad remarketing campaign.
200. Create video ad campaign.

Module 6

The Offer & Contract

110. Receive and review all Offer to Purchase contracts submitted by buyers or buyers’ agents.
111. Evaluate offer(s) and prepare “net sheet” on each for owner to compare.
112. Counsel seller on offers. Explain merits and weakness of each component of each offer.
113. Contact buyers’ agents to review buyer’s qualifications and discuss offer.
114. Fax/deliver Seller’s Disclosure to buyer’s agent or buyer upon request and prior to offer if possible.
115. Confirm buyer is pre-qualified by calling loan officer.
116. Obtain pre-qualification letter on buyer from loan officer.
117. Negotiate all offers on seller’s behalf, setting time limit for loan approval and closing date.
118. Prepare and convey any counteroffers, acceptance or amendments to buyer’s agent.
119. Fax copies of contract and all addendums to closing attorney or title company.
120. When Offer-to-Purchase contract is accepted and signed by seller, deliver to buyer’s agent.
121. Record and promptly deposit buyer’s money into escrow account.
122. Disseminate “Under-Contract Showing Restrictions” as seller requests.
123. Deliver copies of fully signed Offer to Purchase contract to sellers.
124. Fax/deliver copies of Offer to Purchase contract to selling agent.
125. Fax copies of Offer to Purchase contract to lender.
126. Provide copies of signed Offer to Purchase contract for office file.
127. Advise seller in handling additional offers to purchase submitted between contract and closing.
128. Change MLS status to “Sale Pending.”
129. Update transaction management program to show “Sale Pending.”
130. Review buyer’s credit report results–Advise seller of worst and best case scenarios.
131. Provide credit report information to seller if property is to be sellerfinanced.
132. Assist buyer with obtaining financing and follow up as necessary.
133. Coordinate with lender on discount points being locked in with dates.
134. Deliver unrecorded property information to buyer.
135. Order septic inspection, if applicable.
136. Receive and review septic system report and assess any impact on sale.
137. Deliver copy of septic system inspection report to lender and buyer.
138. Deliver well flow test report copies to lender, buyer and listing file.
139. Verify termite inspection ordered.
140. Verify mold inspection ordered, if required.

Massive Real Estate Video Library
  Module 7

Tracking The Loan

141. Confirm return of verifications of deposit and buyer’s employment.
142. Follow loan processing through to the underwriter.
143. Add lender and other vendors to transaction management program so agents, buyer and seller can track progress of sale.
144. Contact lender weekly to ensure processing is on track.
145. Relay final approval of buyer’s loan application to seller.

Module 8

Home Inspection

146. Coordinate buyer’s professional home inspection with seller.
147. Review home inspector’s report.
148. Enter completion into transaction management tracking software program.
149. Explain seller’s responsibilities of loan limits and interpret any clauses in the contract.
150. Ensure seller’s compliance with home inspection clause requirements.
151. Assist seller with identifying and negotiating with trustworthy contractors for required repairs.
152. Negotiate payment and oversee completion of all required repairs on seller’s behalf, if needed.

Module 9

The Appraisal

153. Schedule appraisal.
154. Provide comparable sales used in market pricing to appraiser.
155. Follow up on appraisal.
156. Enter completion into transaction management program.
157. Assist seller in questioning appraisal report if it seems too low.

