3 Battle Tested Elements of a Successful Internet Marketing Business

When you are new to the world of Internet marketing, it is easy to get yanked from one thing to another and not really know what to focus your efforts on while getting your business started. Here are three major elements that will go a long way to ensure you success online if you focus on and mater them.

1. A Hungry Market That Spends Money:

One of the first steps in starting a online business is to pick a niche or target market. This is also where many newbies get hung and it’s no wonder. Everywhere we read, we are getting advise that say’s jump into a small niche with little competition. The Internet has been around long enough now that if a niche has little competition, there is a good chance it is because there is no money being made or spent in that niche. Find a niche that is hungry and spends money>

2. Build a list:

Building a list of subscribers in your chosen market is essential to the long term success of your online business. By having a list, you will have the ability to stay in contact with your prospects. You will be able to build trust and offer value over time. This put’s you in a much better position to actually sell something. Think about it, wouldn’t you rather buy from someone that you trust and that you know gives you value? Of course you would.

3. Strive to provide solutions:

Often we see the new Internet entrepreneur working hard to sell things and yet they just never make anything happen. There could be many reasons for this but my take is that they are trying to sell things for the purpose of making money. Now don’t get me wrong, making money is a good thing and most likely the reason that people go into business online. However, selling products that don’t benefit the customer can be sure death in any business. Make an honest effort to serve your market by offering real solutions to real problems and your Internet marketing business is sure to succeed.

Would you like to learn more about starting a Internet marketing business? I just completed a brand new free guide.

Price Action Trading: How to Know When the Previous Level is TRULY Broken: The first major step for successful price action trading (3 Fundamental Elements of Successful Price Action Trading Book 1)

Price Action Trading: How to Know When the Previous Level is TRULY Broken: The first major step for successful price action trading (3 Fundamental Elements of Successful Price Action Trading Book 1)

Price Action Trading: How to Know When the Previous Level is TRULY Broken: The first major step for successful price action trading (3 Fundamental Elements of Successful  Price Action Trading Book 1)

Important Notice:
The book has been updated to include more necessary diagrams (in response to customers review) to enhance simple, fast and clear understanding of the very significant insight presented in this book.

Thank you

Read on!

The biggest challenge of Price Action trading is how to know when the trend is reversing or settling into a range. But without crystal clarity on the 2 major factors that defines trend continuation namely; when is a retracement formed and secondly, when is a new high created in a buy trend or new low in a sell trend, you will always make easy, simple but totally avoidable trades that losses you money.

I can tell you authoritatively that you cannot trade price action very successfully if you don’t know this small little tiny detail. You will keep falling prey to trends fake outs and news spikes.

I have been there, sweated it out on trading price action and losing out-rightly after doing everything right to trade with the trend, my supposedly best friend in trading.

I had read alot of materials but none seems to have a precise solution for me. I was about giving up and simply follow the expert advice by making my stop loss system more stringent when it jumped out at me from the charts that i was READING THE TREND RATHER WRONGLY!

I was taking a false high for a break of the previous high (or low in a sell trend). Trust me the market actually created new levels so I wasn’t making an obvious mistake.

What I realized was that every new high or level does not qualify as the higher high or lower low. This book is about how to know very specifically, what new levels should be taken as the higher highs and lower lows of a trending market.

What did that discovery do for me?

1. I started having more accurate entry points.
2. fake-out by trends going nowhere stopped.
3. Since price action trading is totally technical analysis, I became more immune to sporadic price movement caused by news and data releases that tend to spin the trend over SUDDENLY.
4. Bottom line, I have been much more successful.

You too will be, GUARANTEED. Provided you do not underestimate this very tiny detail.

It’s short, sharp and straight to the lesson. The first in the series.

If you want to know exact solutions that would increase your wining trades and drastically reduce your losing ones (if you trade price action), then this book is written for you.

The book has been updated to include more necessary diagrams (in response to customers review) to enhance simple, fast and clear understanding of the very significant insight presented in this book

Happy Read!



Google Apps Help For Your Real Estate Business

Google Apps For Real Estate

Google Apps Help For Your Real Estate Business

Google Apps For Real Estate


These days, businesses are trying to keep costs down due to economic times and there are services that can provide assistance with Google apps. Many companies have offices, customers and employees throughout the country that need to communicate and collaborate with each other. With having these applications, your business will be able to efficiently run smoother and faster without increasing costs to your company. Also, they are easy to implement and maintain for any employee to do their job quickly.

