The Mortgage Marketing Manifesto: Unlocking the Holy Grail of Mortgage Lead Generation Reviews

The Mortgage Marketing Manifesto: Unlocking the Holy Grail of Mortgage Lead Generation

The Mortgage Marketing Manifesto: Unlocking the Holy Grail of Mortgage Lead Generation

In an age where individual loan officers and small to medium sized mortgage shops are competing with billion dollar mortgage operations and lead generation companies, there are ways for mortgage originators to tap into the market and create their own fresh, interested, and targeted leads—minus the millions of dollars spent on advertising.

It’s time for these strategies and systems to be made available to mortgage professionals who are committed to growing their careers and increasing their incomes. Through Andrew Pawlak’s years of helping everyone from individual LOs and Realtors to publicly traded mortgage lead generation technology companies, he has used the secrets in this book to help clients increase ROI and get more out of every dollar they spend on marketing and business development.

Now, Andrew is sharing this life-changing information with every mortgage professional who works hard, but needs to get better results from the time and effort they put into growing their business.

Inside, you’ll discover:

– 17 critical components of a mortgage website that ​​produces ​loans and referrals

– 15 key elements that make for a ​​high-converting mortgage landing page

– Secrets the billion dollar mortgage lead generators use to convert clicks into leads

– How to effectively optimize ​​both digital and traditional marketing to get​ more clients out of every dollar you spend​ on advertising

– Ways to better brand ​YOU as the preferred mortgage professional in your local market

Strategies for creating consistent leads through social media and retargeting campaigns

– Techniques for using real estate marketing to drive 5X more purchase leads

​ – A complete game plan for getting more business from producing ​Realtors®

– Everything you need to know about search engine marketing for mortgage ​loans

Proven scripts to open up doors and generate more referral business

– How to integrate plug-and-play mortgage lead funnels to revolutionize your marketing ROI

– Methods for streamlining and finessing advertising efforts so they work for you 24/7


The Digital Real Estate Agent: Building The Brand of You

The Digital Real Estate Agent: Building The Brand of You

From New York Times And USA Today Best Selling Author Pat Hiban ~

“As a Billion dollar producer and through my podcasts and speaking engagements, I’ve been blessed to meet thousands of talented, personable, forward thinking real estate marketing professionals. Blaise Dietz and Mike Mannino are two of my favorite, tech savvy digital marketers.”

Blaise Dietz and Mike Mannino own a digital marketing agency that specializes in helping real estate professionals build a brand around them.

Building the brand of you for less than .00 per day, demystifying Facebook and other social media advertising platforms and showing agents how to automate the follow up process once and for all, is what The Digital Real Estate Agent is all about.

The Digital Real Estate Agent also explains:

* How Critical It Is To Build The Brand Of You

* How To Implement A Proven 7 Step Digital Marketing Blueprint

* How To Use Local Social Business Networks To Grow Your Local Influence

Real estate agents need to build a brand around them by offering localized, highly valuable content to their market place. Whether that’s a “blueprint” for how to deal with real estate assets during a divorce, or a check list that shows home owners which “7 interior home improvements generate the greatest return on investment”.

Delivering quality local content and automating the follow up process is the key to building the brand of you and generating high quality referrals for life!


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How To Build a Large Cash Buyers List For Your Real Estate Wholesaling or Flipping Business?


How To Build a Large Cash Buyers List For Your Real Estate Wholesaling or Flipping Business?

How important are cash buyers to a house wholesaling or flipping business? If you ask Daniel DiGiacomo of Baltimore Wholesale Property… he’ll say pretty darn important (to the tune of over $180,000 of extra business in 12 months).

Are those results typical? Not really… because Daniel was hustling on a daily basis and showing up to our mastermind calls weekly… and worked his butt off hitting the streets building great relationships in Baltimore. Those results are his results and they rock!

Daniel is the CEO of one of the most active real estate investment firms in Baltimore and an InvestorCarrot customer for the past 2 years.


Not a Carrot member yet? Take a Look At Our Real Estate Lead And Conversion System Plans, Our Plans Are Very Affordable And Simple To Set-Up Or Take a Demo For A Spin


We had a chance to sit down with Daniel recently and have a conversation with him about… 

  • How he got started in real estate investing (from a background as a financial analyst)
  • Why he didn’t start off wholesaling like everyone else… but how he now does 6 figures per year just with the wholesaling side of their business (this doesn’t count their rental portfolio or other investments)
  • The opportunity that “note investing” poses for investors and why it’s almost exclusively his primary way to acquire discounted properties
  • What Daniel did to build a powerful cash buyers list of over 1,700 names using Carrot and why after months of research and testing he found that Carrot helps yield him the highest ROI on his money and best results at the end of the day vs. building a custom website

Hear Daniel’s Story + Learn How He Has Built Such A Powerful Cash Buyers List Online

This case study is a full-length deep dive into Daniel’s story and how he’s built a very successful wholesaling and investing company over the past 2-5 years and his exact strategies on how he cuts through the clutter online in a sea of other competitors trying to find active cash buyers in his market too. Click play and dive in! 