Module 10

The Closing Process

158. Make sure contract is signed by all parties.
159. Coordinate closing process with buyer’s agent and lender.
160. Update closing forms and files.
161. Ensure all parties have all forms and information needed to close the sale.
162. Select location for closing.
163. Confirm closing date and time and notify all parties.
164. Solve any title problems (boundary disputes, easements, etc.) or in obtaining death certificates.
165. Work with buyer’s agent in scheduling and conducting buyer’s final walkthrough prior to closing.
166. Research all tax, HOA, utility and other applicable prorations.
167. Request final closing figures from closing agent (attorney or title company).
168. Receive and carefully review closing figures to ensure accuracy.
169. Forward verified closing figures to buyer’s agent.
170. Request copy of closing documents from closing agent.
171. Confirm the buyer and buyer’s agent received title insurance commitment.
172. Provide “Home Owners Warranty” for availability at closing.
173. Review all closing documents carefully for errors.
174. Forward closing documents to absentee seller as requested.
175. Review documents with closing agent (attorney).
176. Provide earnest money deposit from escrow account to closing agent.
177. Coordinate closing with seller’s next purchase, resolving timing issues.
178. Have a “no surprises” closing so that seller receives a net proceeds check at closing.
179. Refer sellers to one of the best agents at their destination, if applicable.
180. Change MLS status to Sold. Enter sale date, price, selling broker and agent’s ID numbers, etc.
181. Close out listing in transaction management program.

Module 11

Followup After Closing

182. Answer questions about filing claims with Home Owner Warranty company, if requested.
183. Attempt to clarify and resolve any repair conflicts if buyer is dissatisfied.
184. Respond to any follow-up calls and provide any additional information required from office files.

Massive Real Estate Video Library


Bonus 1
Diverse Characters Intros

Use these video animations when you mix and match your videos and gain a wider audience.

Bonus 2
6 Cinematic Video Intros

…mix and match your videos scenes, and use these professional intros to open your videos.

Bonus 3
FSBO Infographic Video

Just add your outro and share this everywhere!

Bonus 4
FSBO Infographic Video V.2

This video is a diverse alternative to the video in Bonus #3.  Use BOTH and reach a wider audience!

Bonus 5
FSBO  Video Infographic Explainer Video

Just add your outro and share this everywhere! You get this video and you also get the mp4 and SWF video animations used to create this video, and a complete set of  GIF animations!

Bonus 6
Starburst Video Intros

Here’s another complete set of intros for Modules 1 – 11. You get two files for each intro – an mp4 video and SWF video animation.

Bonus 7
6 Home Buyer Tips Video

This is default text. You can change it by clicking the gear icon above.
200 Things A Real Estate Agent Or Investor Should Do To Sell Houses Faster!

Bonus 8
7 Reasons You Should Hire A Real Estate Agent

This real estate video infographic has a musical background and your choice of call to action – “real estate agent” or “REALTOR”.

Bonus 9
How To Win A Real Estate Bidding War

Buyer agents who are working in hot markets can use this engaging video infographic to attract frustrated home buyers.


Video Thumbnails For Modules 1 – 11

Bonus 11
Real Estate Investor Video Stings

Use these intros to open videos, Webinars, blog posts.

200 Things A Real Estate Agent Or Investor Should Do To Sell Houses Faster!

Bonus 12
Home Seller Video Stings

Attract more home sellers with snappy intros and blog videos.

Bonus 13
10 Military Video Stings

Attract more military veterans and active service members with snappy intros. (5 stings shown in video at left.)

Bonus 14

5 Military Video Commercials

Here’s a collection of video commercials for every branch of our armed services – U.S. Army, U.S. Navy, U.S. Air Force, U.S. Marine Corps, and U.S. Coast Guard. There’s also a collection of military music and image tracks to spice up your engagement.

Bonus 15

700+ Music And Sound Tracks

Build your music library with 700+ royalty free tracks you can use in in your videos.

200 Things A Real Estate Agent Or Investor Should Do To Sell Houses Faster!
Bonus 16

Moving With Kids Video Infographic

“Top 5 Reasons Families With Kids Move” is a video infographic based on a recent survey from the National Assn. of REALTORS.

Bonus 17

21 PowerPoint Lessons

Learn how to use PowerPoint to build your real estate video library. There are lots of templates you can use to follow along with the lessons, including the video at left.

Bonus 18

50 Studio Quality Real Estate Stings

You can use these stings many ways – video intros, blog enhances, social media engagement boosters!

200 Things A Real Estate Agent Or Investor Should Do To Sell Houses Faster!
Massive Real Estate Video Library


How can I use Camtasia to mix and match video animations?