If you search on the Internet, you will find services that can help you get in the right direction to set up these applications and to make sure you are using the right tools for your business. Whether you have a small, medium, or large company, these tools can benefit any company to boost your productivity. Lets find out what some of these apps have to offer.

– Business Email is a wonderful tool so that you are not responsible in managing your own mail server. You will have your own business mail along with each employee having their own business email address. You will be able to access your emails anywhere you have Internet connection along with 25GB storage for your account. Also, there will be less spam for your convenience so everyone can work more effectively; especially with numerous amounts of email.


Google Apps For Real Estate– Shared Calendars is a tool to schedule appointments that will sync with your email and your mobile phone. Also, employees will be able to share their calendars. This is a nice feature so that employees know whether or not you are in a meeting or any other special task in case they need to get a hold of you.

– Documents can help for easier preparation for spreadsheets, presentations and other documents without being bothered by sending attachments through email.

These are just some apps that are available. There are many more that will help your business immensely. Again, for assistance, there are wonderful services that are experienced in making sure that you use the right tools. Also, some of these services will have a 30 day trial period to make sure they are going to be tools that work for your company and your employees. If you decide to cancel, there will be no obligation and you will not be hassled. So, if you are looking to save money, you definitely need to consult with professionals for Google Apps help to make sure you get everything you need implemented correctly for your company.

For more information on Google apps help, please visit our website.
Google Apps For Real Estate

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Google Apps Help For Your Real Estate Business

Making New Friends: Connecting With Strangers To Make More New Home Sales

Real Estate Professionals - Stop Losing Leads And Sales - Please Visit Here For More Money-Making Tips And Strategies

Making New Friends: Connecting With Strangers To Make More New Home Sales

Making New Friends: Connecting With Strangers To Make More New Home Sales

“Making New Friends: Connecting With Strangers To Make More New Home Sales” will make you a self-generator of your own sales leads and new home customers. To sell new homes, you can wait for interested people to come to you from various sources of marketing and promotion, or you can go out and attract potential customers yourself. The more intentional approach to lead generation is to personally meet and contact people that might have an interest in what you are offering. Once you meet someone or introduce yourself to them (by constantly being aware of opportunities to engage people you might not know), you can begin getting to know them and develop a relationship that might eventually lead to a sale or a referral. The 7 chapters in this book are: 1 -“Why Reach Out To Strangers?” 2 – “Being A Traffic Generator,” 3 – “Getting Started,” 4 – “Meeting People Face-To-Face,” 5 – “Connecting By Telephone,” 6 – “Approaching People In Writing,” and 7 – “Making It Work.” This book takes the guesswork out of where to start in generating your own sales leads with people that are strangers to you now. Tap into the very large segment of the population that you competitors are overlooking.


Real Estate Professionals - Stop Losing Leads And Sales - Please Visit Here For More Money-Making Tips And Strategies



Houston Real Estate Software For Higher Earnings

Asset investment is a organisation that demands more time to create the most benefit. But in the fast globe of today, who has so a lot time to invest? For the two gurus and beginners Houston Real Estate software is what it takes to decrease the time of their work. FlipSmart is the name of the software which can lead any newcomer into the corporation, and make them practiced within a short while. However, for newcomers, you should initially try utilizing this flipping software as It will eventually inform you about the kind of Property to be invested in. this will not only act as a leading tool but will also stop your investment from failing.

But, before you contemplate this software as the ideal in the industry, you should be adept with some of its features because of which, it has gained an upper hand, in the marketplace. With this software, you could see if a Property is Correct for your investment or not. A brief calculation of ten to twenty minutes will show you the appropriateness of the Houston Real Estate Asset for you to purchase it. You might well pose the question of why you should use this software, or any such software, for which matter. The very first and foremost reason is which, it establishes a realistic budget for the investor. A pretty frequent difficulty faced by most investors is that they fail to create a correct examination of their cost limit before purchase. With FlipSmart, budgeting will now be easy and wise.