Not a Carrot member yet? Take a demo and see InvestorCarrot in action >>

Things Daniel Covers… 

  • Start – 7 mins talks about how he got started in real estate(apartments to wholesaling to tax lien investing)

  • 8:30 talks about his tax lien investing

  • HUGE tip on listing his properties w/ Carrot on how he gets more traffic and leads through Google w/ his property listings

  • 18:00 Discusses why he chose InvestorCarrot vs. a $10k custom built website

    “It took less than 90 days for me to be super impressed” (18m). After a couple of failed attempts with other website alternatives, I finally landed on Carrot.  My alternative was to pay someone to build a custom website and platform… I had seriously considered paying somebody tens of thousands of dollars to build a pretty robust platform.

    I walked into this thing saying alrighty I’ll work on it as much as I want to work on it long-term and if I get the results I want to get with the work I want to put into it within 90 days I’ll stick with it. And I got those results, I got much more than expected in that 90 day time frame with the amount of work I wanted to do. After that 90 days, I decided to really explode it and ramp up my focus and work on my Carrot site”

  • 19:50 tip on building your cash buyers list through targeting online conversations on google

  • 22:10 what he’s doing w/ Facebook to grow his cash buyers list and business

  • 24:00 what he’s done to customize his sites and time commitment

  • 25:28 talks about power of Content Pro.. “It’s great having the content pro articles so I have a framework to go from, then we’ll tweak them up a bit and it’s been very helpful. You don’t have to edit every post but it can be a powerful booster, and saves time and money from writing your own”

  • 29:35 on why he’s launching into other markets such as Florida in 2016

  • 35:17 – why he loves carrot (yay!) 🙂

    “The short answer is that Carrot makes all of the decisions for me. The framework exists… and all I have to do is sort of tweak some things and I don’t have to put a whole lot of energy into building that framework. I’m not just talking about the code and pages… I’m talking about the strategy, ideas, and content based on performance… and the follow-up… is incredible support.”


Not a Carrot member yet? Take a Look At Our Real Estate Lead And Conversion System Plans, Our Plans Are Very Affordable And Simple To Set-Up Or Take a Demo For A Spin.  But Above All, Get Some Content Marketing Going On Your Real Estate Websites This Week!

How Important Are Cash Buyers To a Real Estate Wholesaling or Flipping Business?

[Infographic] How SEO & PPC Can Help You As A Real Estate Investor Or Agent – Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing


[Infographic] How SEO & PPC Can Help You As A Real Estate Investor Or Agent – Search Engine Marketing


The age old question for real estate investors and agents… SEO or PPC for real estate investing leads? Which one do I start first and which one is right for me?  Well, we whipped up a handy infographic to walk you through some of the most important things to consider when looking at SEO or PPC to help attract leads online for motivated house sellers, rent to own tenants, buyers and basically any other type of lead.

At first glance you may be thinking… “But both SEO and PPC are basically going after the same people searching the same phrases… shouldn’t I just do both?”

Choosing how to drive traffic to your real estate investing website and how to ramp things up is a pretty darn important decision. Yes, both are ways to get you in front of the motivated house sellers, cash buyers, tenants, rent to own tenants, note sellers… yadda yadda yadda… but both are fundamentally different and they each have massive pros and cons that you should consider.

For instance, as you’ll see below…

… the amount of time and money you have to invest in your online marketing is going to dictate whether SEO or PPC is best for you right now. One gets leads more quickly, but requires a money budget to launch. While the other one takes longer to get results, but can yield the single highest ROI (return on investment) of any online marketing strategy we use.

Learn more about the differences of SEO and PPC marketing as a real estate investor in the infographic below, and if you enjoy it share it up online!


Search Engine Marketing

Share This “SEO vs. PPC” Infographic On Your Site

Let’s Sum It Up For You…

When you’re looking at SEO and PPC to attract real estate investing leads like motivated sellers, cash buyers, tenant buyers, etc…  here are a few things to consider.

How SEO Can Help You As A Real Estate Investor Or Agent

The goal of any solid SEO strategy is to get your real estate investor site showing up at the top of search engine results pages. And, even more importantly, in the top spots of Google, specifically. If you aren’t one of the sites that is on top, you won’t be getting the sort of traffic you need.

SEO can also build trust in the eyes of the potential lead.  Research of search trends has shown that 90% of clicks go to organic SEO.  SEO is about building your authority, demonstrating your relevance and getting your site matched to the right search keywords. It can be a long-term process, but one that is essential to your website’s performance.  Once you have the necessary building blocks of how to achieve high rankings in search engines, the sky’s the limit!

