Real Estate Unloading Strategy

Real Estate Unloading Strategy

Real Estate Unloading Strategy


At this moment, many people who are planning to sell their property rely on a real estate agent. They are aware that they are the ones who are good when it comes to getting the attention and the interest of the people who are planning a property that they can use. In fact, majority of the property owners were able to receive great amount of money because of the agents.

Due to various properties that are for sale in different places around the world, it is no longer easy for the property owner to locate a buyer. This is because the owners of the property are staring to compete. If you have difficulty in selling your property, it would be better if you will be asking the assistance and help of some of the best agents who are knowledgeable and expert.

Being the property owner, you are not just the one who will be receiving great benefits but the agent or investor as well. However, there are some important qualifications that an agent must have to be able to get the attention of the buyers and to close a deal. As a matter of fact, all the factors are very simple and basic. It will just depend on the agent on how he or she can make use of it effectively.

Real Estate Unloading Strategy

The real estate agent or investor should have good interaction and communication with the people whom he or she will be negotiating. Keep in mind getting the interest of the buyer will depend on the agent or investor speaking and communicating with the buyer. Another factor is patience.

It is true that the agent or investor will be meeting a lot of buyers but there is only one who will close a deal with them. It will really take some time before the agent will be able to close a deal. Another factor is that the agent should be able to create a good working relationship with every buyer who will come and go. Even if the buyer decided not to buy the property, then the agent should accept the fact and respect the decision that was made by the buyer.

After the real estate agent or investor was able to close a deal, it is essential that the owner of the property will be giving the agent or investor a certain amount of money. Of course, they have to be paid accordingly because of the time and effort that they spent just to get you a buyer.

Majority of the agents or investors were able to earn a living because of this. As a matter of fact, they already have a stable life and they have enough money to buy all the things that they need every day. In fact, many of people who are planning to sell their property trust a real estate agent. This is because of their skills when it comes to getting the attention and interest of the buyers. It does not matter to them even if there are so many agents as long as they are doing their job well.


Real Estate Unloading Strategy

Elements Of Business Strategic Development

Elements Of Business Strategic Development

Elements Of Business Strategic Development

Business strategic development combines elements of strategic planning, marketing, leadership and management development. It provides a framework around which the decisions affecting the long term success or failure of the business are organized.

The good news is that this vital ongoing strategic business planning activity does not require extensive training, outside consultants or experts, and costs nothing other than a few hours of your time each month. It only requires your commitment to the process and access to a small group of your contemporaries – industry folks you trust and respect who will be your sounding board. Peers who will test your assumptions, keep you and your people focused on what’s important and what’s possible for your business to achieve.

Business strategic development is a process that involves first and foremost the setting of goals and objectives. Unless there is specific agreement on where the owners of the business want to be in 5, 10, 20, or more years from now – any actions taken will be ineffective and a waste of time, energy, and resources.

What will the organization look like if it achieves its mission along with step by step actions required that will result in the achievement of its goals and objectives? Business strategic development will you in identifying the forces that drive change in your industry that you can potentially leverage as well as understanding the effects of your decisions and develop action plans for dealing with external forces you can not control in order to consistently move forward toward your goals.

The strategic planning component of the process thoroughly assesses the external (market) environment and makes forecasting assumptions on those assumptions. This crucial element must be ongoing as the external business, economic, regulatory, and political environment changes continually.

When the alternatives are known, through the process of risk assessment designing and executing the alternative courses of action becomes straightforward. Once you fully understand the potential risks and possible rewards you way forward becomes clear. Selecting the best course of action then while tracking and evaluating your results as helps you monitor the course of action chosen.

Business strategic development is a never-ending process every business must go through if they are to remain successful and move inexorably toward innovation and development for the future. It is about looking toward the future, typically a 2-5 year horizon and depending on the industry and its capital requirements even longer.

It is all about identifying and defining desirable future results and developing strategies and actions to reach them. It is a planning and execution process that actually gives meaning to routine day-to-day activities. Business strategic development enables organizations to determine where they intend to be and how to get there.

The ability to make decisions for the future depends on a clear knowledge of the available alternatives, a systematic assessment of the costs and benefits of each alternative is the reason why we must focus on it. If we are serious about the future of our organization we must create a consistent order among preferences, and establish clear rules for making decisions that will take us where we want to go.

Business strategic development is a process that helps every member of the organization clarify what’s important to the business, and based on where it is now, the steps and decisions required to achieve what’s possible. It also takes time and requires you continued attention.