While estimating the cost of a Property, investors generally forget to add the hidden costs, amidst the miscellaneous Fees. This hidden cost pushes the earnings margin further, and in a much successful way. Hence, adding them is quite essential for the Realtor. The third feature of it is even more Beneficial than The first two. Most Houston Real Estate investors tend to venture into a Property by its first sight. No matter if or not the Asset is suitable for your investment can be judged by this software. This might save you from incurring potential losses by investing in a failing project.

You could also usage this Houston Real Estate software to determine the percentage of earnings and decrease Via an investment. making use of it prior to Buying will help immensely.

If, you want to invest on a Houston Real Estate Asset for organization purpose, call us. We sell all sorts of premises at lowdown expense. In case you are searching for Houston Realtors in your location please go to our internet site today by simply clicking the backlink.

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Making Millions Through House Flipping (and Losing It All) | Real Estate Business Strategies

Making Millions Through House Flipping

Making Millions Through House Flipping (and Losing It All) | Real Estate Business Strategies

Shownotes: http://www.biggerpockets.com/renewsblog/2013/01/17/losing-millions-house-flipping-podcast/

Today we’re excited to announce the launch of the brand new BiggerPockets Podcast! Each week, we will be bringing you incredible real estate investing tips, training, and interviews with actual investors who are in the field, making it happen.

Last week, Marty Boardman wrote a killer post for the BiggerPockets blog called “How to Lose a Million Dollars in Real Estate: A Step by Step Guide” which was an instant hit among BiggerPockets readers. We knew that Marty would make a great first guest on the new show.

Making Millions Through House Flipping

In This Week’s Podcast, We’ll Explore

How Marty Lost over 1,000,000 in the Real Estate Crash
The Best Advice Marty Ever Received about Real Estate Investing
How to Find Local Mentors to Teach, Train, and Bring You Under Their Wings
How to Quit Your Job and Become a Full Time Real Estate Investor
Using The Four Flipping Boxes to Flip Houses
How to Raise Private Money for Your Real Estate Investing Deals
Why Wholesalers Do Not Need a Buyer’s List – and What They Do Need
The Four “Must Haves” in a Real Estate Partnership
How Marty Got a Book Deal for a new House Flipping Book
Marty’s Favorite Real Estate Investing Book

Making Millions Through House Flipping
Links from the Show:

Books Mentioned in the Show:

Fixing and Flipping Real Estate: Strategies for the Post-Boom Era
Rich Dad Poor Dad
Rich Dad’s Cashflow Quadrant
The E-Myth Revisited
The Intelligent Investor – by Benjamin Graham
The Snowball: Warrent Buffet and the Business of Life

http://www.biggerpockets.com – Interview with buy and hold real estate investor Michael Zuber by Joshua Dorkin of BiggerPockets. The interview covers landlording, buying green houses – Monopoly style, 1031 exchanges, and why a supportive relationship with your spouse or partner is essential for success.
Video Rating: / 5

Making Millions Through House Flipping (and Losing It All) | Real Estate Business Strategies

Real Estate Lead Generation Tip – How To Convert Leads Into Customers And Cash?

Need A Good Real Estate Lead And Conversion System To Help Take Your Business To The Next Level. Well, We Have 42 Reasons Why You Should Consider Joining InvestorCarrot, For Your Real Estate Business Needs?

Today’s post will show you 42 good reasons to sign up today for InvestorCarrot.

timex-smFirst good reason to join: we’ll always want to make sure you’re satisfied with what you get from us.

For us, customer satisfaction is about how happy we make our customers. We always wanna add a ton of value to everything we provide, and so we focus a lot on delivering insane value.

We know that a huge amount of value is baked into what we offer, but what we really love is hearing how Carrot impacts the lives of our customers.

Over the past few months, we’ve been collecting testimonials that come in about our business… we pop them into a special spot in our internal chat tool called Awesomeness.

I’ve just read thru all the ones that came thru (lots!), and there were 5 top reasons that shone thru:

  1. Service and Support

    Lots of customers mentioned how much they loved getting fast response from the Live Chat, special advice to help them solve a difficult problem, or times when our team members went the extra mile to help them out — our customer service was the #1 thing most frequently mentioned in our Awesomeness collection.