How can I use PowerPoint to mix and match video animations?

How can I use Explaindio to mix and match video mp4 animations?

How can I use Explaindio to mix and match SWF animations?

200 Things A Real Estate Agent Or Investor Should Do To Sell Houses Faster!

Get Tons Of Real Estate Leads through Google

The way they save you time is valuable in a buyer and sellers market. As a buyer they will save you extended amounts of time as they do all the research and house shopping for you. After telling them what you are looking for in your home and budget they will find all the homes the area that fit your profile. On top of that they will set up convenient times for you to come tour the property. If you are selling home they will save you and equal amount of time as they put all the effort into marketing your home to its fullest degree. They will list your home in newspaper periodicals, Come and Shepherd Television program, Craig’s List, Facebook Market Place, Twitter, local real estate blog networks, specific news aggregators, postcards, inter agency electronic post cards, MLS listing across real estate agencies, direct agent-to-agent solicitation, agent tours, and virtual home tours.

Beyond marketing time you save, they will help push your home for a sale in a timely manner. If you choose to market your own home without the valuable resources of a realtor, it could be years before you sell your home. Just one week of putting your home as a featured listing on their resources could pull in a list of potential buyers.

A realtor will know the small changes that you can do to your home to help get the most of your home without spending much. They will make cost worthy suggestions such as window screens, new door mats, and changing out trash bags to rid of any odors. They will rearrange furniture to optimize your space and give you minor painting and landscaping advice. They give your home a complete evaluation that will help you open your options up to a wider range of buyers. More buyers means more offers, and more money for your listing. A realtor isn’t going to let you accept just any offer when they know you can get more out of your home, and they aren’t going to let you buy a home that they know is a money pit.

Having a realtor guide you through your home buying and selling experience is the smartest choice any homeowner can make. Not only are they going to help you get the most out of your current home, but they are going to assure you get the most out of your new home as well.

Cincinnati Real Estate

Homes in Cincinnati

Gives input and advice on real estate.

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32 Proven Real Estate Marketing Ideas to Build into Your Business Daily

 Proven Real Estate Marketing Ideas

The Constant Agent: 32 Proven Real Estate Marketing Ideas to Build into Your Business Daily

The Constant Agent: 32 Proven Real Estate Marketing Ideas to Build into Your Business Daily

Are you constantly asking yourself, “What else can I be doing to get more real estate leads?” You’ll find answers in The Constant Agent: 32 Proven Real Estate Marketing Ideas to Build into Your Business Daily. This list contains only proven tactics that have generated real leads for real agents working everyday, just like you.

While you might call these “guerrilla” marketing because they leverage your limited resources, they are not silly, sneaky, or unworkable. On the contrary, while they can be fun or even “no-brainers,” they are also supremely effective.

From the simplest of things (wear your name tag everywhere) to the most powerful listing tactic of all (door-to-door canvasing), you’ll find 32 specific, motivating, and workable answers to the question of what you can be doing everyday to generate more leads, along with stories and examples of how they’ve worked to generate business in the real world.


The Constant Agent: 32 Proven Real Estate Marketing Ideas to Build into Your Business Daily

25 Real Estate Lead Generating Strategies That Work

real estate leads

25 Real Estate Lead Generating Strategies That Work

25 Real Estate Lead Generating Strategies That Work

Why You Need To Read This Book

In the early part of my real estate career I would sit patiently in my office waiting for my next sale to walk in. Well ‘next’ might be exaggerating it a little. A sale would be more appropriate.
Each night I’d return home and let out a bunch of expletives that would make my dog blush. I was often in a foul mood.

Then after 10 years of struggle I discovered, developed and implemented a bunch of real estate marketing strategies which I am going reveal in this book that saw my income virtually double in one year. After 2 years of using these real estate lead generation skills my income shot up another 50%.

real estate leads

The word soon got out that I had discovered a way to make ‘easy’ (no such thing) real estate sales. Real estate referrals became my method of operation. Companies were approaching me to move camps. In fact one company placed me on a 0,000 package to help boost sales. The strategies worked for me and they’ll work for you.