If you want to be even more successful in the future than you are today, a b2b mastermind group will show you how stay focused on what’s important. Connect with your peers via your own Internet conference call. Combine a traditional conference call with a Power Point presentation, run Q&A, share handouts, and record it all for instant playback.

Elements Of Business Strategic Development

Four Elements to Relationship Networking – Growing Your Business

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What is relationship networking and why is it mentioned so much these days? How can relationship networking help you build your business? What are the key elements to relationship marketing?

Relationship networking is much more than tapping your family and friends. It is building a network of other professionals and business owners that care about one other and willingly help one another’s business interests. Often these relationships take time and attention to evolve into a long lasting relationship, but can benefit your business greatly in the positive word of mouth, enhanced reputation, and expanded business ideas.


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The key elements of relationship building are:

Find a Solution that goes with their Problem
Respond quickly to individual circumstances
Build your reputation for honesty and sincerity
Form networks from a variety of online and in-person groups
Let’s take them in turn:

Find a Solution that goes with their Problem – You must establish yourself as a solver of problems, listening carefully to your business contact’s descriptions of his/her business, business challenges and offering sincere, customized solutions to their concerns. Likewise, be open to their suggestions of answers to your issues. Stay in contact after implementation to monitor how the solutions are working, making adjustments as needed.

Respond quickly to individual circumstances – Be sure to send emails, make phone calls, or mail greeting cards and/or gifts at important, key times in your business contact’s life. This involves knowing what these key times are. Find out by subscribing to your business contact’s personal or business blogs, make quick notes after phone calls or meetings, attend social events with your contact, and keep up with announcements from that person’s industry press.

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Build your reputation for honesty and sincerity – It is important that efforts towards relationship networking be straight-forward and sincere. Be a ethical professional at all times. In particular, give your contact every reason to proudly introduce you to his/her contacts as well. Be sure you never give you business contact a reason to make your contact cringe in embarrassment (or wonder if he’s being subpoenaed next!)

Form networks from a variety of online and in-person groups – Do not depend on online sources such as mailing lists, yahoo groups, LinkedIn, etc. for your networking opportunities. Valuable resources await off the internet as well! Get out to company and industry meetings, related seminars, Chamber of Commerce groups, Toastmasters, or volunteer activities to expand your circle of influence.

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Kimberley is a small business owner with 20 years of business experience. She is a distributor for Send Out Cards and authors her own website on how to build strong small businesses. She highly recommends the free ebook “The 7 great lies of network marketing” found at

Things to Consider When Starting a New Business



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Are you considering to start your own business? Starting a business is a good thing but the first thing you must do is to perform some self evaluation. This is important because running and managing a business is not a casual undertaking, the odds are stacked against you. There will be challenges and setbacks along the way. Therefore, it is always a good thing to start doing some self evaluation before you make a final decision.

Ask yourself some of the following questions?

Are you ready to become an Entrepreneur? The word ‘entrepreneur’ sounds good but to be a successful entrepreneur is not an easy task. Are you a persistent person? Do you give up easily? Are you willing to face the odds of failure in business? Are you committed enough to go all the way?


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Try to answer those questions honestly. If you do that, you will have a good feel whether you should jump into a business or just stay with your current employment. If you don’t have the ability to run a business, it is better for you to stay as an employee. Note that there is nothing wrong with working for others. If you can be successful as an employee as well.

Establishing a business is a good thing but you must also remember that in running your own business, you should be ready to face the difficulties and setbacks that will come along. Average business enterprises face a very challenging reality in the world of business; every single day the challenge of how to get ahead of the competition is apparent.

One major issue every business owner is going to face is management problems. Considering that it is a start-up and on a small-scale level, majority of the decision-making and planning would come from the business owner. But there are small-scale entrepreneurs who succeed in their goals and make it through in their operations.

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Here are some of the managerial issues you must consider thoroughly when setting up a new business:


Make sure that there is a market for your products and services. In order to find out this information, you need to conduct a market research. You must always research and investigate your marketplace before you set up your business enterprise.


You must have a plan that can guide you on how to market your business. What resources you need and what management structure or control you want to put in place. If you don’t plan, you are setting yourself up for a failure. So, careful planning when starting out a new business is crucial.


As mentioned earlier, starting a business is not a casual undertaking. Business is not a hobby, if you run your business as hobby, you will not succeed. So, strong commitment and determination are needed to run a business, be prepared to work hard.