  2. Leads

    We love hearing how well our customers are doing by using our products… since that’s why we make them! So it’s really cool that the second most common thing mentioned in our Awesomeness collection was leads, deals or profits! We just did the math, and our system sends a new lead to an investor every 3.6 seconds, on average… we know it works, but it’s great to hear it from our customers.

  3. Training

    Every week our live Mastermind Calls get great feedback from our members. It’s funny, when I first started I assumed that only the newbie investors would want to hang out… I quickly found out that there are some rockstars who show up every week to participate and learn with us. It’s a collaboration. We teach a few things, but we learn a whole lot more from our customers. It’s part of the collaborative community that we’re building here at Carrot, where investors from around the country are learning together. Oh yeah, and we’ve gotten some great comments from our paid trainings, too. 🙂

  4. Websites

    People love our websites, and they’re the 4th most common reason people give for their testimonial. We test them a ton, so we know they perform well… but it’s nice to hear people say that they love our sites, since we work hard to make them awesome. 🙂

  5. People

    The other thing we hear a lot is about us… We work hard to create solid relationships with our customers, so we get a lot of enthusiastic compliments. It makes us blush a little bit, but really – it makes me thrilled to know that I work with a great group of people who love doing a good job for our members.


    Here’s 36 more reasons, directly in the words of our customers:


  6. “I am very happy about working with a group that shows the integrity that Investor Carrot shows. You guys are awesome. I’m thrilled to be a part of it.” – Cody Cox, President of NW REIA
  7. “Just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the webinar Friday! Have to say your product is one of the best I’ve seen.” – Lynn Garrison,  Urban Light Homes
  8. “We put up 3 or 4 Craigslist ads right after we got the first part of the P2P program, and we’ve been slammed! We’ve gotten so many leads this week – 15 rent-to-own, 36 new buyers, and a bunch of motivated  sellers too!” – Michael Mackay
  9. “just a few lines to let you know that I got a number of cash investors leads on your site with no SEO. Your site is exactly what I need to grow my business. Keep the great work going !!!” – Gowkarran Singh
  10. “You guys are great! I feel like we’ve got a team on our side that really gets lead generation. I’m really happy to have such a great people helping us build our business!”- Aaron Lazar
  11. “Simply the best!! Carrot is a first class company with superior customer service!” – Jamie Lazar
  12. “I want to thank the whole team at investor carrot for your excellent customer support. I really appreciate you all.” Shatuan Collins
  13. “Great job [on today’s mastermind call]. I learn something every time.” – Sharon Vornholt
  15. “Hi Trevor, Thanks for inventing the Investor Carrot System…. Its Brilliant!” – Ian Mvula
  16. “3 leads a day is some awesome info and well worth the 99 bucks!!!” – dan pressler
  17. “Great job as always Guys!  Great thing you guys do!” – roy dynesius
  18. “You guys customer support is bar none.” Ryan Johnson
  19. “I just want to say that I’m very impressed by your websites. They look really really good.” – Todd Maiden
  20. “Laura and I just closed our first deal too after a year of making offers…it came from Craigslist calling FSBO ads, Plus he did go to our Carrot site to check us out to see if we were real…lol.   Profit Should be around 22K. We are dong a complete fix ‘n flip on it…97K purchase, 40K renovations, ARV 160K…” – DP on July 2nd mastermind call
  21. “Man, I’ve got to tell you guys how much I’m impressed with Carrot. Every time I log in there I see the attention to detail and how every change you guys are making is specifically geared to help make things more effective and easier for us. Man, I’ve been talking to some big time investors and have been telling them all to sign up for Carrot. Really impressed and I want to help you guys blow this thing up.” – Joe McCall

  22. “Great webinar, very impressive service you provide. I am excited to begin the quest to top rankings. ” Andrew Labaron via July 9th mastermind call.
  23. “Thank You, Jake, for your timely, knowledgeable, and people-friendly client care.” – Wayne Vangorder

  24. “the 3 Lead per day training is one of the BEST trainings I have ever done. great value – info that really works.” Bob Conroy – via July 9th MM Call
  25. “i closed my first 1  last week, it came from the seller site on Carrot I almost gave up on the lead but stayed with it and closed it for 12k” – RC

