20 Cutting-Edge Real Estate Lead Generation Strategies

Real Estate Lead Generation is Very Competitive And Challenging. But With The Right Strategies, Tools, And Resources, You Can Consistently Generate More Leads, Make More Sales And Stay Ahead Of The Competition.


1. Twitter 101 for Real Estate Marketing and Lead Generation

Creating video for Twitter marketing

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2. Anatomy of an Awesome Real Estate Landing Page


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3. A Facebook Hack for Real Estate Lead Generation

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4. 3 Big Real Estate Marketing Lies That Everyone Is Telling Us


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5. How to Create an E-Book for Real Estate Lead Generation

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6. Commercial Real Estate Lead Generation 101 – Go Where Your Clients Are

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7. 21 Free Offers To Generate More Real Estate Leads

21 free offers to generate more real estate leads

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8. 15 Proven Ways to Generate Leads in Real Estate

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9. How to Rake In The Leads With Your Real Estate Website

real estate website leading

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10. Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile For Real Estate Leads

Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile For Real Estate Leads

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11. Using Local SEO to Get More Leads for Your Real Estate Business

More Leads Local SEO

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12. 5 Surefire Tips – How to Use Inbound Marketing to Generate Real Estate and Business Leads

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13.  3 Way To Triple Your Real Estate Leads and Referrals

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14. Higher Conversion w/ SMS Auto Responders & Texting in Real Geeks CRM

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15. YouTube Tips for Real Estate Agents – 3 Video Marketing Tactics to Generate Listing Leads

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16. Top 10 Lead Generating Strategies for a Challenging Real Estate Market

Top 10 Lead Generating Strategies for a Challenging Real Estate Market

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17. The 5 Lead Sources I Used to Find My 5 Latest Deals


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18. 13 Landing Page Ideas to Jumpstart Your Real Estate Business

13 Landing Page Ideas to Jumpstart Your Real Estate Business

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19. Get 100’s Of Real Estate Web Leads With This One Simple Marketing Strategy

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20. Why Blogging Works In My Real Estate Business

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Why 87% of All Agents Fail in Real Estate?


Why 87% of All Agents Fail in Real Estate?

87% of all real estate agents fail in the first 5 years. That won’t be me, I will be the 13% that succeeds!

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So a few weeks back I was flying back home and had 75 minutes to spare so I did a Facebook Q&A. Maybe a hundred people or so jumped on and started to ask me questions. About a third of them surprisingly were brand new agents. And I thought I’d do a video just for you brand new agent, veterans starting over and anyone in a slump. I’m going to give you a little more extreme of an answer with the intention that I get you very quickly out of the slump and into success.

Something to note: NAR reports 87% of all new agents fail after five years in the industry and only 13% make it. Agents don’t leave the industry because they made too much money, no, they leave the industry because they didn’t make any.

Before we dive deep, you’ve got to know your internal motive to act. What are your expectations. What do you need to produce vs. your goals. Oftentimes the gap between what we need and our goals creates a lot of unhealthy tension for people. So I say, what do you absolutely need, cover that, then set some goals.

For example, what is your monthly cost to run your household? Rent, mortgage payment, kids, dogs, food, dry cleaning, everything you spend money on – get that number. Let’s say it’s $24,000 a year. Then what about your work–let’s say it’s $8,000 a year, a total of $32,000 a year you need to survive. Then how much outside monthly income do you have (spouse income, rental unit income, etc.)?–subtract this number to your total but for now let’s say this is $0. Also, let’s say your average commission check is $8,000. Well you might be saying “Gosh, I only need to sell one house every four months to survive and sustain my business.” Feel good about it. So know exactly what your costs are and then set your goals on top of that. Now let’s get started!

Morning Routine:
1.) Affirmations. Every day write this affirmation 30 times, “I earn X amount of dollars or more.” Your reticular activating system will locate and focus in on whatever you think about the most and you will begin to see it everywhere.

2.) Create a daily action checklist. These are things that you know you have to do that day that would make you money. Prospect for leads, set appointments, take listings, get offers, close deals!

3.) Listen to something motivational or something that makes you feel good. It’s not Howard Stern, not Constant Negative News and not Fox Fair and Balance. None of that stuff. Get your mindset right. Watch some videos that will get you fired up!