There are people who have the knack for running a business but lack the ability to manage and facilitate the people. For start-up enterprises, the ownership is more on self-orientation because of the fact that it is a new business. The management approach is more of a personalized one, instead of being institutionalized. Some business owners find it difficult to attend to the actual needs of the business and at the same time, lead the employees. In order to solve this problem, entrepreneurs should attend leadership workshops for proper training or they can assign trusted and potential employees to manage the people.


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Another issue with start-up entrepreneurs is difficulty in finding and hiring potential employees to join the company. This is because of unattractive compensation, limited job security, and low status from being a part of an average business enterprise.


Make sure you find a good accountant that can help and advise you on the tax issue.


Take some time to study and understand your competitors. Find out what king of marketing strategy are they using and ask yourself if you can do better? Check out the quality of their products, check out their customer service and check out how they position their business.

Make sure you consider all the above mentioned issues before investing in a new business venture.

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By 2020, Mobile Commerce Will Make Up 45% of Total E-commerce, Equaling $284 Billion in Sales – Is Your Business Ready?




Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past 5 years, it’s not exactly news that there has been a surge in the adoption of smartphones and tablets. It seems everywhere you look these days, a mobile device is attached to someone’s hand. I’m fairly certain my 2-year-old nephew knows how to swipe right.

But what you may not be so aware of is how the shift to mobile devices is impacting e-commerce.

Just this past holiday season, mobile devices drove nearly one-third of all online sales. And on Christmas day alone, mobile traffic skyrocketed, where 62% of online retail traffic was driven by smartphones and tablets. My point? Mobile commerce isn’t slowing down. And as mobile devices are becoming an increasingly important and intimate part in consumers’ lives, retailers better make sure their mobile game is on lockdown.


Consumers know what they want from their mobile shopping experience, demanding seamless experiences across multiple channels, as well as more efficient order and fulfillment options. But for the most part, their expectations are not being met.

Many retailers are failing to provide a mobile-friendly shopping experience — serving up non-optimized, unresponsive online stores to mobile users. And in this mobile era, that has some big implications. It doesn’t just mean retailers won’t be capitalizing on every opportunity with consumers. It means that if they don’t make some fundamental changes to achieve customer satisfaction, they are going to have a tough time driving business growth and profitability in the future — especially since reports estimate that by 2020, mobile commerce will make up 45% of total e-commerce, equaling $284 billion in sales.

So what changes need to be made? What should business owners be focusing on to make a better, more intuitive experience on smartphones and tablets?

Here are 4 key ways to give your customers a seamless experience and improve your bottom-line results:


First things first: Mobile shoppers are all about convenience and clarity. That means your design must be on-point. A consumer does not want to have to wait 10 minutes for an image to download, or have to scroll endlessly to read a sentence. Zooming in to be able to read a description or click a link are potential deal-breakers, too.

These are the fundamentals of a user-friendly experience, and should be considered a “must” for your business:

  • Clear, focused content
  • Simple menus and navigation tools
  • Fluid layouts
  • Mobile-centric features such as “tap to open” buttons or “slide to see next photo” options
  • Optimized page load times
  • Differentiation between smartphones and tablets
  • Search functionality
  • Facilitated purchases


Have you ever entered your credit card information to make a purchase on your mobile device, then an error occurred? It doesn’t exactly feel comforting giving your financial information out again. Odds are you threw in the towel and went on your way.

Shoddy credit card form fields are just another reason why conversion rates in m-commerce are such a challenge. People want to feel secure when making a payment, and they want the entire process to be seamless. If they have a bad checkout experience once, they will remember it.

So ask yourself: Is it complicated for your mobile customers to use the payment methods you offer on their mobile device? How responsive are your checkout forms?

Mobile consumers don’t want to have to go through the tedious steps of typing in a 16-digit card number or multiple addresses on a small screen. They will also want two or three different payment options. And when they do make a purchase, it must be as quick and straightforward as possible.

So whether you use PayPal One Touch, Google Wallet, Visa Checkout, MasterPass or Apple Pay, a quick and easy checkout must be a priority when it comes to your mobile commerce platform……more

Real Estate Lead Generation Tip – How To Convert Leads Into Customers And Cash?

Need A Good Real Estate Lead And Conversion System To Help Take Your Business To The Next Level. Well, We Have 42 Reasons Why You Should Consider Joining InvestorCarrot, For Your Real Estate Business Needs?

