I Just Spent 3 Days With The Top Real Estate Investing Mastermind In The Country: This One Key Takeaway Will Bring You More Business

 I Just Spent 3 Days With The Top Real Estate Investing Mastermind In The Country: This One Key Takeaway Will Bring You More Business

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Let’s be grateful for the people who got us there. Those title agents that you’re working with. Those mortgage brokers or the real estate agents you’re working with. Let’s show that gratitude…
Trevor Mauch

Real estate is one of the least trusted industries — why is that?

Now ask yourself… “How many of your last deals would you feel like following up with and taking to dinner or grabbing a drink, those clients?” If you’re like most wholesalers and flippers, your business is about the numbers. Investors treat it as a one-and-done too often. Most don’t believe they can be tight with the client after the deal has closed.

Real Estate Investing Mastermind

I’m returning from one of, if not, the Nation’s top REI Mastermind events for wholesalers and flippers called Collective Genius. These guys are big time. 500-600 flips per year and some with over 4000 multi-family units.

What’s one of the main differences between the one-and-done investor and one that flips 500 properties per year? The willingness to build and continue a relationship… after the transaction.

What can you do to change the churn and burn mindset of your clients? Find out. Or check out our Collective Genius Review as well on another episode of the CarrotCast.

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On this episode of the CarrotCast, Trevor dives into what he learned at the Collective Genius Mastermind, showing clients that you care and that they’re not just another comma.

Have gratitude for everything! Click to Tweet3:10 – What is Collective Genius and why it’s one of the Nation’s top REI Masterminds.
5:30 –  Do you know the common problem within the real estate industry? Trevor spells it out.
7:20 –  Why real estate is one of the least trusted industries.
9:50 – How can you change the mindset of what people expect from either a real estate investor or an agent and what you can do to elevate positive change.
14:15 – How to be grateful and don’t limit your beliefs.
16:35 – How your marketing can be attracting the wrong type of client and how to fix it.
20:20 – Creating a set of core values and bake them into our life. And… how to have fun!
23:50 – Take the Challenge: Get rid of the preconceived notions about the real estate industry. Shine through with humanity and show clients that they’re working with real people.

Real Estate Investing Mastermind  

Live your core values. Bake them into your life. Click to Tweet

Real Estate Professionals - Stop Losing Leads And Sales - Please Visit Here For More Money-Making Tips And Strategies


How I Make $10,000 /mo from Real Estate Investments

Real Estate Investments

Real Estate Investments

How I Make $10,000 /mo from Real Estate Investments

Real Estate Professionals - Stop Losing Leads And Sales - Please Visit Here For More Money-Making Tips And Strategies


In order to make money quickly with real estate you need to make sure you are following a proven system. For most people spending the few hundred dollars on a complete proven system is completely out of the question and there for they will never learn the right way to invest in real estate.

The first thing you need to realize is that in order to make money quickly you need to find great deals that you can fix and sell in a very short time frame. The biggest money maker in recent years was called “Flipping a house” which simply was buying a house at a discounted price in order to fix it up and sell it very quickly. The great thing about this method is it still works and works very well. The only thing you have to do in order to get into this business is to find a house that needs some work done to it and buy it at the right price. Then you need to figure out how much money you need to spend on the house to get it looking brand new and then figure out what you can sell it for. If you have a decent sized profit then you will want to make an offer on the house and lock it up.

The first rule I ever learned about buying real estate is to make sure you aren’t buying and selling out of emotions and that you need to keep your personal opinion and taste to yourself because putting personal feelings into real estate will often cause you to either overpay or undersell. “The money is made when you purchase the house, not when you sell it”, this is something I learned very quickly and the reason it is true is because as long as you buy the house at the right price you will make money quickly.

Adam Snyder is a firm believer we need to save the planet and he has done his part to stop using plastic bags and instead has switched over to using a mesh beach tote.

Real Estate Professionals - Stop Losing Leads And Sales - Please Visit Here For More Money-Making Tips And Strategies


Real Estate Investments

How I Make $10,000 /mo from Real Estate Investments

100 Ways to Create Real Estate Leads And Convert Them To Sales

Ways to Create Real Estate Leads

100 Ways to Create Real Estate Leads And Convert Them To Sales

100 Ways to Create Real Estate Leads And Convert Them To Sales

How effective is your marketing? Whether buying, selling, or investing in real estate, marketing is essential to your success.