SEO (Organic) Search Engine Results

Search Engine Marketing

SEO / Content Marketing Benefits  

1. It’s free if you do it yourself

A clear benefit to SEO is that it’s free to do. Unlike PPC, you don’t have to pay for it.  You just need to invest your time implementing the best practices across your site.

But with that, comes a whole check list of ‘best practices’ including making sure it’s search engine spider accessible, responsive, has unique content, targeted keywords and optimized meta data – just to name a few.

2. It’s more likely to drive more consistent traffic in the long run (if you implement a solid SEO plan)

That’s because people tend to be more attracted to SEO (organic) results as they trust them so much more than a paid sponsored link.

3. It will drive better ROI long-term

The great thing about SEO is that once you’ve implemented the best practices onto your site, the only way is up. Make your way to the top and your brand is automatically perceived as reputable, and your ROI will continue to rise. In the long run, your investment and work into building those rankings goes down as your traffic climbs… meaning a lower cost per lead.

4. Not just for blog posts… try it on your YouTube videos for faster results

Grab a little bit more of the search engine results page via video.  Video is big right now and YouTube is hugely important to search results. Optimize your YouTube videos and descriptions with keywords that search engines like.

First Page of Search Engine Results for We Buy Houses Pittsburgh

Search Engine Marketing

How PPC Marketing Can Help You As A Real Estate Investor Or Agent

If you want the potential for immediate results or your website is in the process of ranking high, but just isn’t there yet. PPC might be the way to go.  If you have the budget, it’s possible to get an ad in the top three spots on the search results page fairly quickly, but it might cost you.
But…utilizing effective PPC techniques such as long-tail keywords and location targeting, you can build highly targeted campaigns. So, you can place ads in-front of the right searcher at the right time.  Overall, you must make sure you take the time to develop a strong PPC marketing strategy.

PPC Benefits

1. It offers instant results

The biggest benefit to PPC is that you don’t have to wait around for that traffic to come. Set up an Adwords campaign and you’ll start to see the results instantly – which is particularly helpful for investors just starting up.  Here are 20 tips to get your AdWords PPC marketing up and running.

2. It’s highly targeted

PPC offers the edge on conversions with paid results being more likely to convert. The great thing about PPC is that it is highly targeted to the customer, where-as organic traffic can be a bit more unpredictable.

Although you need to bid on keywords, Google also uses a quality score metric to decide how relevant your ad is to that user. So, you can be sure that when a person clicks on your ad, they will have a genuine interest in what you’re selling.

3. It’s protected from the “intimidating” algorithm updates

There’s nothing more frustrating for an SEO marketer than an algorithm update. The good news is that PPC is protected from algorithm updates, so no matter what changes are made, you’ll still continue to see traffic heading to your site.

Actual Stats On A Motivated Seller PPC Campaign In December 2015
Search Engine Marketing

You Don’t Have To Decide On One Or The Other, Leverage Both SEO and PPC Together For Even Greater Results

We usually start SEO and PPC in conjunction with each other. We start a PPC campaign to get leads coming in, in the short-term, and SEO to build up over the long-term. You can really amplify your overall results when you use SEO and PPC together.

Generate more exposure – An obvious benefit of combining SEO and PPC efforts is added visibility on the search engine results pages (SERPs). Dominating the SEO search results will greatly increase traffic and give the impression that you’re an established presence in the real estate investor market.

Increase intent keywords – Simultaneously running SEO and PPC campaigns gives you the opportunity to double the keyword data to analyze. Determine which SEO and PPC keywords have the highest conversion rates and use that information to optimize your strategy.

Use high performing ad copy and SEO content – If it works for PPC, it often works for SEO, as well.  By determining which PPC ads result in the most lead conversions, you’ll have an idea how to create title tags, meta descriptions and page content for the real estate investor blog posts you write.  The benefit, is allowing you to potentially rank higher in organic search results.  By using PPC you’ll also quickly know what works and what doesn’t.  While completely testing titles and meta tags, strictly organic, can take a long time.

Test keywords utilizing PPC before committing to SEO content – PPC ads are a great way to improve your SEO keyword strategy. As your long-term SEO keyword strategy develops, test the conversion rate of the keywords you want to rank for with PPC ads. You’ll get immediate feedback on the effectiveness of the SEO keywords you’re after and can tailor your investor strategy.

Share This Infographic With Others And Get To Work!

Driving traffic to a high converting lead generation website is important.   You can achieve high ROI, whether you’re using SEO, PPC or in combination.  This is why you might need to work with a search marketing team.  If you need help, get in touch with us today.  We can take on SEO and/or PPC marketing for you.  Or, take a demo of our online marketing software.  


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[Infographic] How SEO & PPC Can Help You As A Real Estate Investor Or Agent – Search Engine Marketing