House Flipping Spreadsheet – Enterprise Version

House Flipping Spreadsheet – Enterprise Version

House Flipping Spreadsheet - Enterprise Version

  • Quickly calculate repair costs, analyze deals and streamline your rehabbing business!
  • Estimate repair costs using our Repair Cost Estimator with 300+ work items and unit costs.
  • Analyze the maximum purchase price you can offer for a property.
  • Project Management & Accounting for managing projects and tracking expenses.
  • 28 great reporting options: Investment Reports, Rehab Checklists, Expense Reports, Final Profit Statements

The House Flipping Spreadsheet is a powerful Microsoft Excel spreadsheet that can be used by rehabbers and investors to analyze deals and streamline the management of their rehabbing business. The Remodel Cost Estimator is one of the most comprehensive and powerful cost estimating spreadsheets on the market. With a database of over 300+ work items and unit costs, you will be able to create detailed and accurate repair cost estimates in a matter of minutes. The Rehab Analyzer gives you an executive dashboard to analyze fixed costs, repair costs, profitability to determine the Maximum Purchase Price you should offer for your next rehab property. Once you get a property under contract, use the Project Management and Accounting suite for managing your project teams, creating project budgets, tracking expenses and forecasting project profitability. There are also 28 professional reporting options that will help manage and streamline the rehabbing process: Inspection Checklists, Rehab Checklists, Investment Reports, Business Management Reports, Expense Reports, Profit Statements, and more!… The Enterprise Version includes the Business Package which comes with Business Planning Tools/Templates, Lead & Marketing Tracking, Portfolio Management Tools/Templates & Contract Agreements!

List Price: $ 367.00


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