Today’s post will show you 42 good reasons to sign up today for InvestorCarrot.

timex-smFirst good reason to join: we’ll always want to make sure you’re satisfied with what you get from us.

For us, customer satisfaction is about how happy we make our customers. We always wanna add a ton of value to everything we provide, and so we focus a lot on delivering insane value.

We know that a huge amount of value is baked into what we offer, but what we really love is hearing how Carrot impacts the lives of our customers.

Over the past few months, we’ve been collecting testimonials that come in about our business… we pop them into a special spot in our internal chat tool called Awesomeness.

I’ve just read thru all the ones that came thru (lots!), and there were 5 top reasons that shone thru:

  1. Service and Support

    Lots of customers mentioned how much they loved getting fast response from the Live Chat, special advice to help them solve a difficult problem, or times when our team members went the extra mile to help them out — our customer service was the #1 thing most frequently mentioned in our Awesomeness collection.

  2. Leads

    We love hearing how well our customers are doing by using our products… since that’s why we make them! So it’s really cool that the second most common thing mentioned in our Awesomeness collection was leads, deals or profits! We just did the math, and our system sends a new lead to an investor every 3.6 seconds, on average… we know it works, but it’s great to hear it from our customers.

  3. Training

    Every week our live Mastermind Calls get great feedback from our members. It’s funny, when I first started I assumed that only the newbie investors would want to hang out… I quickly found out that there are some rockstars who show up every week to participate and learn with us. It’s a collaboration. We teach a few things, but we learn a whole lot more from our customers. It’s part of the collaborative community that we’re building here at Carrot, where investors from around the country are learning together. Oh yeah, and we’ve gotten some great comments from our paid trainings, too. 🙂

  4. Websites

    People love our websites, and they’re the 4th most common reason people give for their testimonial. We test them a ton, so we know they perform well… but it’s nice to hear people say that they love our sites, since we work hard to make them awesome. 🙂

  5. People

    The other thing we hear a lot is about us… We work hard to create solid relationships with our customers, so we get a lot of enthusiastic compliments. It makes us blush a little bit, but really – it makes me thrilled to know that I work with a great group of people who love doing a good job for our members.


    Here’s 36 more reasons, directly in the words of our customers:


  6. “I am very happy about working with a group that shows the integrity that Investor Carrot shows. You guys are awesome. I’m thrilled to be a part of it.” – Cody Cox, President of NW REIA
  7. “Just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the webinar Friday! Have to say your product is one of the best I’ve seen.” – Lynn Garrison,  Urban Light Homes
  8. “We put up 3 or 4 Craigslist ads right after we got the first part of the P2P program, and we’ve been slammed! We’ve gotten so many leads this week – 15 rent-to-own, 36 new buyers, and a bunch of motivated  sellers too!” – Michael Mackay
  9. “just a few lines to let you know that I got a number of cash investors leads on your site with no SEO. Your site is exactly what I need to grow my business. Keep the great work going !!!” – Gowkarran Singh
  10. “You guys are great! I feel like we’ve got a team on our side that really gets lead generation. I’m really happy to have such a great people helping us build our business!”- Aaron Lazar
  11. “Simply the best!! Carrot is a first class company with superior customer service!” – Jamie Lazar
  12. “I want to thank the whole team at investor carrot for your excellent customer support. I really appreciate you all.” Shatuan Collins
  13. “Great job [on today’s mastermind call]. I learn something every time.” – Sharon Vornholt
  15. “Hi Trevor, Thanks for inventing the Investor Carrot System…. Its Brilliant!” – Ian Mvula
  16. “3 leads a day is some awesome info and well worth the 99 bucks!!!” – dan pressler
  17. “Great job as always Guys!  Great thing you guys do!” – roy dynesius
  18. “You guys customer support is bar none.” Ryan Johnson
  19. “I just want to say that I’m very impressed by your websites. They look really really good.” – Todd Maiden
  20. “Laura and I just closed our first deal too after a year of making offers…it came from Craigslist calling FSBO ads, Plus he did go to our Carrot site to check us out to see if we were real…lol.   Profit Should be around 22K. We are dong a complete fix ‘n flip on it…97K purchase, 40K renovations, ARV 160K…” – DP on July 2nd mastermind call
  21. “Man, I’ve got to tell you guys how much I’m impressed with Carrot. Every time I log in there I see the attention to detail and how every change you guys are making is specifically geared to help make things more effective and easier for us. Man, I’ve been talking to some big time investors and have been telling them all to sign up for Carrot. Really impressed and I want to help you guys blow this thing up.” – Joe McCall

