Best WordPress Plugins for your Real Estate Website

Best WordPress Plugins for your Real Estate Website

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Best Wordpress Plugins for your Real Estate Website

Thanks for checking out this list of cool plugins you can use for your Wordpress Site.

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Apr 26, 2011 by Nancy Bain - - 1047
Google Analytics > How People Find & Use Your Site

If you can't measure it, it doesn't exist!

Apr 26, 2011 - - 1059
Capture Leads with Contact Form 7

This simple to use tool helps you build forms to capture leads on your wordpress site. If you're just starting out, I highly recommend this.

Apr 26, 2011 by Stacy Stateham - - 1121
Facebook Comments for Wordpress

Love this! Just switched over from Disqus comments to Facebook Comments for Wordpress - when people comment on my sites it posts directly to their facebook profile (very similar to them sharing the link). After just a couple of weeks site traffic is ramping way up! The downside is that it conflicts with DiggDigg

Apr 26, 2011 by Nancy Bain - - 1158
KILL Spam with Akismet

Quite possibly the best way to protect your blog from comment and trackback spam

Apr 26, 2011 - - 862

This is a quick easy way to backup your Wordpress Site.

Apr 26, 2011 - - 887
Keep readers interested with Related Post Plugin

I've tried several "related post" plugins and this one is the best I've used.

Apr 26, 2011 - - 1047
Get "Found" with Google XML Sitemaps

Want to "Get Found on Google?" Then this plugin is a must.

Apr 26, 2011 - - 1182
Get Stuff Shared with Digg Digg

If you want to make it easy for people to share your posts, then this plugin is awesome. Very flexible and easy to setup.

Apr 26, 2011 by Stacy Stateham - - 1182
SexyBookmarks WordPress Plugin

Super classy and easy to set up social share bar.

May 09, 2011 by Kone Oliveros - - 997
WP Touch

WPtouch automatically transforms your WordPress blog into an iPhone application-style theme.

Apr 26, 2011 by Nancy Bain - - 985

PrintFriendly & PDF optimizes your pages for print. Help your readers save paper and ink, plus enjoy your content in printed form.

Apr 26, 2011 by Drew Burks - - 1034
WP Table Reloaded

WP-Table Reloaded enables you to create and manage tables in your WP's admin area. No HTML knowledge is needed.

May 01, 2011 by Joao Lordello Moraes - - 973
WordPress EZ Backup

Backup entire Site and MySQL Database

Jun 25, 2011 by Karen Goodman - - 1047
YouTube Sidebar Widget

Let's you put videos into the sidebar or footer via widgets.

May 09, 2011 by Kone Oliveros - - 936
All in One SEO Pack

Automatically optimizes your WordPress blog for Search Engines.

May 09, 2011 by Kone Oliveros - - 936
Simple Tags

Add some tools for taxonomies : Terms suggestion, Mass Edit Terms, Auto link Terms, Ajax Autocompletion, Click Terms, Auto terms, Advanced manage term

Jun 25, 2011 by Karen Goodman - - 1108
Broken Link Checker

A plugin that automatically checks your blog for broken links and missing images.

Jun 25, 2011 by Karen Goodman - - 1034
WP Customer Reviews

WP Customer Reviews allows your clients and visitors to leave reviews / testimonials of your services. Reviews are Microformat enabled (hReview or RDFa).

Best WordPress Plugins for your Real Estate Website

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