As an investor, the key fundamental element in the first level of your real estate investing business is creating systematic and consistent lead generation. If you are not focused on lead generation, you do not have a business, you have a hobby or a dream.

Your commitment to marketing is critical.  There are many different ways to create leads and here are about 100:

Accountants and CPA Firms:

  • They have clients with financial problems where an investor can be of help.

Advertising: Never stop. Use simple ads with a USP, Unique Selling Proposition: Quick Closing, All Cash etc., Buy Houses Ads, Newspapers, Flyers.

Attorneys: Attorneys know when people need money, often to pay their fees!  Not just probate but divorce, family law and real estate attorneys.

Auctions: Do your homework in advance. Auctions move very fast and a single mistake can be costly. Visit your local auction a few times to just observe. Know values and repair costs before bidding.

  • Foreclosure: Very risky, not for the newbie
  • Sheriff Sale: Same as Foreclosure
  • IRS Sales

Apparel with Logos: Hats, T-Shirts, Golf Shirts, Hand Bags

Appraisers: Often know what is, or is going to be, for sale

Bandit Signs: Check your local sign ordinances. Some places have no issue with them others do.

  • We Buy Houses
  • Stop Foreclosure

Bird Dogs:These people can be very valuable to your business. It is important to know your local laws about compensating unlicensed people.

“Blue Tarp” Houses: often blue tarps on roofs

Boarded up windows: or visible disrepair

Business Cards different types: one for seller, one for buyers, one for professionals (banker, attorney, CPA)

Builders Models: Frequently builders will sell a model home at a discount.

Real Estate Leads

Building Inspectors

Car & Truck Loans: Some folks would rather keep the wheels than a roof over their head. Buy here, pay here dealers can be a good lead source.

Car Repos: If the car is going the house isn’t far behind.

Carpet Cleaners: Many of their customers are preparing a house for sale.

Charitable Groups: Frequently receive gifts of real estate, but they’d rather have the cash.

City & County Inspectors: Code violations and red tags. If you develop a reputation of buying distressed properties and improving them, you become an asset to the community.

Classified Ads:

  • For Sale:  Look for Key Words – transferred, motivated, divorce, owner financing
  • Want to Buy
  • For Rent by Owner: Look for burned-out landlords

Condemned Houses: Many counties will provide you a free list.

Consumer Loan Companies: When their loans go bad they are frequently willing to deal rather than foreclose.

Courts: Eviction Filings, Probate Court, Divorce Cases, Tax Liens, Code Violations

Credit Repair Agencies & Counselors: Many times the only way someone can get their spending under control is to sell a house they can no longer afford.

Direct Mail: Pre-Foreclosure Letters, Probate Letters, Out of Town Owners, Post Cards, Bankruptcies, Divorce, Delinquent Taxes, Military Owners

Door Hangers: You can also use pre-printed post-it notes to leave messages at target properties. Be sure to advertise on both sides, you can even sell the back side and recover your advertising cost!

Door Knocking: Distribute flyers and go door-to-door asking residents if they know of anyone planning to move because you’d like to buy a house in their neighborhood!

Drive or walk Neighborhoods: Get to know them well and take notice of changes.

Estate Sales – often the real estate will also be available and perhaps with owner financing

Eviction Court: great place to find landlords

Expired Listings: Connect with an investor friendly Realtor

Family Members: talk about what you do and ask for referrals

Farming Local Areas: Become the local neighborhood expert.

Flyers: Cut your cost in half, print two to a page and distribute: Shopping Centers, Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Malls. Put on car windshields or pay someone to do it for you.

Friends: “Do you know anyone who wants to sell?” Most people know 2 people who will be buying or selling a home this year.

FSBO Signs: for sale by owner

Funeral Homes: Can be a good lead source before information on a decedent becomes public.

Garage Sales: Are they moving?

Hair Salons: Lots of talking going on during hair cuts!

Home Builders: Need to sell their buyers houses so they can close on the new place.

HUD Foreclosures:

Internet: Rent Clicks, EBay, Craig’s List, Wholesale Sites, Lead Services, USLeaseOption.com

Insurance Brokers: Policy changes from owner occupant to landlord or vacant house coverage.

Investor Packages: Investor who’s ready to retire and cash out their portfolio. May be able to negotiate seller financing as well as a discount.

Judgments: Check the public record or hire someone to do it for you.

Large Employers: Let them know you buy properties because if they need to transfer an employee, they don’t get stuck carrying the house. This can be good for renting executive properties for short-term transferees, too.