  26. “I LOVE the Carrot!!!!! What a super clever name too. Thanks for all you contribute to so many.” – Melodee Lucido
  27. “Dang..that’s service! I’m greatly impressed…Thank you!!”- Steve Silvestre
  28. “I just want to let you know that I am so happy and grateful that your company has made available such a wonderful product!” -Victoria Winters
  29. “You have made this so easy for me. I wish you were my tech guy at our company.” -Nelson
  30. “You have been AWESOME in this early process and we haven’t even done anything yet. The knowledge and info you given me so far on what Carrot’s going to do for my business is priceless.” — Ervin Baldwin

  31. “Hi. I just want to give a thank you for the webinars you guys do… really great stuff. Best in the business! Thanks again!” – Greg Robinson
  32. “Listen.  Thank you and your team.  As a business owner, there’s so many moving parts.  You guys are prompt and extremely helpful.  A sincere thank you.” -Percy Ellsworth

  33. “I second that comment that 3 lead per day training great and it works!” Brenda Lovejoy – via July 9th MM Call
  34. “Aaron that was amazing insight! I hope you don’t mind that I contact you but with you having experience as an agent it helps me to read emails just like this. After reading the email and thinking I haven’t landed 1 client that has come from the IDX that my broker provides. Several have told me that it looked nice but nothing more. I think the approach you laid out is exactly what I need, needed to hear and looking forward to. Thanks for over delivering man!” – DeAndre L. Thomas

  35. “btw, I just closed on my first wholesale last week!  Got the deal based on what I learned! My deal came from craigslist but he looked at my site and submitted his info.”  Brenda Lovejoy via July 9th MM Call
  36. “Gosh Aaron, You brought tears to my eyes reading this email…because it came through to me that you care.  That means so much for me to feel about you because, you know, these days is all about what most people can get before they give…and yes, I am dealing with a lot these days, that were unexpected. ” – Yolanda

  37. “Now that I’m running the Craigslist program..Starting to get leads. just took a Craiglist lead call…Appointment is set…GREAT  WORK Investor Carrot!” – Cortez Robbs on July 2nd mastermind call
  38. I love the fact that I can make the website look pretty much any way that I want rather than having those fill in the blank websites. It is really nice. I am still working on it slowly but surely. ” – Shane Lehman

  39. “I’ve been with you since the beginning, and the training, customer service and support has always been awesome. I really haven’t seen any other companies doing anything like it. A lot of companies try to do a little bit of everything and not hone in on one thing. I really like that you guys are focused on getting leads just for real estate investors. You know our business because that’s your speciality. Everyone’s getting into real estate right now so it’s a struggle, investors always seem to slack on getting deals into the pipeline. Some of my colleagues are doing it very old-school, and we love working with you so we can stay on the cutting edge.” – Ellie Verdura
  40. “I am very graceful Trevor developed such a, functional, user friendly, distinctive and result fulfilling business website too that works better than anything out there…  I have every reason to believe your productive web sight and services surpasses it’s weight in gold, it is definitely value at platinum grade. ” Wilbert Dorn

  41. “Jake. You’re a GENIOUS! Works like a champ. You can’t imagine how much time and agony I’ve gone through wrestling with this. Tell ya what,… Go tell Trevor that KEVIN says you deserve a raise:grinning: Thanks a TON man!” – Kevin Enos

    Here’s the last reason you should join now:

  42. Last Chance to Get This Pricing

  43. Not a Carrot member yet? Take a Look At Our Real Estate Lead And Conversion System Plans, Our Plans Are Very Affordable And Simple To Set-Up Or Take a Demo For A Spin.  But Above All, Get Some Content Marketing Going On Your Real Estate Websites This Week!

Are You Flipping Houses Or Wholesaling? What Types Of Leads Do You Need Right Now?


Flipping Houses

Flipping Houses

Are You Flipping Houses Or Wholesaling? What Types Of Leads Do You Need Right Now?

“Mark” tried to cram everything into one website. A page for motivated sellers, a section for buyers, private lenders… even rent to own. He said he was trying to “simplify” and save some money. But little did he know he was actually losing money every year by confusing his motivated house sellers on a website that was also pitching “discount properties”.

Sound familiar? 

So what should you do on your website as a wholesaler or flipper?

And this is a great question.

We’ll dive into that in a clear and simple way in today’s blog post and answer that question based on data with the answer to this… “Whatever makes it easier and gets your ideal prospects to their desired result as quickly and as smoothly as possible in as few steps required to make the sale

So, You’re Flipping Houses Or Wholesaling? What Types Of Leads Do You Need Right Now?


