Why I’m Moving My Selling Website to Lead Propeller

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A selling website is a VERY important thing for real estate investors. Whether you’re flipping houses, wholesaling properties, managing rental units, investing in apartment buildings or vacant land – we ALL have a fundamental need for a well-organized, online space to showcase our properties to the world.

For most of us, our selling website is the highest traffic website we have, and it’s our best opportunity to show our customers what we’re made of and make a solid first impression on everyone who crosses paths with our business.

If you want to give a lasting first impression that causes your customers to come back again and again, while feeling confident in their decision to do business with you, you’re going to need well-designed, state-of-the-art website that gives you instant credibility when people land on your website.

There’s no better way to send prospective customers running the other way than with an awful looking website that looks like it was designed in 1997 by a 4th grader. These kinds of websites are easy an cheap to publish – and in most cases, they’re going to hurt rather than help you.

In today’s world, it’s quicker and easier than ever to get a nice website up and running. On the same coin, it still requires a little bit of “know how”, and unless you’ve got some background in building and designing websites – giving your website the look of quality that stands out from the crowd is NOT necessarily an easy task.

Enter Lead Propeller

The good news is, there’s an answer to our website dilemma.

When I first heard about Lead Propeller, I was a little hesitant to sign up for another monthly subscription (after all, I could get a website up and running for a couple hundred bucks if I wanted to). The problem was, my design skills were almost non-existent and if I wanted my website to look this good while operating with this kind of functionality, I could easily end up spending thousands of dollars for a freelance designer to try and mimic the kind of design and functionality that Lead Propeller already has mastered.

When I set up my first website in 2010, I paid ,500 for it (which was actually a good deal, considering my local ad agency quoted me a price of ,000 for the exact same thing).

The website looked pretty good when it was finished – but even though it was “pretty”, it still wasn’t very functional. The whole point of my website was to create beautiful property listings for the world to see, and even though my web designer was great at making beautiful websites, he didn’t understand how to make beautiful real estate websites.

Only after I was out ,500 did I realize that I had blown a good chunk of my working capital on a website that could hardly do it’s job. In the end, the best I could do was link to an external listing website, where my property ads would actually look halfway decent.


If you’re searching for the fastest, easiest, most convenient way to set up a real estate website that rocks – I want to let you know what I did.

Revamping my website is something that was long overdue, and rather than messing around with a cheap web designer from Indonesia – I figured the easiest solution would be to use a service I already has some experience with.

As you’ll see from the video above, creating a website with Lead Propeller is extremely easy – something anybody can do.

And you know what’s even better? For the cost of a monthly subscription, you don’t just get one website – you get THREE websites and they ALL work with the same level of ease and simplicity as shown in the video above.