Lead Generation:
1.) Role-play. Practice your scripts 15 to 20 minutes a day, so when you speak with real clients, you know what to say, how to say it and ultimately get you more business.

2.) Call every new expired, FSBO and Make Me Move. Don’t be afraid to screw up. Make every mistake. You’re brand new, who cares? You’ll learn that the mistakes that agents make when they list these properties when they’re not really clear to the seller what it takes to get it sold. Or find out if are sellers are motivated at all.

3.) Call/contact five people that you know and say “Would you like a free home valuation?” Who do you know that’s thinking about buying or selling? All the important questions.

4.) Lead follow-up. Follow up on all your leads, no leads slipping through the cracks.

Be the Knowledge Broker:
1.) Read Keeping Current Matters everyday. Be up-to-date with latest real estate analytics and trends of the market so you can speak powerfully to customers about why now is the best time to buy and sell.

2) Study the daily hot sheets. There’s nothing more important than knowing everyday what’s listed, what’s sold, what’s cancelled, what’s expired and what’s closed. What were the numbers? What were the prices? Know the market inside and out.

Last thing is two open houses every weekend. You do all of this for nine months as a brand new agent, a rebounding agent or a fading winner and you will become a rising star. What do we know will happen? You will talk to a lot of people. You’re going to have some upsets. You’re going to have some tremendous wins. You’re going to create a lot of momentum and you’re going to be that 13% that succeeds in real estate!
Tom Ferry, http://www.tomferry.com, is a real estate coach and trainer. In a recent Facebook Q&A Tom did, he noticed a lot of questions coming from new agent, veteran agents coming back into real estate and agents just in a slump. Tom decided to do a video dedicated to this topic and gives you a killer plan to succeed in Real Estate!
Tom Ferry is a real estate coach and trainer http://www.tomferry.com

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Why 87% of All Agents Fail in Real Estate?


How To Use Snapchat for Real Estate Lead Generation

How To Use Snapchat for Real Estate Lead Generation

“How to use Snapchat for Real Estate Marketing and How to Get More Snapchat Followers” by Dustin Brohm of http://www.searchsaltlake.com

Snapchat is quickly becoming THE BEST social media platform for real estate, and any other type of business! Even If you’re not in Real Estate, the same principles still hold true. You’ll use Snapchat the same way, whether you’re an insurance salesman, you clean houses, or you sell soap.

How to use Snapchat for real estate marketing:
Real estate is very visual. Videos and photos are everything, and that’s exactly what Snapchat is all about. I like to record Snap videos when I’m previewing a home. If the home for sale has a great view of the Salt Lake valley, I Snap it; sometimes with a little narration. The viewer of the Snap will get a feel for how the view looks in person. They can then message me from within Snapchat and request more info about that particular home. Do any of your listings have unique aspects that you want people to see? Go record some Snap video that shows them off. Much more effective than a few eloquent words buried in your MLS description.

The other night on Snapchat, I showed off some new smart home technology at Home Depot. My followers saw some cool new smart home gadgets, learned how they work, and now they know to watch my Snaps if they want to hear more about smart home technology, not just real estate.

I add these Snaps to My Story, viewed as one long string of photos/videos, which allows me to create a few minutes of valuable content for my followers. A “story” collects all your snaps together in one place and is visible to all your followers & friends for 24 hours.

Follow me on Snap and see how I do it, and get some ideas for yourself. Pretty simple. The key is to NOT post about business and do a sales pitch 100% of the time, unless you want to turn away everyone. Deliver valuable, entertaining, educational content to your followers, and you’ll be successful. That’s all there is to it.

We are in the middle of one of the biggest cultural & technological shifts since the Industrial Revolution. The ground has shifted underneath our feet and most of us won’t realize it until it’s too late. As Realtors, we can choose to either embrace technology and social media, or we can put up our dukes and resist; at least for a little while.

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Read my latest article on Snapchat for Real Estate published in RISMedia’s HouseCall blog: http://blog.rismedia.com/2016/snapcha…

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How To Use Snapchat for Real Estate Lead Generation

How To Use Snapchat for Real Estate and Get More Followers

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