Lenders: Banks / REO’s: – Mortgage Brokers, Private Lenders, Hard Money Lenders

Ways to Create Real Estate Leads

Liened Properties: Mechanics Liens, HOA Liens, Tax Liens

Lis Pendens: Notice of a law suits, usually a foreclosure.

Lists: You can buy lists for anything you want to market to: pre-foreclosures, neighborhoods, properties with no mortgage, etc.

Magnetic Car Signs and Wraps: Check with your auto policy carrier as to whether or not this will affect your coverage. A rider may be required.

Market Bulletin Boards: Grocery stores, coffee shops, restaurants

Military Transfers: Military bases provide an excellent transient market for those needing to sell and buy off base housing

Mobile Homes: Get to know park managers. Banks don’t like mobile homes but they can become little cash cows. A special license is required if you’re going to get into the mobile home business.

Moving Companies

Neighborhood Newsletters

Networking: Other Investors, Call We Buy Houses ads & signs, Churches, Public Speaking, Investment Associations, Work, Clubs

Newspaper Carriers: Who see the vacant houses everyday?

Nursing & Retirement Homes: Frequently residents need to sell a house.

Pens: Buy cheap ones and leave them everywhere you go.

Pet Odors: If your home has housed a number of pets we may be the buyer for you.

Pizza Boxes: many sell advertising or sponsorship spots


Public Speaking: Rotary, Lyons and Kiwanis Clubs, Realtor meetings and other associations

Quit Claim Deeds: Are a sign that something has changed with the property.

Radio Ads or Show

Real Estate Agents


Relocations: Great for Subject-to or buying on lease option

Rent Credit: Trade rent credit for a down payment

Rental Agents & Property Managers: Let them know you want to buy and also find a local manager. You buy, they manage…win/win!!

Retirees: A growing population with free and clear homes. Excellent prospects for seller financing.

Section 8 Landlords: Each county maintains a list

Short Sales

Social Media: A new way to get your message out: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube

Structural Damage: Once you know what you’re doing, you can buy at a rock bottom pricing.

Tax Deed Sale Properties: These do not come with title insurance so do your home work.

Tax Lien Certificate Properties

Termite & Pest Control Companies: Write a check and the termites die. Write another check and replace the damaged wood. May find great deals.

Title Companies: Not all transactions close like they are supposed to. Let the title companies know you can help in a pinch, for the right price.

Trading Up: Trade your newly renovated property at retail for a property down the block that you can buy wholesale. Try a sign that says “Will Take Your House In Trade”

TV and Radio: Cable companies may have community service spots for free.

Vacant Properties – look for tall grass and neglected houses

Web Sites

Wholesaler Lists: A good wholesaler can find you multiple properties.

Withdrawn MLS Listings: Easy to get from a friendly real estate agent.

Ways to Create Real Estate Leads

As you can see, there is no shortage of ways to generate leads.

To start, pick ten ways for consistent lead generation and focus on those.  In the beginning of our investing career, we walked neighborhoods with flyers and put magnetic signs on our cars. Why? Inexpensive and effective! Not glorious marketing techniques but we got leads and our very first seller called from our magnetic car signs!

The number one common element of failures in a real estate investing business is not treating it like a business. And, the most important  step to establish in ANY new business is LEAD GENERATION!  Without customers, there is no business.

Whether you’re looking for foreclosures, REO’s, owner-finance, HUD, wholesale, free & clear, rentals, fixer uppers, spread investing, etc, finding them all revolves around having leads. Get busy and NEVER EVER stop marketing for leads!

Anything you’ve tried that’s not on my list?


100 Ways to Create Real Estate Leads And Convert Them To Sales

14 Strategies To Help Your Real Estate Business Website Convert More Sales

Real Estate Business Website


14 Strategies To Help Your Real Estate Business Website Convert More Sales

You know all of those sellers, buyers, and tenants who land on your real estate website but never fill out a form or give you call? This infographic dives into how you can use Facebook Remarketing to fetch them back…

Most of your visitors will bail from your site to never return. What if you could “fetch back” a healthy percentage of them and turn them into a lead and deal after they leave?  Well you can (and we have been) do it with retargeting… especially Facebook Retargeting.

This retargeting for real estate investors infographic explains why retargeting is important to include in your internet marketing plan and the value fetching back those lost visitors can add to your ROI.

Real Estate Investing Leads With Retargeting

Strategies To Help Your Real Estate Business

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14 Strategies To Help Your Real Estate Business Website Convert More Sales