You might be wondering how having more than one real estate investing website would even help.

And that’s a really valid question!

Because, for instance, if you own a plumbing business in your local town… one website for your company is all that you need.  Right?

So, the main thing to remember with your online marketing efforts when it comes to your website strategy is this…

the more focused you can make the message to the target prospectyou’re going after, the better the results you’ll get.

As famous copywriter, Robert Collier once said…


Not a Carrot member yet? Take a Look At Our Real Estate Lead And Conversion System Plans, Our Plans Are Very Affordable And Simple To Set-Up Or Take a Demo For A Spin.


If you’re not joining that conversation in your prospects mind immediately… and you’re cluttering the message with things on your website not related to their problem and how you can help them… your results WILL go down.

So going back to the local plumber scenario… if you did plumbing services and you were also an electrician and did electrical work… you have two totally different services that require a completely different marketing message to effectively sell them your services (and ideally two separate websites).

You wouldn’t want to have the person looking for electrical work to have to wade through tons of content on your site about plumbing (a service that they don’t need).

Make sense? 

To say it again… the more focused you can make the message on the website specific to your target prospect (and what they need), the more engaged the visitor will be on your website and the more leads you’ll convert.

Why Is A Targeted Website Message Important?

Now that we understand that targeting your message on your website as much to your primary prospect as possible is important… let’s dive into why having that targeted message is important and works.

In short, us humans get distracted easily (especially online) and removing any chance of guiding your website visitor on the wrong path always improves your chances of making sure the website visitor gets your message and hopefully engages in it by becoming a lead for you.

According to a study, 55% of visitors spend 15 seconds or less on your website.  The more you can engage them and speak to them and their specific problems and needs… the longer you can keep them.

But our targeted websites at InvestorCarrot show a different story… 


Why is that? 

Because we’re not sending a motivated seller to a website filled with content that doesn’t help them a darn bit… like stuff about your cash buyer program, or rent to own houses, or private lender program. That kind of stuff doesn’t matter to them and it just serves as a distraction to knock them off of the path of engaging them and converting them as a lead.

We’ll get into the “why” below here in a sec.

How Many Websites Do I Need If I Wholesale Or Flip Real Estate?

The general rule once again is this: How many completely different services are you offering and completely different prospects are you going after?

If you are a local house buyer (going after motivated house sellers) and you also wholesale those properties to cash buyers… those are two completely different prospects for two completely different services you offer.

If you have lease option houses available and are looking for tenant buyers… and are also looking for private lenders… those are completely different services and different prospects.

In both of those cases we’ve found that it’s much more effective to split those messages into separate websites.

So, if you’re a wholesaler and are looking for properties and looking for cash buyers, those websites should be separate websites.

So a minimum of two websites as a wholesaler in my opinion. 

How many websites do I need

You would for sure want a website dedicated to helping motivated house sellers… then your second website could pull double duty as your cash buyer website and main company credibility website (which our “Main Company” websites in Carrot do quite well).

I know there are lots of people out there who will argue with this and will say “You can put it all on one website for sure!“.

And they’re 100% correct.

You can.

But if on every page, the prospect is 1 click away from content that has nothing to do with them… and can even throw them off from the actual message on how you can help them… why would you want to take the chance of muddying the water?

If a motivated seller saw a link that says “Investment Properties 30-50% Discounts”… what do you think will pop up in their mind?

“Wow, if they can sell properties that cheap… I can’t imagine what they’re going to offer me. Darn bottom feeders”

Haha, maybe not those exact words… but even presenting a motivated seller with that content definitely doesn’t help your sale.

The “Across The Table” Test

Consider what you would say if you were sitting across the table with a client

One simple test I always run through mentally with my marketing messages is this…

… I imagine myself sitting across the table from my ideal prospect and run through in my mind what I’d say to that prospect.

How I’d find out what their main problem is, their motivations, and what they really need help with.

And then mentally run through how I can help them reach those goals.

In the case of a motivated seller… if you use this “Across The Table” test… would you hand them a brochure that talked about buying their property on one page and on the very next page it tried to sell them a discount property?

