How to Get Customers Without Spending Any Money


How to Get Customers Without Spending Any Money


Marketing doesn’t have to cost money. Look at businesses like Dropbox—its team has built the company to be worth over a billion dollars, all without spending money on marketing.

Hi , what could be the growthhack or marketing hacks , if we are offering a car rental platform for outstation in india ? And NEIL PATEL you are doing wonderfull job keep it up.

@marco How do you figure that Marco? I mean, why would you say that? Have you used or put these methods into practice? I am curious, mainly because I like to learn from others trials and errors. Thanks!

John, glad I could help. I really wanted to provide some assistance to those who have a bootstrapped and lean marketing budget. Let me know how it works out.

Your Post are always informative, I was just seeking the ideas for marketing without spending much on that, finally I got some really valuable information from this info-graphics. Thanks a lot

Thanks but i have a question. I know pictures say a thousand words and i do love infographics because they illustrate very well. My question is as a content marketer how do infographics get you seo results since its an image and this article has very few typed words?


Here is a guide I created on the subject a while back. Essentially shows you how to build links from infographics — it’s a bit dated but the principles still apply.
Every time when I landing any blog, most of the cases I found one quote. SHARING IS CARING. I feel that this is the only thing to do. You have mentioned that facebook took 10 months to generate 1 million people. But I found your’s stated too. You are among the top bloggers and I went through each amd every post of yours and specially those where you have mentioned how you generate million pageviews with your blogs- kissmatric, crazyegg or quickspout.



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