This book is for real estate sales people, real estate agents or brokers who are totally overwhelmed with the complexities of selling real estate. It’s for agents seething with frustration at their pathetic sales. And it’s also for successful real estate agents wanting to take their real estate career to the next level.

You have two obstacles from making a killing in real estate sales:

1.You have no idea what business you are REALLY in. Most real estate sales people think that they are in the real estate business to assist people with their real estate buying, selling, leasing or managing needs.While partly ‘true’ unless you have a real estate lead that wants to buy, sell, lease or manage a property through you, you have no business. PERIOD.

2.A belief that you are ‘Gods’ answer to all things real estate.Let’s face it. Real estate agents are an egotistical bunch. How often do you see advertisements stating “Billy Blogs – No. 1 For XYZ Real Estate” or “Cheryl Champion – Top Real Estate Marketer, Mars Tribune”

real estate leads

Who gives a toss. The public certainly don’t and nor should you especially if you are a newbie just getting started. With my real estate lead generation tips you’ll soon be the ‘king’ or queen’ of your local area.

My real estate lead generation strategies are by no means complete. But they are a good start in raising you from the depths of despair to making you the champion agent you so rightly deserve to be. Here’s my appeal to you. Believe in yourself. Believe in your real estate career. Follow my suggestions. Implement those that appeal to you and be consistent. These real estate lead generation strategies take time but they have helped me sell over 0 million of real estate. They will work for you to.


How To Become a Real Estate Property Locator – Make Big Money Just Finding Properties!

Real Estate Property Locator

How To Become a Real Estate Property Locator – Make Big Money Just Finding Properties! Free Program

All you need to make $5,000 is a list of quality leads and one good real estate deal

We hope you join our community with the expectation of learning how to succeed as a real estate investor and using your new-found knowledge to increase your income and change your outcome. In times past, when new members joined, we would toss them into the water then helped them swim. Now, we offer a more controlled and streamlined approach to learning.

5-Day Real Estate Investing Boot Camp

During the first week after you sign up as a member,  you will get access to five training modules, sent to you once a day for the first five days after you activate your membership. It’s important that you watch the videos, download the member handbook, do the reading and complete the exercises. It is during this time that you will learn not only how we work around here, but you will also learn how to go about finding potentially lucrative opportunities and turning those deals into cash through our Property Locator program.

One way for us to make sure you understand our process and have a basic understanding of this business is to test your knowledge. So, as you complete the training modules, you will also complete one or more short tests so you can assess your progress. Our primary reason for doing this is to make sure that when you submit deals, you submit viable, profitable opportunities for us. We are looking for:

  • Opportunities that meet our minimum $40,000 profit criteria
  • Opportunities where the owner is clearly motivated to sell
  • Opportunities where you can earn up to $5,000 for helping us close the deal
  • Opportunities where a third party like a wholesaler or an agent won’t interfere in our negotiations with the property owner

Not every money-making opportunity will be a good fit for us, so your training will also teach you how to leverage real estate deals yourself so that even if we don’t buy the property ourselves, you can still make money off the deal. For this reason, your membership gives you instant access to our library of FREE training videos and other FREE downloadable resources. We want you to make money and the only way for you to do that is to learn this business.


Real Estate Property Locator

Earn Money as a Property Locator

By working as a Property Locator for us. As a Property Locator, we rely on you to find property leads and connect us to motivated sellers in the area around where you live and work. For every deal you send us that we are able to successfully negotiate and buy, we will pay you between $1,000 and $5,000.

As a member of our community, it is our goal to teach you the five pillars of successful real estate investing:

  1. How to spot great property leads
  2. How to identify motivated sellers
  3. How to create a never-ending list of leads
  4. What to say to sellers to get the most information and the best possible price for the property
  5. How to construct a profitable real estate deal

Not sure how to find the right properties? Not to worry. You will learn everything you need to know to get started during your first week of training. Ready to join? Join For Free! Click Here


How To Become a Real Estate Property Locator – Make Big Money Just Finding Properties!

