The Mortgage Marketing Manifesto: Unlocking the Holy Grail of Mortgage Lead Generation Reviews

The Mortgage Marketing Manifesto: Unlocking the Holy Grail of Mortgage Lead Generation

The Mortgage Marketing Manifesto: Unlocking the Holy Grail of Mortgage Lead Generation

In an age where individual loan officers and small to medium sized mortgage shops are competing with billion dollar mortgage operations and lead generation companies, there are ways for mortgage originators to tap into the market and create their own fresh, interested, and targeted leads—minus the millions of dollars spent on advertising.

It’s time for these strategies and systems to be made available to mortgage professionals who are committed to growing their careers and increasing their incomes. Through Andrew Pawlak’s years of helping everyone from individual LOs and Realtors to publicly traded mortgage lead generation technology companies, he has used the secrets in this book to help clients increase ROI and get more out of every dollar they spend on marketing and business development.

Now, Andrew is sharing this life-changing information with every mortgage professional who works hard, but needs to get better results from the time and effort they put into growing their business.

Inside, you’ll discover:

– 17 critical components of a mortgage website that ​​produces ​loans and referrals

– 15 key elements that make for a ​​high-converting mortgage landing page

– Secrets the billion dollar mortgage lead generators use to convert clicks into leads

– How to effectively optimize ​​both digital and traditional marketing to get​ more clients out of every dollar you spend​ on advertising

– Ways to better brand ​YOU as the preferred mortgage professional in your local market

Strategies for creating consistent leads through social media and retargeting campaigns

– Techniques for using real estate marketing to drive 5X more purchase leads

​ – A complete game plan for getting more business from producing ​Realtors®

– Everything you need to know about search engine marketing for mortgage ​loans

Proven scripts to open up doors and generate more referral business

– How to integrate plug-and-play mortgage lead funnels to revolutionize your marketing ROI

– Methods for streamlining and finessing advertising efforts so they work for you 24/7


The Digital Real Estate Agent: Building The Brand of You

The Digital Real Estate Agent: Building The Brand of You

From New York Times And USA Today Best Selling Author Pat Hiban ~

“As a Billion dollar producer and through my podcasts and speaking engagements, I’ve been blessed to meet thousands of talented, personable, forward thinking real estate marketing professionals. Blaise Dietz and Mike Mannino are two of my favorite, tech savvy digital marketers.”

Blaise Dietz and Mike Mannino own a digital marketing agency that specializes in helping real estate professionals build a brand around them.

Building the brand of you for less than .00 per day, demystifying Facebook and other social media advertising platforms and showing agents how to automate the follow up process once and for all, is what The Digital Real Estate Agent is all about.

The Digital Real Estate Agent also explains:

* How Critical It Is To Build The Brand Of You

* How To Implement A Proven 7 Step Digital Marketing Blueprint

* How To Use Local Social Business Networks To Grow Your Local Influence

Real estate agents need to build a brand around them by offering localized, highly valuable content to their market place. Whether that’s a “blueprint” for how to deal with real estate assets during a divorce, or a check list that shows home owners which “7 interior home improvements generate the greatest return on investment”.

Delivering quality local content and automating the follow up process is the key to building the brand of you and generating high quality referrals for life!


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Billion Dollar Property Developer Bob Andersen Reveals Proven Strategies To Build Massive Wealth for more millionaire interviews, plus your free report worth !

In this interview you will discover:

– Different types of property development and which type is the best for you

– The biggest mistakes made by first-time property developers and how to avoid them

– How becoming a property developer can save you thousands in fees and taxes

– How to build your property development portfolio in just a few hours a day

– The Mindset of a successful property developer as compared to a hobbyist property investor

Transcript (extract only – get the full transcript at )
West: Welcome, folks, to today’s interview. And today, I’m very privileged to have with us Mr. Bob Andersen. Now Bob has been involved in property development for a very long time, over thirty years. And he’s in a conglomerate of people who control over billion worth of property. And that’s a super, super impressive stat.

What’s more impressive is Bob not only has a personal portfolio but he’s also doing it day to day and he’s also teaching people how to do it. So we’re very lucky to have Bob with us today. And I want to welcome you to today’s interview, Bob.

Bob: Thanks, West. Great to be here.

West: Absolutely. Now tell us, Bob, when you speak to people and they ask you what it is that you do—because I know you’ve got such a range of skill set—what is it essentially that people need to know about you?

Bob: Well West, primarily, I’m in the property investment, property development area. But ultimately, what I do is I use property development more as a vehicle for getting property investment at cost price whether it’s for myself or for investor clients. Property development is really a vehicle to accumulate the asset class of property, primarily residential property. So yup, I’m a developer but there’s a reason for being a developer.

So what do I do? I’m a developer and I’m an investor and my clients are all investors.

West: So a lot of people who are kind of thinking of getting into development but maybe they’ve only done a couple of residential or maybe they haven’t done any property and they’re looking at getting into something on a small level, is that something that you help people primarily and teach people how to do as well?

Bob: Yeah. I heard Mal saying, “Never pay retail.” So myself, that’s part of the reason I got involved in property development, really. It was a vehicle for getting property investments at a—well, not wholesale price—but absolute cost price.

So people, sometimes they haven’t done a development at all and they’re investors with one or two investments of their own and they see that potentially property development could be a great way of accumulating property investments fast and at cost. So with those people, I have a whole property development education program for those people who want to make the next step up from property investor to just more property developer.

(end extract)

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How Ordinary People Are Getting Extraordinary Results Real Estate Marketing On Instagram


Real Estate Marketing On Instagram

How Ordinary People Are Getting Extraordinary Results Real Estate Marketing On Instagram

Ryan & I have been on the road a lot lately and this week is no different – Ryan’s in Oregon today – SO I’ll be sharing some stuff with you that we normally cover at real estate conferences – How to use Instagram to generate quality local leads for your real estate or mortgage business and we’ll also be covering how to grow your team or organization with the newest ad platform from LinkedIn. {It’s pretty darn powerful} Now, with a community of more than 400M, Instagram is one of the world’s largest mobile ads platforms. Businesses can share their stories with a highly engaged audience in a creative, high-quality environment and drive action with their ads.


Instagram ads are now available globally for all businesses — both big and small. If you’ve ever run a facebook ad then you’re in luck because now that Facebook purchased Instagram for a measly $1 BILLION, you can publish Instagram ads right from the super intuitive Facebook ads manager. Most people find this interesting but have a hard time coming up with the ad itself…. so, let’s look at how most real estate leads are created online for our industry so that you can duplicate this a create your own success.
First, there’s the Home Value Lead – Where the seller is interested in learning their home value. Tools like Prime Seller Leads & Cloud CMA are popular landing page systems for this type of lead. Secondly, the Home Search Website Registration lead, where people come to your website or download your app to start their home search. Third is offering Educational Classes and having website visitors register for the event – both agents and loan officer’s use this technique for generating leads online.

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How Ordinary People Are Getting Extraordinary Results Real Estate Marketing On Instagram