Or would you ever in the process of talking with a seller fit in… “Oh, and by the way… if you’re looking for an investment property you can get on our cash buyers list!”.

Of course not.


Because it has nothing to do with how you can help them in their situation and the only thing doing that does is potentially throw off your actual message of how you can help them with THEIR CURRENT situation… selling their house.

If it doesn’t pass the “Across The Table” test… my rule of thumb is that I try to separate those messages in my marketing as well.

On the other hand… if I’m talking to a potential cash buyer… it is very believable that I may find a way to mention our private lender program, because they may also be interested in being an investor with us as well. So those could work very well on the same website.

Make sense?

With that said, in no way am I saying that you can’t pull in online leads with an “all-in-one” site that is for motivated sellers, cash buyers, lenders, tenants, etc.

I’m just making the case for how much more effective it can be to target your messaging to eliminate the chance that a prospect would choose to not work with you because of a muddied message.

If you lost just 1 deal over a 5 year period because your website spoke to too many different prospects at once… that would cost you at a minimum $10,000.

With how easy it is to launch a website on InvestorCarrot… why take that risk?


So How Many Websites Do You Need If You Do You Need?

If you’re a real estate wholesaler or house flipper… 

… we suggest 2.

One for motivated sellers and one that pulls double duty for cash buyers / main company credibility (even helps out with private lenders).

Then if you want to attract other types of leads like rent to own or note sellers… those may be great as separate sites.

The one rule of thumb is definitely don’t cram all of those “focuses” into one site. It’ll kill your performance and confuse your motivated house sellers.

If you are a note buyer / seller… 

… we suggest just 1.

A person selling a note tends to be a person experienced in the process. So sellers expect to go to a “broker” and won’t be confused by seeing notes for sale on the site.

If you’re a buy and hold investor or multi-family investor… 

… one total website for all of your properties works great. Your focusing on attracting tenants. But if you want to attract private lenders as well to partner on your deals… then set up a 2nd website that is a main company credibility site.

Keep it simple. As few sites as possible without confusing the message on your important prospects.

And as always… shoot any questions our way!

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Are You Flipping Houses Or Wholesaling? What Types Of Leads Do You Need Right Now?

Make Money Online: Fiverr: Complete Step-by-Step Guide to Make a Full Time Income! (How To Make Money Online, Quit Your Job, Entrepreneur, Internet Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Passive Income)

Make Money Online: Fiverr: Complete Step-by-Step Guide to Make a Full Time Income! (How To Make Money Online, Quit Your Job, Entrepreneur, Internet Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Passive Income)

Make Money Online: Fiverr: Complete Step-by-Step Guide to Make a Full Time Income! (How To Make Money Online, Quit Your Job, Entrepreneur, Internet Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Passive Income)

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Are you having trouble paying off your bills? Do your credit card bills keep getting bigger and bigger because of that DAMN interest rate? Are you working a full time job trying to make ends meet, but it STILL ISN’T ENOUGH?! Or maybe you are just someone who is trying to save up some additional money for something important, or trying to save up money for your kids. Maybe if you only had an extra couple hundred or thousands of dollars it will be a REAL difference in your quality of life!

This book will guide you step by step on how you can make that dream a REALITY!

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Perhaps you’ve seen those crazy ads about how some kid is now a billionaire from creating an app. Maybe you’ve even seen those articles describing a stay at home mom making thousands of dollars a day. Maybe you’ve even bought into the whole program and realized it was a SCAM!

Well don’t worry! This is a REAL lucrative business that requires some work, but you will be rewarded very well!

Why else shouldn’t you worry? Because if you REALLY think that everything in this book will not work, it’s okay! There is a 7 day money back guarantee!

Fiverr is a website that allows people to pursue their passion and find work based on their skills. Even if you are not sure what you are good at, this book provides a number of profitable gig ideas that you can get started with right away!

Here are a few things you will learn:

  • What is Fiverr and why it is a great platform to earn money
  • How to get set up and started
  • A whole list of profitable gigs
  • Proven strategies and tips to get better ratings and expand your customer base
  • And so much more!

So DON’T HESITATE. With this small investment, it can open up a whole new world and guide you on a path to make REAL money right away!

Order Your Copy of Make Money Online: Fiverr: Complete Step-by-Step Guide to Make a Full Time Income! right away!

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