“How to Generate Real Estate Leads Online” Fast!


Life/Business Coach/Meditation teacher/Strategic Interventionist

“How to Generate Real Estate Leads Online” Fast!

Keli Carpenter helps entrepreneurs transform and succeed as a real estate agent using successful marketing strategies.
She specializes in how to generate leads in real estate, how to marketing your Real Estate business using Social Media and Powerful Marketing Strategies.

Connect with Keli here:


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Free Download – 20 Proven Real Estate Buyer Ads for Leads Generation For Investors/Professionals

Free Download – 20 Proven Real Estate Buyer Ads for Leads Generation For Investors/Professionals

Find owner financing Buyers that have large down payments by using my “Buyer-Classified-Flyers” to generate you Maximum Free Leads for your real estate investment business, while, making online classified websites like and a successful market strategy for your REI
Business marketing plans.

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Free Download – 20 Proven Real Estate Buyer Ads for Leads Generation For Investors/Professionals

Lead Generation for Real Estate – Solving Real Estate’s 6 Biggest Problems

Lead Generation for Real Estate – Solving Real Estate’s 6 Biggest Problems

Inconsistent Lead Generation – Solving Real Estate’s 6 Biggest Problems

Effective lead generation for assets ought to be in tune with current market lifestyles. If individuals these days are additional inclined to use the net for his or her home shopping for and selling processes, the enterprising agent ought to consequently utilize on-line tools for his or her sales and promoting services to attach additional with potential shoppers.

There are many ways lead generation is finished on-line. However studies show that the 3 high ways are emailed search delivery service, putting in a multiple listing services, and giving free comparative promoting analysis. Agents who acquire these tools are able to generate additional centered leads faster, whereas serving the $ 64000 estate stakeholders higher.

Here are high reasons why lead generation using on-line tools are the simplest thanks to produce a positive impact on a wider assets market:

1. The agent can eventually be thought-about as a reputable trade skilled.
Emailed searches permit a agent to send a comprehensive list of properties on the market in keeping with the search question of each explicit user who signs up for the services.

This technique permits the agent to gift the properties in keeping with the extent of exposure he deems best for his portfolio similarly because the specifications of the user. It provides the agent the right platform to deliver the simplest data that’s tailor-fitted, customized and comprehensive. it is a surefire thanks to show the agent’s information and network base, similarly as his special complete of service, marking his name and complete as a trustworthy skilled within the field.

2. On-line tools offer real client service.
A free comparative market analysis perfectly delivers the advantages of lead generation for on-line tools. it is a quick, easy, convenient and comprehensive thanks to gather pertinent data for complimentary. This handy and helpful comparative tool, where properties are compared in terms of worth, details and specifications, is crucial for potential clients’ decision-making processes. This is often very true lately, when eightieth of potential patrons talk to the net 1st for analysis, house window-shopping and alternative property worth updates.

The agent who makes this doable is seen as somebody high entail vital selections and recommendation – one thing no well-rehearsed sales pitch over the phone will match.

3. Customized service strengthens potential shopper relationships.
When a true estate agent offers free services like a multiple listing service search, they’ll produce connections with their target market, assets patrons, sellers and hunters alike. They able to perceive dominant market demands, and will then realize ways in which to supply them. Having first-hand access to data users get during a multiple listing services web site permits an agent to supply solutions that focuses targets the non-public and centered necessities of each potential shopper.

By obtaining a true estate generating company to assist them found out on-line lead generation for assets tools, Realtors are able to generate their own leads, and lay down a sales arrange and pace in keeping with their strategy. These low-cost and highly effective solutions are the simplest thanks to produce lasting impressions and powerful connections that’s rare during a competitive trade.

Sadhna Singh is currently operating as a skilled author for Residential, Commercial realty, Real Estate Portal. He writes for realty,Property in Haryana Noida property costs, Rental Property, Noida Property Dealers, Property in Gugaon, Property Developers and Real Estate.

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