  22. “Great webinar, very impressive service you provide. I am excited to begin the quest to top rankings. ” Andrew Labaron via July 9th mastermind call.
  23. “Thank You, Jake, for your timely, knowledgeable, and people-friendly client care.” – Wayne Vangorder

  24. “the 3 Lead per day training is one of the BEST trainings I have ever done. great value – info that really works.” Bob Conroy – via July 9th MM Call
  25. “i closed my first 1  last week, it came from the seller site on Carrot I almost gave up on the lead but stayed with it and closed it for 12k” – RC

  26. “I LOVE the Carrot!!!!! What a super clever name too. Thanks for all you contribute to so many.” – Melodee Lucido
  27. “Dang..that’s service! I’m greatly impressed…Thank you!!”- Steve Silvestre
  28. “I just want to let you know that I am so happy and grateful that your company has made available such a wonderful product!” -Victoria Winters
  29. “You have made this so easy for me. I wish you were my tech guy at our company.” -Nelson
  30. “You have been AWESOME in this early process and we haven’t even done anything yet. The knowledge and info you given me so far on what Carrot’s going to do for my business is priceless.” — Ervin Baldwin

  31. “Hi. I just want to give a thank you for the webinars you guys do… really great stuff. Best in the business! Thanks again!” – Greg Robinson
  32. “Listen.  Thank you and your team.  As a business owner, there’s so many moving parts.  You guys are prompt and extremely helpful.  A sincere thank you.” -Percy Ellsworth

  33. “I second that comment that 3 lead per day training great and it works!” Brenda Lovejoy – via July 9th MM Call
  34. “Aaron that was amazing insight! I hope you don’t mind that I contact you but with you having experience as an agent it helps me to read emails just like this. After reading the email and thinking I haven’t landed 1 client that has come from the IDX that my broker provides. Several have told me that it looked nice but nothing more. I think the approach you laid out is exactly what I need, needed to hear and looking forward to. Thanks for over delivering man!” – DeAndre L. Thomas

  35. “btw, I just closed on my first wholesale last week!  Got the deal based on what I learned! My deal came from craigslist but he looked at my site and submitted his info.”  Brenda Lovejoy via July 9th MM Call
  36. “Gosh Aaron, You brought tears to my eyes reading this email…because it came through to me that you care.  That means so much for me to feel about you because, you know, these days is all about what most people can get before they give…and yes, I am dealing with a lot these days, that were unexpected. ” – Yolanda

  37. “Now that I’m running the Craigslist program..Starting to get leads. just took a Craiglist lead call…Appointment is set…GREAT  WORK Investor Carrot!” – Cortez Robbs on July 2nd mastermind call
  38. I love the fact that I can make the website look pretty much any way that I want rather than having those fill in the blank websites. It is really nice. I am still working on it slowly but surely. ” – Shane Lehman

  39. “I’ve been with you since the beginning, and the training, customer service and support has always been awesome. I really haven’t seen any other companies doing anything like it. A lot of companies try to do a little bit of everything and not hone in on one thing. I really like that you guys are focused on getting leads just for real estate investors. You know our business because that’s your speciality. Everyone’s getting into real estate right now so it’s a struggle, investors always seem to slack on getting deals into the pipeline. Some of my colleagues are doing it very old-school, and we love working with you so we can stay on the cutting edge.” – Ellie Verdura
  40. “I am very graceful Trevor developed such a, functional, user friendly, distinctive and result fulfilling business website too that works better than anything out there…  I have every reason to believe your productive web sight and services surpasses it’s weight in gold, it is definitely value at platinum grade. ” Wilbert Dorn

  41. “Jake. You’re a GENIOUS! Works like a champ. You can’t imagine how much time and agony I’ve gone through wrestling with this. Tell ya what,… Go tell Trevor that KEVIN says you deserve a raise:grinning: Thanks a TON man!” – Kevin Enos

    Here’s the last reason you should join now:

  42. Last Chance to Get This Pricing

  43. Not a Carrot member yet? Take a Look At Our Real Estate Lead And Conversion System Plans, Our Plans Are Very Affordable And Simple To Set-Up Or Take a Demo For A Spin.  But Above All, Get Some Content Marketing Going On Your Real Estate Websites This Week!